Nikko as enormous theme park of both nature and Edo culture

Art, Culture, & Historical

Kashima H.

4.60(60) reviews
Japanese (Native), English
10 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 3 people

Nikko area is one of the greatest tour spot in Japan where you can see magnificent theme park created by nature.

In parallel, it is also the theme park of Edo era (1603~1867) . This tour introduce several tour spots as Akechidaira, Chuzenji lake and Kegon fall from nature theme park. and Monkey gundan park, Edo wonderland as entairtainment theme park.

Meeting Point

Ay your hotel in Tokyo

07:30 AM

To pick up at hotel in Tokyo

08:00 AM

To move from Tokyo to Nikko by Shinkansen and a local train

10:30 AM

Taxi (Registered in TripleLight) pick up us at JR Nikko station

11:00 AM

Akechidaira view Point & with riding Ropeway

From Akechidaira view point, you can fee overwhelmed landscape of Kegon-fall, Chuzenji lake and surrounding mountains & forest as if it is a picture postcard.

12:00 PM

Kegon waterfall

Thanks to the multiple layers of enormous ground in Nikko area, Kegon -fall was created from which water flow from Chuzenji lake to a lower stage land.

01:00 PM

Lake Chuzenji

Chuzennji lake is located near Nantai mountain on the altitude of 1269meter. This lake is on the highest place (1269meter) in Japan.

Between around 25k ~ 15k years ago, the large eruption continuously occurred on one of Nikko mountain area and Nantai mountain was created. This collapse of volcanic edifice created current beautiful Chuzenji-lake by damming up two rivers which used to be near Nantai mountain. As the result, two rivers existed in previous stage has become a large lake by a large amount of water accumulated.

02:00 PM

Monkey Gundan park

This park give you several entertainment show such as convulsive laughter on stage by several short stories of school lessons, police action and street performance and soccer game by monkeys in open stage, contact enjoyment with cute monkeys as well as watching of monkeys nature living style in the small monkey mountain.

03:00 PM

Edo wonderland ,

At the entrance of this park, you will find a checkpoint called “Sekisho”. After through the gate, highway surrounded by forest appear and by walking toward inside, you will find various type of architecture, shopping places such as a post town, merchant houses, samurai residences and Ninja town. People in actual Edo era shape such as Samurai tied with topknot, town girls wearing Kimono and Ninja appear on various street inside the park. You can feel you time-slipped into Edo era.

05:00 PM

The Taxi escort you at JR Nikko station

06:00 PM

Shinkansen from Nikko to Tokyo by Shinkansen and a local train arriving at Hotel in Tokyo.

Ending Point

At your hotel in Tokyo

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Guide fee,

Pick-up fee at your staying hotel in Tokyo,

What‘s not included

Transportation fee during this tour for you and a guide in case you move from hotel in Tokyo to Nikko (both way): JPY11160/ adult,

Entrance fee for you: Kegon waterfall :yen570/ adult, Nikko Monkey park Entrance fee for you and a guide: JPY2300/ adult,

Ed wonderland Entrance fee for you and a guide: JPY5800/ adult,

Taxi fee,

Lunch fee,

Important Information

I am now living in Gunma prefecture located around 100km north from Tokyo.

Therefore, if you reserve Kansai area such as Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Osaka, please request me at least one week in advance. We can exchange the idea of the tour.

1) This tour use Transfer company who are registered in Gowithguide.

I will support for you to reserve this service.

Please directly pay the Transfer fee estimated from the Transfer company (registered in Gowithguide) to them through Gowithguide.

2) For fairly long walking of sight-seeing, please put on the shoes to walk with ease.

3) Please prepare the cash to spend any train riding, lunch and souvenir.

4) I prepared the blog of Nikko which shows various tour spots with detail photos and detail explanation each shown as below.

Blog title of Nikko: Nikko as the enormous theme park of both nature and Edo era culture

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David W.

May 19, 2023


Kashima is a knowledgeable and considerate guide whom made our last day in Tokyo very enjoyable. Met us a cruise ship terminal and provided a full day of sightseeing. We discovered Tokyo Station, Rikugienn Garden, Temples and the wonderful subway system of Tokyo. Recommended best sushi restaurant ever. He rode with us on the Narita express and deposited us at the Singapore Airline Counter. Wonderful experience.

Kashima H.

David san, Thank you very much for your upmost review for me. During your tour time from the departure at Yokohama cruise port to Narita airport, we could enjoy visiting Rikugien and Zojyoji temple in Tokyo which are one of the representative historical spots in Tokyo and Marunouchi area including Tokyo station. Thanks to your strong curiosity for Japan, we could exchange lots of Q & A and information about many topics with open mind. I am sure that you could get the new finding of Japan. I am looking forward to meeting with you again in near future. Thanks, Kashima


Marc L.

Apr 15, 2023

Excellent tour with Kashima

Thank you Kashima. We had an excellent day with you. Seeing the Himeji Castle with you was a real treat. Your knowledge about Japanese history is thorough and you answered all of our questions. We learned a lot from you. You also expertly guided us through various trains and stations, ensuring we arrived at every place exactly on time. Thank you also for showing us the gardens and gondola of Kobe. Being with you was a definite highlight of our time in Japan. All the best.

Kashima H.

Marc san, Thank you very much for your upmost review for me. Thank to your very deep knowledge about Japan such as Samurai world, after Meiji restoration period and World War 2 related history, we could continuously talk together very much during the tour. I could exchange the information a lot about the culture and system of both our countries through our Q&A discussion. We visited Himeji castle and Nunobiki herb gardens with Ropeway riding in Nunobiki mountain in Kobe. We could enjoy very traditional castle atmosphere on the mountain with many kinds of beautiful flowers & gardens. I hope that you continue to enjoy Japan trip. Thank you very much, Kashima


Xavier C.

Mar 31, 2023

Great day in Yokohama

We had a wonderful time with Kashima-san he was an excellent guide. From the day we contacted him he's been very helpfull. He's definitely the one to discover Yokohama. Thank you very much for all the arrangements.

Kashima H.

Xavier san, Sally san, Thank you very much for your upmost review to me. We visited Yokohama city. Under the sunny day, we could enjoy Cherry blossoms with full blooming at Sankei-en garden and Negishi forest park with your friends. Also, in Sankei-en garden, you could see lots of historical buildings transferred from Kyoto and so-on with several beautiful brides and grooms shot by many people there. We also enjoyed the gourmets in China town where many people walking and lined up in front of shops. I could enjoy the tour thanks to your good tour spots selection. I am looking forward to receiving your request again in near future. Thanks, Kashima


Helen V.

Mar 27, 2023

Great and easy going

Pleasant, happy and easy to get along .

Kashima H.

Helen san, Thank you very much for your upmost review to me. We visited Tokyo. Thanks to your strong energy to find out Tokyo and Japan culture, we could enjoyed the tour such as Tsukiji market, Dawn Avatar Robot Café (OriHime Seat) with lunch, Shibuya Palko Anime area, Shibuya crossing and Akihabara town walking around. And we also tasted Conveyor belt sushi. We could talk and change various information about every spots. I could enjoy very much and get more knowledge thanks to your questions and discussion. We continue the tour in Tokyo today, Thanks, Kashima

$322/ per group

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Nikko as enormous theme park of both nature and Edo culture

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Nikko area is one of the greatest tour spot in Japan where you can see magnificent theme park created by nature. In parallel, it is also the theme park of Edo era (1603~1867) . This tour introduce several tour spots as Akechidaira, Chuzenji lake and Kegon fall from nature theme park. and Monkey gundan park, Edo wonderland as entairtainment theme park.

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