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Naoko H.

5.00 / 5
(4 reviews)

Hello, everyone! I'm Naoko, a national government licensed guide interpreter in English. I grew up in Shizuoka, near Mt.Fuji, and I live in Yokohama now. I like to travel around Japan with my family, I am trying to conquer all 47 prefectures in Japan with my children. We have been to 40 out of the 47 prefectures in Japan. I want to introduce not only beautiful famous spots in Japan but also our daily life, what we eat, where we go shopping, where children love to go. I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan!                                                                                                                                  

Itsumi S.

4.40 / 5
(5 reviews)

Hello, my name's Itsumi. So, please call me " It's me " ! Enjoy Japan with me !! Bonjour. Je m'appelle Itsumi. Appelez-moi " it's me (c'est moi) ". Profitez du beau Japon avec moi !!                                                                                                                                  

Takao M.

4.38 / 5
(8 reviews)

Hi, I'm Takao Mizushima. I like walking with my friends in the mountains, along rivers and beaches, and visiting historical places and museums. Usually, after enjoying these places, we take a dip in hot springs and drink beer. As a guide, however, I'll take up places easy to walk around. I assume not many people from abroad are prepared for sweating activities. If you like, though, I can modify my plan, connecting with a short hiking, hot bath and a drinking place.                                                                                                                                  

Yoshi S.

5.00 / 5
(11 reviews)

I started my second career as a guide after retiring from the Japanese computer company I had worked for about 40 years. I was born in Asakusa and grew up in down town in Tokyo. I am married with two daughters and three grandchildren, two girls and a boy. I've experienced guiding international visitors in Tokyo and other famous sightseeing spots as a guide for several years. I will be so happy to help you enjoy your stay in Japan. Look forward hearing from you!                                                                                                                                  

Yuka S.

4.87 / 5
(30 reviews)

Hi, I'm Yuka. Welcome to Japan. As a national-licensed guide for about 20 years, I have visited lots of sightseeing places. I'm interested in history, nature, art, music, architecture. I'd like to take you to wonderful places such as old temples and shrines, modern cities, and beautiful areas in Japan. Please feel free to contact me and consult me about your planning itinerary and food restriction. Your interest will give you incredible experiences.                                                                                                                                  

Kaneo U.

5.00 / 5
(20 reviews)

I’m so excited to have a chance to show you around my favorite spots in Kanagawa prefecture. I was born in Kanagawa. I spent my whole school life, including university, here in Kanagawa. I worked as a high school English teacher here for 40 years. I love Kanagawa so much. We have many interesting tourist spots, like Hakone, Kamakura, Enoshima and Yokohama. I got my tour guide license in English in 2009. I am still an English teacher. To give an interesting and impressive lesson to young high school students, I’ve learnt and gathered many kinds of information. I also have a license to teach social studies, so I have a wide range of knowledge about Japanese culture and history. I’m sure to provide you an interesting tour.                                                                                                                                 

Shoji K.

4.82 / 5
(55 reviews)

Hi! Welcome to Japan. My name is Shoji Kitamura, a licensed English-speaking tour guide. Please call me Shoji that is the same sound as a sliding screen made of wood and paper you may have seen in a traditional Japanese room. I was born and raised in Yokohama next to Tokyo but lived for work in several beautiful and historical cities such as Nikko, Hiroshima, and Ise which have world heritage sites and/or national park. I fully enjoyed the nature, culture and lives in each city where I lived. I retired after 36 years with a national research institute of fisheries in 2016. During my career, I visited 5 continents except Antarctica, more than 20 nations for attending international scientific conferences, conducting collaborative research or teaching some technologies, etc. In Japan, I often took foreign scientists and government officers sightseeing. I had great times in these opportunities. Such experiences made me decide to become a licensed English-speaking guide interpreter after retirement to introduce Japanese nature, culture, foods, etc. properly to many tourists coming to Japan from all over the world. For more than 20 years I’ve been living in Nikko, which is located about 150km north of Tokyo, and designated as a World Heritage site and a National Park. If you consider a day trip from Tokyo, I strongly recommend coming to Nikko by 2-hour train ride from Tokyo. I am looking forward to showing you around in this historical and beautiful town. Besides Nikko, I can also guide you in Yokohama, my home town, and in neighboring city such as Tokyo and Kamakura.                                                                                                                                  

Yasuro C.

4.78 / 5
(45 reviews)

Hello, my name is Yasuro (Mr). I was born and brought up in Kansai, graduated from a univ in Kobe city, after moved into Kanto, 30 years in Tokyo, 2.5 years in Nagoya city, 7.5 years abroad (KL & S'pore) as a rep of a construction company and I got the National Guide Certificate in 2011. My hobbies are making Haiku poems, singing various songs (voice-training for 18 years), playing the folk-guitar, trekking in mountains like Takao and Okutama in the West of Tokyo, visiting museums like in Ueno Park and travelling around Japan to make Haiku poems. Thank you for your attention.                                                                                                                                 



Alison F.

5 / 5
Aug 18, 2023


GoWithGuide was awesome. The tour guide was very accommodating

Van transportation M.

Thank you very much for your review. We appreciate your kind words. We are glad that you have enjoyed the tour. We look forward to welcoming you again in future! Van transportation


Judy L.

5 / 5
Jun 26, 2023

Fun trip to Yokohama

We had a blast visiting Yokohama with Kaneo. He was able to get reservations for us to make our own cupola of noodles at the Cup Noodles Museum. We also had a last minute change in schedule and number of people and Kaneo was able to make the changes easily. We had so much fun!

Kaneo U.

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the tour. I also enjoyed the tour too. Your kids are so cute. I wish I had had more time to talk with them.


Stephen D.

5 / 5
Jun 15, 2023

Energetic and friendly.

Kaneo provided a comprehensive fast paced walking tour of a variety of neighborhoods In Yokohama. Visiting the Sankeien garden was a highlight

Kaneo U.

I am glad to hear you are satisfied with the tour in spite of a little rain. Yokohama is my town. I am truly happy to have given you a good memory of Yokohama.


Phuong B.

1 / 5
Jun 2, 2023

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