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Hello, My name is Katsunori, a national licensed guide in English. Just call me “Fuji-san”, the same as Mt. Fuji-san.

I worked and lived abroad more than 15 years mainly in the United States, Australia, Abu Dhabi, China and Malaysia. During those days, I communicated many local peoples and felt a lot of different cultures and thinking ways. I was interested in this multi culture circumstance. I also visited many places, some of them were on business purpose, and the others were as private travels. Visiting new places always gave me new discoveries and deep impressions, and I really like these feelings. I would like the visitors to Japan to feel such impressions, and I would like to assist them – this is the primary motivation for me to be a tour guide.

One of my hobbies is trekking. One of the travels that made an impression on me was a mountain trekking at Nepal. I trekked 4 days through the hills over 3000m in Himalaya with mountain guide. Another nice experience was the trekking of Jungle in Sarawak island in Malaysia. The guides explained the natures such as plants, flowers, butterfly and insects of those areas in addition to the trails in both cases, and I really recognized the importance of the guiding. If the guides were not suitable, my memories on the travels might not be so nice.

Japan is really beautiful country. It has seasonal beauty according to the four clear cut seasons. The natures with historical buildings are beyond description. I really hope you, visitors, receive great impressions during your stay in Japan.

I can arrange any kind of tours – from half day city tour to mountain trekking. I will customize special tours for you with proper recommendations.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!!