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Gunma (Living), Hiroshima, Hyogo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Saitama, Tokyo, Wakayama, Kanazawa, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Yokohama, Mount Fuji, Kobe, Himeji



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I am Kashima. I have gained the Government Licensed Tour Guide authorization in 2017/2.

I passed a licensing examination of Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test 3rd grade in 2023.

I passed a licensing examination of Tokyo city guide in 2023.

I had worked for one of biggest Electric Company in the world which manufacture various type of Electrical products including information technology, heavy Electrical products such as train & Elevator, consumer Electrical products and semiconductor so-on since graduating from a university (master grade) in Kobe. I had a task roll of design development of Semiconductor for Video movie appliance in Japan and semiconductor marketing for 5 years in USA. Secondly, I had worked for one of big grovel Electric part Company which manufacture connectors for Electrical appliance usage. I had a task roll of quality assurance cooperating with the grovel college including USA, Europe (Ireland, Germany, France), China and Eastern Asia. As a result, I have communicated with people from different countries and I have become interested in introducing Japan to them. That is why I made decision to become an English tour guide. I acquired a tour guide license issued by the Japanese Government in 2017 and have started this new career.

<Primary Itinerary>

By introducing Japan to non-Japanese tourists, I would like to do my best to serve the best customized private tours in Japan that you and your family are looking forward to enjoying the fantastic experience as below.

1) Sightseeing of natural scenic spots, historical landmark (Temples, Shrines, Palace, Gardens) and cultural assets (Paintings, sculptures, swords and so-on)

2) Strolling of the bustling streets & towns

3) Traditional town atmosphere experience

4) Japanese Modern Architecture in both Tokyo and Kyoto

5) Experience of Traditional performing arts & events enjoyment such as Kabuki, Sumo-training, tea ceremony and Ninjya training

6) Famous relaxation spots enjoyment such as Onsen and Japanese bar

7) Crafts art of Japan experience such as Sake brewery and Bonsai museums

8) Enjoyment for kids such as Amusement facility (Anime, Games, Comics), shopping of latest trendy goods, entertainment café and so-on.

9) Night-time foods and drinking enjoyment in Food market & Drinking streets

If you would like to know how much I have knowledge about Japanese history, culture, traditional technologies, mystery of geographical nature creation and so-on, please refer my blog registered in GoWithGuide as shown in the lowest area of this profile sheet.

Specially, I prepared the blogs of both Tokyo and Kyoto which show various tour spots with detail photos and detail explanation each shown as below.

Blog title of Tokyo: Various Tokyo Tour Spots for Each Category

Blog title of Kyoto: Various Kyoto Tour Spots Introduction

(My special strength as a guide)

I can cover various spots through Japan as a guide from East of Japan (Tokyo and Tokyo surroundings)

to West of Japan (Kyoto and Kyoto surroundings) including Kanazawa tour (north of Japan) and Hiroshima tour (far west of Japan).

<My Interest things>

a) Sending detail tour spots information by blog for tourists coming to Japan

b) Funny conversation with tourists coming to Japan

c) Body training

d) Reading books and listening music of Jazz & Japanese-pops


I am now living in Gunma prefecture located around 100km north from Tokyo.

Therefore, if you reserve Kansai area such as Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Osaka, please request me at least one week in advance. We can exchange the idea of the tour.


One day tour of Himeji castle and Kobe Rokko mountain

9 hours

Himeji castle is located in Himeji city registered as World cultural Heritage at the first time in Japan. You will be overwhelmed by the elegant figure of the castle. Rokko mountain lie with stretching from south-east to north-west of Kobe by around 30km. This Rokko mountain is famous for the landmark of Kobe and famous for the spot of night view and there are lots of observation areas.

FROM$309/ per group

Kamakura tour of fantastic, historical and magnificent spots

9 hours

This tour include the "Daibutsu" the traditional Japanese craftsmanship skill applied, Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine whose deity is the founder of the Kamakura Shogun established in 12th Century, Hasedera Temple which is the Paradise of the Pure Land with beautiful flowers and the biggest wooden sculpture of Hase Kannon and Hokoji-temple by enjoying beautiful bamboo forest and powered tea.

FROM$309/ per group

Kyoto Arashiyama tour of traditional and entertainment spots

8 hours

This tour include Arashiyama one of the time-honored travel destinations located on the western outskirs of Kyoto, offering a breathtaking panorama of serene Mt.Arashiyama, Togetsukyo and featuring wide variety of tourist attractions ranging from Tenryu-ji Temple, spectacular bamboo groves ,Mt. Iwata Monkey Park to Arashiyama town strolling, shopping and most consumed local sweets tasting.

FROM$275/ per group

Tokyo tour of traditional and modern spots (case1)

8 hours

This tour include several essential sights such as historical spots, modern culture spots and the most advanced atmosphere experience of both graceful & sophisticated town and the most crowded amusement town. You will be impressed with the combination of Japanese traditional atmosphere with historical architecture and the most bustling area with advanced modern culture & entertainment.

FROM$275/ per group

One day Osaka tour for your great experience

8 hours

There are several attractions in Osaka. One of them is food culture that is called “Kuidaore by Extravagant in food”. You can enjoy several food markets such as Doutonbori and Kuromon. Another attractive point is to visit several architecture which include both traditional and modernized such as Osaka castle and Umeda sky garden. You can enjoy both of above in this tour.

FROM$275/ per group

Yokohama full enjoyment tour for your great experience

8 hours

Yokohama is one of the primary sea gate way to Japan where you can feel exotic atmosphere. Yokohama is located around 45 minutes train from Tokyo. In this tour, you will visit the most impressive places including Sky Garden of Landmark tower, Cruising of Yokohama Bay and red brick storeroom. After having a delicious Chinese food at Yokohama China town, we will visit Sankei-en Japanese Garden.

FROM$275/ per group



Helen V.

Mar 27, 2023

Great and easy going

Pleasant, happy and easy to get along .

Kashima H.

Helen san, Thank you very much for your upmost review to me. We visited Tokyo. Thanks to your strong energy to find out Tokyo and Japan culture, we could enjoyed the tour such as Tsukiji market, Dawn Avatar Robot Café (OriHime Seat) with lunch, Shibuya Palko Anime area, Shibuya crossing and Akihabara town walking around. And we also tasted Conveyor belt sushi. We could talk and change various information about every spots. I could enjoy very much and get more knowledge thanks to your questions and discussion. We continue the tour in Tokyo today, Thanks, Kashima


Nicky V.

Mar 19, 2023

Good guide on a rainy day

Kashima was on time and followed our itinerary under challenging circumstances. It rained all day. We managed to work our way through with Kashima making interesting commentary. He gave us a nice insight into Tokyo. Thank you Kashima san.

Kashima H.

Nicky san, Thank you very much for your great review for me. Unfortunately, it rained all time during the tour and it was pity that you must make tough handling against the rain. However, I am very much pleased that even the bad whether condition, you seemed to enjoy the tour of Tokyo including Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, Meiji shrine, Omotesando & Harajuku and Shinjuki. Specially, it was good for you to be able to see bride & groom and parents carrying newborn baby in arm as Shinto ritual in Meiji shrine on Saturday even raining. Also, I think that you could feel the difference of atmosphere and people strolling for each town of Omotesando, Harajuku/Takeshita street and Shinjuku. I am very much appreciated that we could exchange lots of various conversation and Q&A for history, culture, each country tradition and so-on. I hope that you continue to enjoy Japan trip and I am looking forward to receiving another tour guide request in near future. Thanks, Kashima


Hannelore G.

Mar 12, 2023

An excellent experience

I had a great day with Kashima. He showed me so many places I would‘t have seen otherwise. Besides, Kashima has a very pleasant personality and is esasy going Hannelore

Kashima H.

Hannelore san, Thank you very much for your upmost review to me. We visited Yokohama city. Thanks to your strong curiosity about Japan such as traditional and historical garden with combined by lots of animals and flowers of Sankei-en, crowded and gorgeous China town with lots of various Chinese foods tasted, Yamashita park of beautiful Yokohama port sea combined with ships at anchor, beautiful flowers, pets of dogs and Rabbits people taking them to walk, Minato-Mirai Giant buildings landscape, Cup Noodles museum as No,1 invention in 20th century and Land mark tower sky garden to see 360angle overview of Yokohama and surroundings. We could talk and change various information about every spots. I could enjoy very much and get more knowledge thanks to your questions and discussion. I hope that you continue to enjoy Japan tour from now on. And I am looking forward to receiving your request again in near future. Thanks, Kashima,


James B.

Oct 21, 2022

Kashima is excellent - do not hesitate to hire him as your guide

Just visited Tokyo from the US alone and hired Kashima for multiple calendar dates, including assistance from the airport via public transportation to my hotel. As a first time visitor and if you can manage the bags, I recommend train - and instead of a taxi. A train ride from the airport means that your immersion into everyday Japanese life and culture begins immediately, why wait? And with Kashima there explaining the signs and railway maps and helping me purchase my rail card, everything felt "less foreign" and relieved the apprehensions of being by myself. This also gave me an opportunity to begin a relationship with my incredibly friendly English-fluent guide. One thing that stands out is Kashima's level of preparedness for our tour schedule, even light "homework" for me. He recounted dates and eras of time into antiquity that displayed a deep reverence for Japanese history. As a former businessman, Kashima is also familiar with the current and previous operations of some of the big international conglomerates we're used to seeing in the US like Mitsubishi and Panasonic, and I found those details very interesting. As we saw the unflinching statuesque guards outside the sprawling architecture of the Imperial Palace, he impressed upon me the sense of duty and honor shared by the Japanese people. It was a very sobering experience. On the fun side, we visited several restaurants (one was "shoes-off") and we had drinks in the Golden Gai district. As I continue with this extra long review, here are a few notes: GoWithGuide exclusively uses its platform in order for you to contact your guide. This is not a problem because Kashima arrived early, dutifully, and prepared for each meeting. I actually had a different guide for one of my four guided days (just because I wanted to...) and the experience was the same - easy and flawless. Use the website on your phone for last minute updates, I had to message from the air that my flight was over an hour late. Be prepared for walking. There were several occasions on the train where there would be an escalator, but at the top of the escalator there's somehow a 2-story staircase. Young and old and very very old, the Japanese are not afraid of these things so don't get shown out by an 80-year old with a cane. Also, don't bring things on your tour that turn into trash. Japan is clean because of their culture, not because there are trashcans everywhere - there actually aren't any. Lastly, with Kashima's help, learn and speak a few words of Japanese with the locals - they appreciate your attempt, even if it sounds horrible. I'm SO glad I hired Kashima. He took me to several landmarks for pictures and information, helped me talk to shop owners, and really importantly - he helped me order food! He patiently answered my "what is that?" question a million times. Thank you Kashima-san (I hope I'm using that correctly!) for being my first welcoming face in Japan!

Kashima H.

James san, Thank you so much for your utmost compliment review for me and writing your detail findings during your staying in Japan. At first, I am so pleased that you are so much friendly, open-minded and so much full of curiosity about all of Japan including people, train system, culture, craftsmanship skill, foods, history, Jazz session by Japanese players, night drinking, Japanese souvenir, English vs Japanese translation and so-on. That could make us quickly friendly just after we met at Haneda airport. Thanks to your millions of curiosities in Japan, we could exchange lots of conversation including my answers for your questions and the background explanation by me for each spot boosted by your strong energy. Just after removing the restriction from COVID 19 for about 2years 8moths, I could fully enjoy and learn a lot by guiding you. I appreciate very much for selecting me as a guide for your first visit in Japan. As you already know, I can handle the area of guiding not only in East Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Gunma, Saitama, Kanazawa, Mt.Fuji) but also in West Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Himeji, Hiroshima). Please refer my 20 numbers of tours and more than 50 numbers of blogs which are shown in GoWithGuide site. I am looking forward to guiding you again in Japan, nest time maybe you and your wife. Thanks, Kashima