Tomoe S.

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Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Shiga (Living)



Japanese (Native), English


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6 hours on average


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About Tour Guide Tomoe S.

Hello! My name is Tomoe. I'm a national licensed guide interpreter(English). I made my page here, TripleLights in October 2018. Thank you for finding me.

I was born and grew up in Otsu,Shiga, which is the next city of Kyoto.

I graduated from the university in Kyoto and lived there for four years due to my husband's job.

I like history and like to visit temples in Nara.

My hobby is to plan trips and have visited many cities and towns in Japan and abroad. One of my favorite places is the AIRPORT!!

I have enjoyed meeting and guiding people from abroad, to sightseeing spots in my country.

I really want many people from abroad to enjoy visiting many places and have wonderful experiences in my country. I'll be really happy if I can have such experiences with you!!

Please tell and ask me if there are any places which you want to visit and anything which you want to do in my country. I'll plan the trip only for you.

I am cheerful and always positive. I like to talk with people. I would like to talk with many people from many countries. Please tell me about your country, too!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

* If you want, I will take you back to your hotel (within the time or with the extra hourly rate)

Or, I will show you how to go back to your hotel when we finish the tour.

* If you want, I will give you some advice about what to and where to eat your lunch/dinner.


If you book me early, I can exchange mails with you many times to know what you want to do in details, collect information and prepare a lot for your plan. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything in advance.

I can guide you in the morning almost every day.(from 8:30 or 9:00 AM till 13:00 or 13:30PM)

This year, in case of the full day tour, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, are available.


Very Special 1day Kyoto Tour just for You

8 hours

Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for 1000 years and has many wonderful places to visit. Please choose a few places among the following sightseeing spots, as you like. If you have any other preferable spots, please let me know. I'll guide you as many places as possible. Please note that some places are located in a little far away from the center of the city and it may need some time to go and come back. If you want, you can try kimono experience, tea ceremony experience, and so on, too.

FROM$228/ per group

Must see spots in Kyoto and Nara in a day (8 hours)

8 hours

It's a little bit difficult, for the first comers to Japan, to visit popular sightseeing spots in both of Kyoto and Nara. In this tour, you can visit Nara Park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, three most popular sightseeing spots in Nara and Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto, the most popular sightseeing spot for visitors from abroad, in Kyoto. Deer will wait for you in Nara Park!

FROM$228/ per group

A Wonderful Half Day in Kyoto (East Kyoto) 4h

4 hours

This tour is recommended for the first visitors to Kyoto. Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for 1000 years and has many old temples and shrines to visit. In this tour, you can visit two of the most famous and popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto and see the wonderful tradition, especially about Buddhist culture.

FROM$128/ per group

A Wonderful Half Day in Kyoto (North-west Kyoto) 4h

4 hours

This tour is recommended for the first timers to Kyoto. Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for 1000 years and has many old temples and shrines to visit. You can visit three famous and popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto. All of these three places are registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

FROM$128/ per group

Vermillion Torii Gates Tunnel and Tasting Japanese Sake 4h

4 hours

In this tour, we visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, the most popular sightseeing spot for visitors from abroad in Japan. Then, (we take the public transportation) and visit Fushimi District, which is famous for producing good quality of Japanese sake.

FROM$128/ per group

A Wonderful day in Marvelous Autumn World

7 hours

In Kyoto, there are many temples which have many Japanese maple trees. They turn into red around November 20 or so. (It depends on the year.) Many people not only from the world but also from all over Japan visit Kyoto during this period. You will be definitely amazed at the gorgeous world you can see with your eyes. 'The early bird gets the worm'. We should start early and enjoy the marvelous world before so many people come. (Even at 8:30, you will find so many people at Tofukuji Temple!)

FROM$199/ per group



Kenneth S.

May 28, 2023

Very helpful

Definitely choose Ms. Tomoe. She is helpful and insightful about many things in Kyoto and Nara. She's also a good photographer and has taken many pictures of us while feeding the deer and is good at giving recommendations for food and drink and places to go. You will not regret it.

Tomoe S.

Dear Kenneth and Jennefer, Thank you very much for your warmhearted review. You are such nice people and I enjoyed spending time in Nara and Kyoto. I hope that you will enjoy the trip in Japan and make wonderful memories. Thank you for booking me as your guide. TOMOE


Gonzalo V.

May 4, 2023

An incredible day, in an incredible city with and incredible guide!

My friend, my sister and I had the pleasure of spending the day in Kyoto with Tomoe. We have very limited knowledge about the town and Japanese culture and she did a great job in explaining everything. She has very extensive knowledge and is able to answer all questions; whether it’s about culture, history or any of the temples/shrines. We were concerned about finding a guide that could speak English (given that none of us speak Japanese) so we were extremely grateful to find that Tomoe’s English is fluent. I would definitely book again and we wish you all the best Tomoe. Leif, Inés and Gonzalo

Tomoe S.

Dear Gonzalo, Leif, and Ines, Thank you very much for such a warmhearted review! I enjoyed walking the Philosopher's path, visiting Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion), Honen-in Temple, and Nanzenji Temple. Thanks to you, (all of you have 'It' as I told you) we were able to go into the Yasaka Pagoda, too! I hope that you will visit Kyoto again and spend more time in Kyoto next time. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for booking me as your guide. TOMOE


Wesley T.

Apr 30, 2023

Tomoe was a great guide

We enjoyed our all day tour with Tomoe. We had a specific set of sites we wanted to see. She included everything we wanted and more. We especially liked the Fushima Inari Taisha Shrine and the shops on Ninenzaki Slope and Sannenzaki Slope. She as easy to get along with and we would use her again in Kyoto.

Tomoe S.

Dear Wesley and Carol, Thank you very much for your warmhearted review! You booked me before the pandemic of COVID -19, canceled your tour in 2020, and booked me again this time after three years passed. I'm really glad that you haven't forgot me and booked me again. You are such nice people and I miss you so much. Please come back to Kyoto and let me see you again! TOMOE


Yolanda A.

Apr 13, 2023

Wonderful Kyoto Visit withbTomoe

With a smiling face and a cheerful disposition, Tomoe is a delight to be with. She gave us informative history and detail on tour sites, and even served as an on-site photographer. She went out of her way so we can sample local delicacies. We appreciated her introducing us to a zen vegetarian cuisine for lunch which we found so satisfying and delicious. She was helpful with group members’ limited walking abilities and quick to hail a cab. Tomoe was intuitive and adept in altering itineraries to suit weather changes and group fatigue. We thoroughly enjoyed Tomoe’s company and will not hesitate to engage her again.

Tomoe S.

Dear Yolanda, Thank you so much for your warmhearted ❤❤❤review! I have spent such wonderful 4 days with you. Thank you very much for giving me GOAT!!! I will miss you all from tomorrow... Please say hello and thank you to your 'Otokomae' and sweet families! I do hope that I can see you again. TOMOE