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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

5 Hidden Gems to Visit in Barcelona


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Chloe M.

Last updated : Nov 14, 20228 min read

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You’ve seen the commercials brandishing Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, praising the artistry and genius of Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Milà and Casa Batlló, as well as recommending the many colorful markets lining the streets of the city. But maybe you want something a little different from the norm - like a visit to somewhere off the beaten track, or at least a place where you can experience Catalonian culture with fewer tourists to chance upon. Our local guides have helped us curate this list of the best hidden gems scattered around the city. 

From basking on the beaches like a local, to elevating your Gaudí knowledge, Barcelona’s best kept secrets allow you to fully immerse yourself in a whole new world. We are confident that by the end of this article, you’ll want to explore Barcelona for weeks on end!

A Trip Back to Olden Days at Teatre Grec

The Montjuïc Mountain is in a world of its own. Like many beautiful places, it is often visited by tourists and locals alike, for trekking, for the sights, or for the undisputed beautiful nature. Little known to visitors however, including locals, is the Teatre Grec. As you walk towards the ruins of this rugged amphitheater seemingly untouched by human hands since its inception, a melody of natural sounds will greet you with a smile. The sounds of birds chirping and animals trudging through the mountain echo throughout the amphitheater. 

Feel in touch with nature in this charming piece of architecture almost fully surrounded by greenery. If you find yourself here in June, you might want to experience the Grec Festival. Otherwise, Teatre Grec and its surrounding gardens are open to the public year round. For a fruitful promenade in the area, have yourself be ushered by our local guides, professionals who can give you the ins and outs of the landmark and its surroundings. 

Monasterio de Pedralbes

blog imagePicture this: you are in the 14th century standing in between a wide garden and a three-story monastery. The 3-tier cloisters may be brazenly beautiful by day, but you can only wonder at how mysterious and scary they would look under the moonlight. The Monastery of Pedralbes sits away from the bustling and busy city center. A prime example of Catalan Gothic architecture, the building was actually created to be used as a home for the Poor Clares, an order of nuns that existed during the reign of Queen Elisenda de Montcada. Today, visitors can wander through the monastery’s haunting halls and appreciate the main rooms such as the chapterhouse, the refectory, and the day cells. 

Not only is the visit perfect for the budding historian in you, but also for the art connoisseur you may dream to be. The Gothic murals of Ferrer Bassa grace the day cells of the monastery. The tombs of noble families and of Queen Elisenda lie in the very halls of the building. The landmark is impressive in its architecture in addition to its long history of royalty and religion, the ideal place for some serene sights and quiet meditation.

Barcelona’s Lowkey Outdoor Cinemas and Bars

blog imageIt is only right that the endless blue Mediterranean skies and perfect weather should be enjoyed extensively. It is not enough to simply saunter through La Rambla or spend the day at Park Guell though. Aside from ticking the city’s must-see attractions, it is essential to appreciate the wonderful night sky whilst watching short films, animations, and live shows at low profile places like Short Cut Cine Barcelona and Antic Teatre.

Find yourself in this city during the summer and head over to an outdoor rooftop to enjoy a few shots of Jägermeister (the event sponsor) as local and international films play under the moonlight. Short Cut Cine Barcelona may not be open everyday, but their €5 entrance fee is a sure bargain. Although films premiere just once a month, they also hold various underground and indie events around the city. You’ll probably be one of the handful of non-locals there. Now that’s a true-blue authentic Barcelonian adventure! 

For live performances held in the midst of an open-air terrace and shaded by a grand green tree, our guides suggest the Antic Teatre experience. The place is a quirky, quiet bohemian bar showcasing independent local artists and productions. You will find this hidden gem near Palau de la Música Catalana in the Born neighborhood. Equipped with a great laid back ambiance, affordable beer (who can beat €2?), and some amazing acts, Antic Teatre allows us to appreciate just how beautiful the simple things can be. 


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A Visit to Beachy Badalona

blog imageMaybe your night out at Antic Teatre has made you appreciate the relaxed atmosphere uncrowded places have to offer. Then you sure will experience reverse culture shock if you visit one of Barcelona’s beautiful but packed beaches the next day. If you want to feel the warm Mediterranean seawater alleviating your sore muscles without trekking past too many other travelers, then a quick respite to the sunny beaches of Badalona will do you some good. Tucked 6.2 miles (10km) away from Barcelona, Badalona, once called Baetulo, possesses three long beaches: Platja del Centre, El Gorg, and En Manresà. 

The city of Badalona is not only significant for its beaches, but also for its amazing history going back to Roman times, as well as its spectacular views of the Serra de la Marina range. The area is barely flocked to by tourists, making it an amazing getaway filled with sun, sea, and spellbinding history. The town you see today was actually built around the 10th century Roman settlement. As you walk through the streets, enjoy the coexistence of old Baetulo and modern Badalona - vibrant and lively throughout the seasons. Whether it’s boundless beaches or untouched nature you are looking for, Badalona can give you all that you wish for with one simple train ride from Barcelona. 

Casa Vicens: The First Gaudí Masterpiece

blog imageAnd so we’ve come full circle, back to the animated city of Barcelona. Before you end your trip, there is indeed one more attraction worth visiting. Casa Vicens may not be as unknown as the other landmarks, but we believe Gaudí’s first work straight out of Escola Provincial d’Arquitectura de Barcelona is grossly underappreciated. 

Back in the 1870s, Gràcia was but a summer holiday destination where the rich would build their vacation homes to escape the city center. Stockbroker Manuel Vicens i Montaner commissioned Gaudí to design this masterpiece for him and his wife. In true Gaudí fashion, Casa Vicens’ structure and style draws inspiration from nature. The building elegantly encapsulates Gaudí’s Neo-Mudéjar revival style, with its papier-mâché decorations, pressed tiles, and accessible rooftop. The precision in the details and design of Casa Vicens is truly worth being hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

As this hidden spot is right in the middle of the city center, some tourists may visit the landmark by chance, resulting in some congestion. If you would like a Gaudí experience or Catalonian getaway fit for royalty, contact GoWithGuide to request for customizable tours unique to you and your whims. 


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Barcelona is a city you can’t help falling in love with. Come for the sights, the sounds, the food, and the shopping, and you will never leave the city disappointed. Learn more of our favorite spots, both hidden and popular, by chatting with our local guides. Our tours through Barcelona will sweep you right off your feet in delight!

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I left Germany 23 years ago and have been living in Barcelona for 12. I am an experienced world traveller having visited more than 40 countries on all continents. When coming to Barcelona I developed a passion for its architecture, the rich history & the many legends that can be found all over the city. Turning passion into a profession I became a tour guide and founded my own company specialising in off the beaten path tours and historic walking routes. We offer private tours. This way we can guarantee a high level of intimacy. For us it is important that there is also time for personal conversations. We love to learn about the lives of our guests. Our mission is fulfilled when you got the feeling that you discovered Barcelona with a friend who happened to know a lot about the city. Catch The Barcelona Feeling with me!                                                                                                                                 

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I am a dedicated professional tour guide with 16 years of experience in the tourism industry. I am an avid traveler who has dedicated my life to seeing the world, seeking out new experiences, and learning from different cultures. I hold two degrees – a Masters in French Literature from La Sorbonne University in Paris and also a degree in Languages and Socio-Cultural Studies. I began my work as a tour guide in Paris with a multi-national tourism company where I was quickly promoted to focusing on training other guides, in addition to providing my own tours. After six years in Paris, I fell in love with Barcelona during a summer trip to the city. I soon thereafter moved to Barcelona where I now call home – and where I started guiding with the goal of providing my guests the most exquisite, personalized and unforgettable tours possible. It is truly my passion to reach deeply into my knowledge of the art, culture, history and cuisine of Barcelona to give my guests a full understanding of Spanish culture from the unique perspective of a local.                                                                                                                                 

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Hello, My name is Philippe, I am a professional Tour guide in Barcelona. Let me share with you my love and passion for Barcelona! Come with me to explore and discover our culture, history, people and way of being. After living in different countries, Barcelona is now home for me for the last 15 years, so let's share with you my knowledge and have fun together. Having a certified local guide with you is a must in Barcelona, you won’t have to worry about the lines in the monuments and museums, we will skip them and save lot of time. In fact, only licensed guides can help you to skip the long lines in the famous monuments. I am a great lover of art and history, but what I like most is connecting with my guests. My tours are designed to make you feel like a local. They will be a cultural and relaxed experience at the same time, and I will be your private guide just for you and your party. So..let's discover this dynamic and thrilling city together! I can lead these tours in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese Licensed Local Guide Catalunya Personal Concierge 2004-2021: more than 200 tours led as a Freelance Travel Director in Spain Portugal and France TRAINING AND SKILLS * Driving license * First aid course AVAILABILITY FOR 2021-2022 * Personal Concierge * Tour Leader and Local Guide * Hospitality desk * Transfert escort * Event Manager                                                                                                                                  

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My name is Sandra. I have US nationality. Early childhood in California and grew up in Barcelona but... born in Bolivia. I feel very lucky having a diverse family background. I have worked in sales, marketing and event organizing. I also have dedicated almost 30 years of my life to study and follow the path of Western Esoterics and Spirituality. I've always heard and read: "Do and share what you love". I really enjoyed meeting new people and showing them around Barcelona, so I decided to also add my deep passion for spirituality and offer a different experience of this great city.                                                                                                                                 

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