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About Tour Guide Takako T.

Hello! I am Takako Takata. I was born in Kyoto and grew up in other several districts in Japan

where I was attracted by each place's feature. I started the tour guiding in 2009 in which I introduce interesting and unique spots to tourists. I love to share the marvelous time and moment with people through tours. In Japanese, we have a wonderful phrase expressing such moment and we call it "Ichigo Ichie". It means we have to treasure every encounter, a once-in-

a-lifetime-encounter that is , as it may not recur again. This word came from the spirit of tea ceremony. Anyway, let us enjoy extraordinary tours in Tokyo together, shall we ?



Hannah nele A.

May 21, 2023

Eine tolle Erfahrung!

Mein Tag mit Takako war wunderbar. Sie hat versucht auf alle meine Wünsche einzugehen und ist eine super charmante Persönlichkeit! Ihr Englisch mag nicht für den typischen "Studienreisenden" ausreichen, aber für den durchschnittlichen Touristen in jedem Fall!

Takako T.

Dear Hannah Are you well? How was your week in Japan? Probably you have returned to the busy daily life for the business and home with your family. See you again when you will come to Tokyo. The sweet of your gift was very delicious. Thanks Takako Takako


Andy D.

May 17, 2023

Mount Fuji at its best

Takako came with us in our rental car to visit Mount Fuji. We went to three viewing locations - the main visitor centre, the park with the 5-storey red pagoda, and the lakeside where the view on the 1000-yen banknote comes from. We would have found it very difficult to find all those spots without Takako's help. And the weather was perfect. Also, we would have starved without Takako's help at a great lunch spot where a vending machine was used for selecting food, with descriptions solely in Japanese. Takako was very friendly, patient and helpful, and a pleasure to have with us in our rental car all day.

Takako T.

Good morning Andy & Maria Thank you for your driving tour around Mt.Fuji. Yesterday was so beautiful to see Mt.Fuji from the different angles where you requested. Together with you I enjoyed Mt.Fuji from the morning and to the evening whose phase was changing in the differet tones. It was so wanderful. I went to around Mt.Fuji so many times, but yesterday's Mt.Fuji from Lake Motosu was No.1. I could understand why the view of Mt.Fuji from Lake Motosu was sellected as the design on the backside of 1000yen bill. Have a nice travel by driving to Nikko & Takayama. See you again someday! Takako


Setsuko O.

Apr 11, 2023

Private tour with Takako

たかこさんは東京の交通網や観光地に精通されて居て大変良かったです。小さい孫達が疲れると思い6時間にしましたが8時間にすれば良かったと後悔して居るほどです。子供達が余り高い所に登りたく無いと言ったのでsky tree をキャンセルしようと思ったのですが4階まで連れて行ってくれ写真を撮ったりして楽しみました。 浅草は余りの人出で残念。隅田川を船で渡るつもりでしたが予約を入れて居なかったので満席代わりに千鳥ヶ淵に連れて行って下さり前の日のドライバーさんとは桜をゆっくり見たり写真を撮らなかったので千鳥が淵では満開の桜と素晴らしい景色を見ることが出来皆大変喜びました。私とは日本語で話しましたが子供達とは英語で説明してくれました。

Takako T.

せつ子さま アメリカにお戻りでしょうか?お孫さんも日本語でご挨拶してくれて嬉しかったです。 大変な混みようでしたが、桜もまだ残っていた千鳥ヶ淵をご覧頂けて良かったと 思いました。 アメリカで暮らして来られた歴史などもうかがう事ができ、私も充実した素敵な時間でした。 また、いつかお会いしましょう。 お元気おすごしください。 ありがとうございました。 髙田


Xavier C.

Apr 9, 2023

Amazing tours, amazing places, amazing support.

Tokyo for 2 days and Nikko were wonderful with Takako-san. I definitely recommend her expertise.

Takako T.

Dear Karen & Fred I am very happy to hear you enjyoed your tour in Tokyo and NIKKO. Especially it was wanderful time to show the beautiful cherry flowers in Shinjyuku and Chidorigafuchi! In Nikko, we were very lucky to go around without any traffic conjestions. i pray for your crousing tour now on toing. See you again Takako Takata