A Half Day Walking Tour along Old Hokkoku Street in Central Nagahama, Shiga Pref.

Sightseers can savor retro-inspired atmosphere of the central area in the old castle town. Nagahama started blossoming after Hideyoshi had based here in 1574 AD. Since the district faces Lake Biwa (hence, playing a role of good shipping port) and was located at strategically important place, people in the town boosted up their power in both the industry and commerce, with the aid of Hideyoshi’s policy of remitting agricultural taxes. The Ando’s is one of the dominant townsmen. That gorgeous Hikiyama festival, which was registered UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016, has been maintained with the people’s enthusiasm.

On the other hand, sightseers can also enjoy the modern craftworks of elaborate plastic models at Kaiyodo Figure Museum along the old Hokkoku-kaido road.

[Nagahama Jyo, the First Castle that Hideyoshi (羽柴 秀吉) Built]

[An Imaginary Heroine of Japanese Anime, Rei AYAHA (綾羽レイ), a Pilot of EVA-0 ; At Kaiyodo Figure Museum Kurokabe]

[Famous Heroes of Popular Movies ; At Kaiyodo Figure Museum Kurokabe]

[Freebies Attached with Purchased Box of Candies in Good Old Days; At Kaiyodo Figure Museum Kurokabe]

[The Residence of the Ando’s, Who Used to Be a Big Merchant in Old Nagahama]

[An Old Hanging Scroll at the Parlor of the Ando’s; ; At Ando’s Residence (安藤家)]

[A Short Biography of the Ando’s (安藤家の由縁); At Ando’s Residence (安藤家)]

[Hikiyama Float Museum, Featuring the Traditional Festival Registered on UNESCO's Memory of the World]

[Mt. Ibuki (伊吹山), the Highest Mountain in Shiga Pref.]

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Tours By Guide

Impressive Three-Day Tour around Old Capitals (Nara, Kyoto, Osaka) of Japan

3 days

The course is a “Golden Route” around the 3 old capitals. You must feel awe-inspiring atmosphere, being surprised to see the fruits of religion-based cohesive power in Nara. Kyoto used to be the capital for no less than 1,100 years, during when the internationally famous city had nurtured sophisticated Japanese cultures. You have to be welcomed everywhere in the easygoing merchants’ city of Osaka.

FROM$972/ per group

One Day Bike Tour around Yogo, an Old Home of Japan in Shiga (日本的乡土“余吴”一天自行车远行在滋贺县)

9 hours

Lake Yogo, alias "Mirror Lake" is a northernmost attraction in Shiga pref. Literally, it looks like a natural mirror on a calm day, perfectly reflecting surrounding mountains. The one day tour takes you to representative spots associated with impressive folklores about the lake and its vicinity. We can also visit the stage of the fierce historical battle of Shizugatake of the Provincial Wars.

FROM$243/ per group

A Half Day Bike Tour around Lake Yogo in Shiga (余吴湖一周半天自行车远行在滋贺县)

4 hours

Lake Yogo is a northernmost mysterious attraction in Shiga prefecture, and its another name is "Mirror Lake", since it looks like a natural mirror on a calm day, perfectly reflecting surrounding mountains. The lake was a stage of the fierce historical battle of Shizugatake in the midst of the age of Provincial Wars (1583). There are also many folklores associated with the lake.

FROM$108/ per group

One Day Tour for Autumnal Leaves around Keisoku-ji Temple & Shizugatake Old Battlefield

9 hours

Keisoku-ji was re-built by the Venerable, Saicho (767-822 AD), and named after footmarks of a chicken left on accumulated snow. The monk found an Eleven-headed Deity of Mercy in burned-out ruins, and then opened tremendous area of many Buddhist temples. Though the temple became deserted now, the breath-taking beauty of hundreds of colored leaves attracts so many people just like the old days.

FROM$243/ per group

One Day Bike Tour around Kohoku in Shiga (北琵琶湖一天自行车远行在滋贺县)

9 hours

Kohoku, i.e., northernmost district in Shiga pref. is said to be “The home of Kan-non (Deity of Mercy)”, many of which have been protected by successive villagers of the hamlets since more than 1,200 years ago. You can also appreciate breathtaking autumnal beauty of the old mountainous temple of Keisoku-ji in late fall. Thus, you may feel a genuine cultured atmosphere of old Japan here at Kohoku.

FROM$243/ per group

One Day Tour around Central Nagahama in Shiga (长滨市内一天远行在滋贺县)

8 hours

Nagahama (Population: about 120,000; Area: about one sixth of the whole of Shiga) has developed after Hideyoshi, a famous hero in the Provincial War Period, put his base castle here in 1570s. UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Asset, Hikiyama festival has an origin of celebrating a birth of the strongman’s first son. Thus, many spots associated with the old days still remain here and there.

FROM$216/ per group

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