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Konnichiwa! Hello! Hola! Nihao! Namaste! Anyoung Haseyo! Bonjour and Kuzu Zangpo La!

My name is Yui, a Tokyo/Yokohama-based certified tour guide. Having been born and raised in the outskirts of Yokohama, I would call both the harbor city and the capital of Japan my neighborhood. What I love most about these areas is how each place has developed as a modern city while embracing its history and traditions. Being a globe-trotter myself (you can make a guess at places I have been), I enjoy every encounter with new culture/scenery/people and it would be my absolute pleasure if I could help you to experience the same and make the most of your stay in Japan! Do not hesitate to shoot me a message, any inquiry is welcome!

Things I enjoy: art (paintings), spontaneous walk, sake, noodles, cute animals (furry, feathered and scaly!)