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Hi. My name is Keiko Hatada. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter - Your local tour guide.I was born in Tokyo and studied Japanese history in the University. I used to work as a junior high school English teacher for over 30 years . So I know about Tokyo a lot. One of my hobbies is Japanese history and finding similarities with world history is very interesting and so much fun for me.

Tokyo is an attractive city where you can both experience the marriage of both traditional and modern culture. I'd be more than happy to share with you my rich knowledge and experience. I'll be grateful to arrange a tour for you according to your preferences. I'm looking forward to having a good time with you and I hope to be a part of your stay here in Japan.


Tokyo One Day Customized Tour

6 hours

What would you like to do in Tokyo ? Traditional culture ? Japanese food ? Special experience ? Or all of the above ? If yes, I'd like to arrange a tour specially for you. For your traveling pleasure, I've selected must-see places in Tokyo for you to explore. If you choose three places from the highlighted list below, I will arrange a package for you. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other places in mind and I'd be more than happy to assist you.

FROM$184/ per group

Tokyo Half Day Customized Tour

4 hours

4 hours is all you need to enjoy Tokyo. Choose two places from a selection of must-see attractions below. If you've chosen sites close to each other, you may be able to visit another spot. If you want to go somewhere which is not on the list, feel free to ask and I'll make the arrangements for you.

FROM$123/ per group

Food tour at Tsukiji,Azabu-jyuban, Shinjuku in five hours

5 hours

When you're craving for traditional Japanese food such as Sushi,Oden,Taiyaki or Yakitori, then this tour is definitely for you. Enjoy a walk around the vicinity and feel the nostalgia while shopping at the popular historical small shops.

FROM$140/ per group

Asakusa, Meiji Shinto Shrine,Shibuya

4 hours

These places are must-see places for the first time visitors . They show you the essence of Tokyo: modern and traditional. You’ll begin the tour from the traditional northern part of Tokyo which is Asakusa. And then it ends at the southern modern part of Tokyo called Harajuku and Shibuya.

FROM$114/ per group

Ueno ーYanaka nostalgic walking Tour

4 hours

If you love to walk, come and join us as we explore shrines and temples characterized with their blissful and serene atmosphere. Plus, old ruins of townhouses that survived the last war. Enjoy the calmness and that perfect instagram moment.

FROM$114/ per group

Tokyo one day customized tour + Tea Ceremony Experience

7 hours

Embark on a customized- seven -hour- tour that includes a tea ceremony experience; your perfect chance to experience the "way of the tea" at a very reasonable price. The remaining hours is some free time for you to explore and enjoy. Kindly choose two or three places among the highlighted list and leave the rest to me. I will arrange a special tour for you based on your preference. If you have any other places you'd like to visit, please feel free to inform me.

FROM$176/ per group



Shivani P.

Mar 11, 2020

Very informed tour!

Keiko was great! Very punctual and very knowledgeable about Tokyo! We had a great time learning about the history and seeing the temples and shrines.

Keiko H.

Dear Shivani Thank you very much for your wonderful review. I am relieved to know that you went back to your country in safe. It was a warm and fine day, and you enjoyed a lot in a kind of sensitive situation. At Asakusa, you tasted special seasonal sweets " sakuramochi ", and purified yourself by the incent burner and prayed for happiness for Buddha. At Meiji shrine, you walked in a forest and luckily you happened to see a wedding march. I hope you will come back to Japan and enjoy other seasonal atmosphere. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the near future. Please say hello to your husband. Best Regards, Keiko


Christina F.

Dec 29, 2019

Very Knowledgeable and pleasant tourguide

I had such an amazing time with Keiko on a half day tour. She is unique in that she is highly educated in Japanese history and teaches you many historical facts and ties them into unique cultural traditions. Keiko can explain many things wherever you choose to go and is a very pleasant and happy person to be around. We went to Rikigien garden, Yanaka and a sculpture museum and I was most impressed in Keiko’s professionalism and knowledge. Walking with Keiko is like having your own personal museum curator following you around. Thank you so much Keiko for a wonderful day in Japan!

Keiko H.

Dear Christina Thank you very much for your wonderful review of my tour. We visited Rikugien Garden, Nezu Shrine, and Asakura sculpture museum at Yanaka. They are my favorite places which show original and genuine Japanese culture. I was very happy to share a good time with you under the blue sky. Actually I love history , so it was my greatest pleasure to talk with people who are interested in history . I hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan as much as possible. How about Kyoto or Kamakura ? Please say hello to Mom. Best Regards, Keiko


Susan W.

Nov 1, 2019

First Day introduction to Japan

Keiko met our group of 5 Americans on our first day in Tokyo. We had arrived the night before and it was our visit to Japan. She gave a great introduction to the transportation system, pointing out interesting aspects of Japanese culture as we toured Ginza and the Shiodome. One member of our group had asked to visit a particular gallery in Ginza. Keiko helped us find the gallery and assisted in the important interaction with the gallery owners. We had a very pleasant half day with Keiko.

Keiko H.

Dear Susan, Thank you very much for your wonderful review of my tour. You spent most of the time at Ginza, a modern as well as traditional town. We spent most of the time there, so I think you were able to realize how interesting Ginza is. You visited Nissan crossing to see modern cars, Kimuraya bakery to eat anpan( bread with traditional Japanese bean paste), Mikimoto Pearl. During the tour, you saw a lot of very impressive architecture. You also enjoyed modern art at Galleries. After visiting a small shrine among modern buildings and traditional small shops along Konparu street , we arrived at Shiodome : very modern city with a lot of skyscrapers. I was very impressed that you had deep knowledge of modern art and I was able to learn a lot through the tour. Thank you very much. I hope you will have fruitful days in Japan. Please say hello to your friends. Best Wishes, Keiko


Basil S.

Oct 24, 2019

Two excellent days touring with Keiko

Keiko is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. My wife, son and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with her, and learned a great deal during our tour. She is a very kind person who was very attentive to our needs and interests and went out of her way to explain Japanese history and culture in a manner which enhanced our enjoyment. She also sought to tailor the tour to us and what we were looking to see and what we were interested in. We would definitely use Keiko again as our guide for any future trip and we will strongly recommend her to friends.

Keiko H.

Dear Basil, Thank you very much for your wonderful review of my tour. I was lucky to have rare and interesting experiences with you during the tour. On the first day, we visited Tsukiji and tasted fresh tuna and fruity , big grapes. Then we went to Asakusa by cruise after Hamarikyu Garden. You tasted Japanese sweets, Ningyoyaki. It shaped like a five story pagoda . You had soba noodle lunch in Japanese manner, to slurp making sounds,too. I was surprised that you know about Japanese beer brand, Kirin , Sapporo...etc. You saw Sapporo building and Kirin( giraffe) at the shrine. On the next day, we visited Meiji shrine after Shibuya. It was a special day, emperor's enthronement ceremony was held. We were lucky enough to have special sake in a special masu cup. Then we visited Ginza and Ueno. It was my greatest pleasure to show you both traditional and modern Tokyo. Thank you again for all of your kindness. And I hope you will have memorable days in Japan (and the victory of your team). Please say hello to your wife and son. Best Wishes, Keiko