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I grew up in the UK, and have lived more than ten years in the UK and USA on overseas assignments.

While I lived abroad, I started to realize how shallow my knowledge on Japanese culture, beliefs, history and food was for a Japanese resident, whenever I tried to respond to the questions my foreign friends had about Japan. For the last 20 years I’ve been doing a lot of domestic travel visiting areas that I’ve never been before, and studying history and culture, as well as enjoying Sake from all parts of Japan.

From 2015, I intensified my studies of Japan, and in 2017, successfully received government certification as a qualified guide on Japan.

Thinking it would help my studies as well as be beneficial for visitors to Japan, I opened a website titled “Rediscovering Japan” in 2016 to record my travels and share my experience with travelers to Japan. To date I have covered 25 of the 47 prefectures in Japan.

I have found that rather than just visiting tourist spots at random, it is much more interesting if you have a clear theme of the places you are going to. I hope you'll enjoy the visits with me to rediscover Japan!