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Yukihiro (Hero)行博

4.78(9) reviews

Available Areas

Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Saga



English, Japanese (Native)


Response Time

5 hours on average


Availability Updated

2 days ago



Hello, everyone!! My name is Yukihiro(行博), call me "HERO". I'm eager to introduce this unique country, Japan to foreign guests. I am not a professional interpreter. I have retired from Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF=Japanese Army) on March 2018.

大家好! 我名字叫xing2 bo2, 請叫我xing bo。我喜歡跟外國遊客分享這個很有意思的國家---日本國。我是個業餘的翻譯導遊, 不太專業, 在2018年3月我退休了日本陸上自衛隊(日本陸軍)。

I have spent most of my career as a Army NCO(Non-commissioned officer) . My job experiences are only in the military, but there are variety of specialties, so I didn't feel boredom. I lived in many places all over Japan, such as Hokkaido 10years, Chiba 15years, Okinawa 8years and more places.


I am working for the half of month as a tour-conductor in Okinawa Japan. Rest of month, I live in Nagasaki Prefecture, and work as a Triple Lights interpreter tour guide.

我一邊在沖繩當旅遊服務員大概半個月,一邊在九州長崎當Triple Lights的翻譯導游工作剩餘的月。

I am registered as a Okinawa prefectural interpreter tour guide (English & Chinese), but don't have a whole Japan area certification. So I am brushing my skill up to get it.


I speak English, Chinese (simplify & traditional) , no problem to guide you, not like a native though.



NAGASAKI city High-lights

6 hours

Nagasaki city one day(6-8h) trip, very flexible, basic tour time is 6hours, you can change basic itinerary as you like through the coordination. Meet-up and dismiss point are the designated place in NAGASAKI city. At least we visit (Must see)&(must go) High-lights. I add the (optional) High-lights as you like under the coordination, then cmplete original itinerary for you.

FROM$166/ per group


7 hours

Basically start from SASEBO. Visit the high lights sightseeing spots of HIRADO and IKITSUKI islands. Tour time will be flexible from 6 to 9 hours depends on the numbers of highlight spots which you visit. Customer can choose highlight spots to visit. Some spots need admission fee.

FROM$193/ per group

Pilgrimage ④: KURO-SHIMA island

8 hours

One day trip to Kuro-shima island. There is Kuro-shima Catholic Church which is designated as the Hidden Christian World Heritage. The island belongs to the Kujyukushima islands. You can reach the island only by the small ferry boat, only 3-4 times a day, to and from Kuro-shima. In the island, poor public transportation, but rental power assist bicycle is available.

FROM$166/ per group

SASEBO High Lights

5 hours

Visit the high light sightseeing spots in SASEBO. Tour time will be flexible from 5 to 8 hours depends on the numbers of highlight spots which you visit. Customer can choose highlight spots to visit. I can change the itinerary as you want based on this tour plan and propose new plan before your booking. Some spots need admission fee.

FROM$138/ per group


6 hours

Visit the high light sightseeing spots in NISHI-SONOGI area including two World heritage sites(Hidden Christian)of Nagasaki region. Tour time will be flexible from 6 to 9 hours depends on the numbers of highlight spots which you visit. Customer can choose spots to visit. Some spots need admission fee. Itinerary in detail will be fixed after your booking depends on your requests. Itinerary showed below is a example, can be changed.

FROM$166/ per group

Hand-made "SOBA" & "TEMPURA" experience

5 hours

You can have a experience to make and taste Japanese traditional food "TEUCHI-SOBA", "TENPURA" and "OCHA(Japanese green tea)" Type of "TEUCHI-SOBA" is "NI-HACHI", so relatively easy even for the first time.

FROM$48/ per person



Geraldine T.

Nov 27, 2019

6 hours in Nagasaki

Yukihiro our tour guide is very friendly and knowedgable so far with all things that we’ve asked him, especialy about history and localities. We also felt comfortable with him as our tour guide.

Yukihiro (Hero)行博

Dear Geraldine, I am so happy to be evaluated greatly as your comment. I feel sorry that we couldn’t go Mt. Inasa outlook because of unexpected construction on the route. Please try again at night in the future, you will be able to observe the one of 3 greatest night view of Japan. Hero


Cessy T.

Nov 12, 2019

Nagasaki 4hr tour

Great tour with Hero. Anything you'd ask, he replies. 4hr is really jampacked and no problem with communication. :)

Yukihiro (Hero)行博

Thank you very much for high evaluation, Cessy ! This time was short tour, so couldn’t visit many places. I hope you to stay Nagasaki longer next time. Hero


Marius Mjøs

Sep 17, 2019

Awsome custom tour

We had an awsome full day with Hero, he was literally our hero. He fixed a custom tour at our request, following alot of the coast and scenic spots around Kjukushima, Sasebo, and Omura bay. His local knowledge is excelent and his English is good. Expect a jovial host, which is always smiling, and a dash of humor. Will recommend! ? ?

Yukihiro (Hero)行博

Dear Marius, Thank you very much for great evaluation. I appreciate early evaluation on the way of your tour. I could take you many places as many as I could, but made you tired because of long driving. I drove more than 600km in a day!! Actually this is my first meeting with Norwegians who talk to. During the tour I could have a lot of conversation with you so that I understood lot about Norwegian culture, terrain, food, climate, custom, vegetation and so on. I have never been to Norway, but now I am so interested in your country. My view of knowledge was expanded. Take care and enjoy rest of days in Japan. Hope to see you in Norway someday. Hero


Hieng L.

Aug 10, 2019

1 day tour in Sasebo

He plan a great schedule. He picked the locations i needed to see. His English are good, easy to communication. he also kept me on schedule. Excellent service provided by Mr.Yukihiro. I will highly recommend Yukihiro. Thanks

Yukihiro (Hero)行博

Hello Hieng!! Thank you very much for great evaluation for me. Next time I will show you around Unzen and Nagasaki. There are many good natural Onsen in Unzen. Okinawa is my another hometown. When you visit Japan again, free to ask me. Yukihiro