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Our Top 6 Private Nature Tours In Madrid

Ajitsa A.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Ajitsa A.

Last updated : Nov 10, 20227 min read


As we look for nuggets of peace and quiet amongst our concrete jungles, Madrid is years ahead, having mastered the art of blending modern convenience with outdoor living. 

In this article, we celebrate the top Madrid nature spots deserving of their own private tour. This city has everything from challenging hikes to relaxing strolls along tree-lined paths. To navigate each location easily, contact our local tour guides. Their expertise allows you to simply show up and soak in the surreal beauty of each green space. 

Peñalara Natural Park 

blog imageJust one hour from Madrid is a breathtaking scene that inspired one of writer Ernest Hemingway's most famous novels, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Peñalara Natural Park is an oasis stripped of Central Madrid's skyscrapers and marble monuments. Out here, it's just you, white pine trails, flourishing meadows, and active wildlife. 

Peñalara offers trails for every type of traveler. The circular route will have you breaking a sweat with 14 km (8.6 miles) of incline and decline, while calmer courses like the Embalse de Navacerrada are perfect for a leisurely stroll and water gazing. The best time to go on a Peñalara hike is early morning, as the wild is waking up. For maximum tranquility, book your walk for a weekday when crowds are significantly less. 

Since Peñalara Park is within the Sierra de Guadarrama National Reserve, there are strict rules to keep animals, the environment, and visitors safe. Visitation is sometimes limited to ensure the wildlife isn't overwhelmed, so talk to your guide about early trail bookings. 

La Pedriza Rock Formations

blog imageKeeping to the mountainous north-west region of Madrid, let's head to magnificent natural sculptures formed from one of the largest granite ranges in the Iberian Peninsula. Situated 45 minutes from the city, the La Pedriza rock formations transport you to another planet filled with oddly shaped boulders and rough surfaces. Thanks to the granite, it's the perfect spot for rock climbers looking to test their skills. 

There are thousands of climbing routes, so you won't get bored viewing the park's bird and reptile populations as you tackle each wall. If you're not ready to take on the granite boulders, try a guided stroll along the natural pools of fresh water. They're relaxing in the summer as they reflect the grand field of earth-toned boulders. 

Since it falls under Guadarrama National Park, areas that hold endangered species are protected from human interference. So no swimming in the Charca Verde pools, but you can take the scenic route and watch several bird species, such as the Griffon vulture and the Spanish imperial eagle in their natural habitat. 

Navacerrada Ranges 

blog imageWhen you think of sunny Spain, sliding down a snowy slope is the last thing that comes to mind. However, our next destination changes that. Nestled between Segovia and Madrid, the Navacerrada ranges offer crisp clean air, crumbling rocks, chilly winds, and a complete contrast from Europe's big city vibe. The snow-capped mountains are the perfect stop for a ski adventure, with a nearby resort having several amenities, including an 18 km (11 mile) chairlift that's operational year-round. 

After a long day at the slopes, you can unwind at one of the many restaurants and bars serving hot meals and great conversation. For those chasing Spain's sun, the Navacerrada port transforms into a meadow-filled hiking trail during warmer months. Most hikes range from 13 km (8 miles) to 15 km (9 miles), and are filled with wildflowers and local greenery clusters. 

El Retiro Park 

blog imageLet's jump into the bustling city for our next stop in the form of El Retiro Park. It's the most famous green space in Madrid, thanks to its blend of man-made elements and nature. Most consider it an open museum, and you'll see why as you stroll through the park. Filled with sculptures, fountains, architectural masterpieces, and 13th century ruins, it's a reflection of Madrid's historic royals and their love for outdoor relaxation. 

El Retiro started as an exclusive spot for Spain's high society members but was opened to the public in the 19th century. Today you can walk along the romantic tree-lined paths or rent a rowboat and gaze at the tribute to Alfonso XII from the artificial lake. 

For the best experience, tour the El Retiro during Spain's summer months, particularly in May, June, and July, when the La Rosaleda Garden is in full bloom. However, harsh weather can lead to the park's temporary closure, so talk to your guide about organizing the perfect tour timeline

Fuente Del Berro Park 

blog imageMadrid shines as a city filled with pockets of green tranquility, and the Fuente Del Berro is possibly the most enchanting space of them all. The white stone stairways, cascading waterfalls, and lush water gardens are the closest you'll get to a storybook setting within a business district. Along the 13 hectare (32 acre) park, you'll experience winding paths and nuggets of Spanish artistry, namely the statues of Spanish poet Becquer and the Russian literary giant Pushkin. 

Look out for smaller ponds hosting mini ecosystems and local reptiles that thrive thanks to nearby green spaces like the Roma and Elipa park. The thick lining of trees means you'll feel a cool breeze even on the hottest days. That leaves you to enjoy remnants of royal structures, such as the two towers near the Enrique D'Almonte Street entrance without the effects of Spain's noonday sun. 

Manzanares River Linear Park 

blog imageModeled after traditional Mediterranean gardens, this relatively new park has pushed the city forward regarding art, architecture, and natural surroundings. Constructed in the 1990s and further renovated through the 2000s, the Manzanares River Park uses the river of the same name as inspiration for its wide open spaces. With beautiful fountains, ample seating, and several public gathering fields, it's a park that genuinely caters to Madrid's large community. 

Along the "Walkway of the Senses", you'll find Mediterranean species such as oak, olive, and cork trees. Contrasting this tradition is the ultra-modern bronze and iron sculpture towards the park's center. Created by Valencia artist Manolo Valdés, the La Dama De Manzanares tells the story of a woman overlooking the city. At 13 meters (43 feet) tall, it's visible from all sides of the park, but it's worth an up-close inspection and a few touristy pictures. 


Madrid shines as a green city, so there's definitely more to see. For an in-depth discovery, get in touch with a GoWithGuide local expert. Your personalized tour will feature the perfect blend of modern art, ancient history, and lush green recreational spaces. So let's get started! 

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/ & https://pixabay.com/

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