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    Greece Highlights Tours

    Full day Private Highlight Tour of Athens

    7.5 hours

    Departing from your hotel we may use the metro or walk in order to discover Athens. We will visit the tomb of the unknown soldier in Syntagma square, walk through the national garden, see the presidential palace, then see the first Olympic stadium, then visit the temple of Zeus, then visit the new Acropolis museum, have lunch in Plaka, visit the Acropolis and walk through Plaka. End where we started, unless you continue shopping.

    FROM$600/ per group
    Diana S.

    Jump In A Jeep For Island Adventure-6H Nature in Santorini

    6 hours

    Jump in a jeep and ride along with me to get a glimpse of Santorini to see the blue waters of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea and promenade on the pristine beaches cast their spell on you. Take a breather at a traditional beach and feel a moment of bliss at the Monastery. Take plenty of pictures along the way.

    FROM$360/ per group
    Mirna S.

    Acropolis of Athens and ancient market

    3 hours

    Have you ever walked through the streets of Athens, the modern capital of Greece? Have you ever strolled in the narrow streets of the old city learning about its history? Definitely not with me! Following a walking tour we will explore together the secrets and treasures that the city hides, discussing about mythology, the roots of democracy, visiting the Acropolis temples and the beating heart of ancient Athens,the ancient Agora.

    FROM$350/ per group
    Natalia-giasemi S.

    Acropolis of Athens: the house of Gods

    1.7 hours

    Did you know that the Acropolis of Athens is not the only one Acropolis in Greece?Why is this hill so important, chosen by Gods and human becoming symbol of democracy?The Parthenon Temple is more than a monument, it is the house of Goddess Athena following a unique architectural design that will fascinate you for sure! Let's explore the hill! Let's find out what is more interesting for you, let us feel pilgrims, politicians, priests or even Gods!

    FROM$270/ per group
    Natalia-giasemi S.

    Greece Art & Culture Tours

    The Acropolis and its Museum

    3 hours

    In this private tour we will discover together the Acropolis Rock, the symbol of ancient Greece and everything that ancient Greek culture symbolizes. We will visit the Sacred rock, with its beautiful temples that epitomize the power and glory of ancient Athens. We will then explore one of the finest museums in Europe, the Acropolis Museum: a modern architectural gem in the heart of Athens with exceptional collections of ancient Greek statues, vases and marble panels.

    FROM$310/ per group
    Alexandros T.
    5.00(1) reviews

    Private The Acropolis Museum Tour

    1.7 hours

    The new Acropolis museum inaugurated in 2009, is considered as one of the most important and modern museums in the world. It houses findings from the acropolis hill and its slopes only.It occupies an exceptional area at the foot of the acropolis hill while it lies over parts of archaeological exhibition of earlier Athens. It is a "must see" museum which leaves its visitors impressed.

    FROM$220/ per group
    Natalia-giasemi S.

    Life and Death in Ancient Athens

    4 hours

    This tour offers the opportunity to visit two of the most important outdoor archaeological sites of Athens: the Ancient Agora and the Ancient Cemetery of Athens, Kerameikos. It is focused on the daily life of people of this city, back in the 5th century B.C. and sheds light to the social and political aspects of their lives. It is all about how men, women, kids and slaves lived and died in Athens and eventually made this city, the cradle of democracy throughout the antiquity.

    FROM$340/ per group
    Ifigenia P.

    A for Athena: A complete fullday tour of Athens

    8 hours

    This is a fullday, 8hour walking tour of Athens. You will have the opportunity to visit all the important landmarks of the city, such as the Acropolis, the New Acropolis Museum, the Ancient Agora and many others, while you will be able to stroll around the picturesque old town, Plaka and taste the local delicacies. The tour is well paced and it is quaranteed as the ultimate athenian exprience.

    FROM$580/ per group
    Ifigenia P.

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