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Aichi, Gifu (Living), Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawago



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About Tour Guide Tetsuji Y.

Hello everyone. I am Tetsuji. I worked as a public servant in the local government for 35 years. I belonged to the department of Redevelopment, Town-Landscaping, Preserving historical areas and Architectural Guidance. (I have a national 1st-class architect license.) I devoted myself to revitalizing the city by making plans and improving infrastructure for citizens.

Gifu is located in central Japan near Nagoya. As just being the crossroads of the West and the East, there are many unique attractions that are hard to discover in hectic big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto. I had a hand in restoring and preserving some of them throughout my career and want to introduce them to tourists from abroad. That’s why I became a guide-interpreter in Gifu.

I also enjoyed traveling around the world. My favorite part of each trip was walking around the city and talking with local residents. Traveling has taught me lots of things during my lifetime. Now, I would like to help others have similar experience in Japan. Shall we enjoy fantastic journey in Gifu?


I can guide in Kyoto in case you support transportation fee.


One-day-tour of Shirakawa-go

8 hours

Shirakawa-go, a small town being famous for uniquely designed Gassyo-zukuri buildings, is registered as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites. In Ogi-machi, over one hundred Gassyo-zukuri buildings will welcome visitors. Enjoying the whole landscape of the village from the hill, you will stroll around the village visiting some traditional Gasho-zukuri buidings such as Wada House, Nagase House and Myozenji Temple Museum.

FROM$129/ per group

Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River & paramount night views from Gifu Castle

9 hours

Gifu Castle standing on the Mt.Kinka provides visitors with nice panoramic views day and night. They can also enjoy watching a traditional unique event Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River while eating dinner in a viewing boat. Sir Charlie Chaplin visited Gifu twice to enjoy this event. Besides, a photogenic street Kawara-machi and the Great Buddha statue in Shoboji-temple move you so much.

FROM$122/ per group

Best Choice for one-day Takayama tour

7 hours 30 min

Takayama is a small city in a mountainous area which many tourists visit throughout the year. This tour will give you more satisfaction than others. Because the tour includes some healing spots in addition to popular tourist spots. The tour includes Miyagawa Morning Market, Higashiyama Walking, Old Town and Hida-Furukawa. I'm sure you’ll be able to see why Takayama mesmerizes tourists so much.

FROM$129/ per group

Discover Authentic Japan in Tsumago & Magome, Nakasendo

9 hours

Strolling around the most famous traditional post towns takes you back to nostalgic Japan. The moment visitors enter the towns on the Nakasendo highway, they will feel as if they are in a time warp back in the Edo period, where local people spend their daily lives as well as welcoming tourists, preserving buildings and the landscape. You will find authentic Japan walking through two cozy towns in a one-day tour from Nagoya.

FROM$129/ per group

Intangible Cultural Heritage handmade paper MINO-WASHI and traditional samurai-swords of SEKI

9 hours 30 min

You will enjoy two distinctive fields of Japanese culture by visiting two small towns in one day trip. The one is Mino which is famous for Japanese hand-made paper Washi. Another one is Seki famous for Japanese-swordsmith. Strolling around two towns, you will learn some of secrets of cool Japan.

FROM$114/ per group

One-day Tour for Two Castle Towns; Inuyama and GIfu

8 hours

Visiting two distinctive castle towns make you more familiar with the soul of Japan. One is Inuyama,where visitors can see and touch two national treasures, Inuyama Castle and tea-house Joan. The other is Gifu,where a modernized castle on the mountain and a hidden golden Great Buddha-statue make visitors sigh in admiration. This tour will satisfy your curiosity you might have about Japan.

FROM$129/ per group



Ted L.

4 / 5
May 28, 2023

Very Good Takayama Tour

Away from the tourist shops and restaurants, Tetsuji showed us parts of Takayama we never would have found. I'll admit we did little very little research and just wanted someone to show us Takayama and its history. In the afternoon we went to the Hida Folk Village. Tetsuji did recommend going to Shirakawago, but we did not want to spend too much time traveling. We appreciate his professionalism and giving us a very good tour.

Tetsuji Y.

I also appreciate your last comment for my 'professionalism' which stimulates my motivation for better guiding. I hope to accept the next guide-request from you.


Debbie P.

5 / 5
May 22, 2023

Day Trip Shirakawago and Takayama

Tetsuji is a knowledgeable and gentle man. He organised bus reservations form Kanazawa for us and provided a detailed itinerary. We had a wonderful day and learnt so much about Japanese culture. We highly recommend Tetsuji as a private guide . Our family couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Tetsuji. It was a pleasure to meet you. Debbie, Chris, Jessie and Matt

Tetsuji Y.

I am really glad that you seem to be satisfied with my tour against having a little shower and feel honored to help you enjoying journey with your family members. I actually had a happy time with you all day. I hope you will visit central Japan and share some time with me again. Please give my best regards to others.


Stanley S.

5 / 5
Apr 24, 2023

Helpful tour guide for our Nakasendo trip

I hired Tetsuji for our Nakasendo trip, specifically at the post town of Magome, Tsumago and Narai. At the beginning of the trip, he explained to us the history of Nakasendo using maps that he printed out in advance. He helped to interpret when the local staff at the museum could only explain in Japanese. He also warned me a few days in advance of the impending heavy rain at Magome so that I could modify my itinerary in advance and avoid the rain when we hike between Magome and Tsumago. This advice was really helpful because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the hike in bad weather.

Tetsuji Y.

Thank you for a nice review for my job. It was the first time for me to help clients enjoy traveling for three days in a row. I appreciate that you gave me a good chance to perform a variety of roles that satisfied participants. I learned a lot from this tour which was a really good lesson for me. I will make more efforts to improve guiding skills. I look forward to helping again you.


Kelly M.

5 / 5
Mar 20, 2023

Excellent visit

We had an excellent day with Tetsuji from start to finish. He was very knowledgeable about history and customs ofShirakawa-go and it was very interesting. He planned lunch and coffee breaks which added local touch to the visit. We found many interesting things to discuss we would sincerely recommend him for this area or for Gifu Prefecture.

Tetsuji Y.

Thank you for an excellent review. Now, I am remembering that all of you are so interested in Japanese culture from the top-level items to the detailed things in daily lives. I have unconsciously been involved into your world. I hope you will visit Japan again to enjoy some attractions with me like viewing cormorant fishing or Nakasendo-hiking.