Hero I.

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Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Shiga (Living), Nagoya, Kobe



English, Japanese (Native)


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6 hours on average


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Hello. I am a Hero from Shiga. I have lived in Denmark, Canada, Germany.

I would like to explore Japan with you without the language barrier. I know well about local foods (both cheap nice one and expensive fancy one), nature, sightseeing spots. Also, I can guide hiking, fishing, snorkeling...all kinds of outdoor sports. Let's go on an adventure together. Then I have lived in Nara, Okinawa. My major is marine biology. I played volleyball, rugby, swimming, and diving! So I am happy to talk to you about science. I can guide Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, and Shiga!! In addition, other places are negotiable by texting!

Also, I know where we can eat tasty melon pan, Gyoza, sushi, sukiyaki, pizza, udon, and Japanese BBQ!!

Vegan and vegetarian restaurant too!! Yes, I am super foodie person!

Jeg har boet i Nørrebro, København 1 år i 2010. Jeg kan tale dansk lidt.

Skal vi snakke Dansk?Jeg vil gerne går tur mit dig!Vi ses i snart!!

Hallo. Ich bin Hero. Ich habe auf Helgoland gewhont 1 jahre in 2016.

Ich kann Deutsch sprechen ein bisschen!Lass uns auf Tour gehen!!

Меня зовут хироши. Я немного говорю по русски.

Пожалуйста свяжись со мной!

Je suis Hiroshi. J'ai vécu à Toulouse 2 mois. J'aime le fran et tarte aux pommes!

Allons faire un voyage ensemble.






Francois D.

Jan 7, 2023

Fun evening with Hero

We had a really nice evening in our arrival in Kyoto with Hero discovering local market and food. Despite it was an holiday in Japan and many shops and restaurants were closed, he manager to plan a really good evening. We do recommend this tour for a good evening in good company.

Hero I.

Thank you very much for your kind review! I appreciate how you respect Japanese customs, foods, and culture. Also, he treated me to many fancy foods such as sashimi, beer, beer, scallop, Japanese sake, and Okinawan foods. I could start 2023 with an excellent night with you and Simon!! Merci beaucoup! C'est la classe!!A bientot!!


Amy L.

Jan 2, 2023

Fantastic market tour

Although we have visited Nishiki market many times before, having a knowledgeable guide this time opened our eyes to many new things and allowed us to learn more details about different types of foods. We also enjoyed walking through Gion afterwards. Highly recommend this experience!

Hero I.

Happy new year!!Thank you for following me in Kyoto! I appreciated how you respect Japanese customs, culture, foods, and manners! I was happy both of you liked Japan a lot!! Again, thank you for sending a great review!! I hope to see you again someday!!


Sean B.

Dec 31, 2022

Hero was a great guide who showed us so much of Kyoto

We booked a 7 hour welcome tour with Hero and this was one of our best days in Japan. He is a great guide, very knowledgeable about the city and also had a great sense of humour. He kept me and my wife and our two kids 16 and 18 entertained all day with a great mix of historic shrines and temples as well as stops to sample loads of local food specialities. He arranged a great ramen lunch and later took us to a food market as we had asked if we could learn about Japanese food. We all agreed that this was one of our favourite days as we were able to learn about the history of the city and the temples and also try some food with a local. Hero definitely showed us areas that we would not have found using google, and for that we are very grateful. Thank you Hero for being a great guide. Happy New year! 明けましておめでとうございます

Hero I.

Thank you very much for following me today. It was a lot of fun with your great family. I also learned many local things in England. Thank you for treating me ramen, beer, salted squid, karaage, etc. I am happy how your family try to understand Japanese attitudes, language, thinking, yakuza. Let us discuss about underground things more next time with beer! Oh yeah?! Did I beat google? I am so proud of this compliment. Appreciate a lot. I wish your family would spend great time in Japan more and more. Have a great journey! Happy new year! 明けましておめでとうございます。来年も何卒よろしくお願いいたします。;)


Rian R.

Oct 30, 2022

Saki Tour and Temples

Hero is the man! Super easy and fun to be around. He was very accommodating and understanding. I was very indecisive with the daily plans and Hero was able to overcome my difficult requests. 5/5 Review Thank you

Hero I.

Thank you very much for following me all day. I appreciate your excellent compliment. Also thank you for treating me great pork cutllet, sky high fancy sushi dinner, multiple sakes, pizza. Have a good time more in Japan!! ;) Hugs!!