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Satoru O.

5.00 / 5
(1 reviews)

Bonjour, je m’appelle Satoru. Je suis guide certifié par l’Etat. Lors de votre voyage au Japon, vous aurez certainement quelques inquiétudes quant au fait de devoir vous exprimer dans une langue si différente de la vôtre. Vous serez peut-être aussi un peu stressé à l'idée de ne pas réussir à faire tout ce que vous avez prévu pour votre voyage. C'est avec plaisir que je vous apporterai mon aide pour que vous puissiez passer les vacances de vos rêves. Je ferai de mon mieux pour que votre voyage soit à la fois amusant et intéressant. Qu'aimeriez-vous manger ? Qu'aimeriez-vous acheter ? Vous serez surpris par la quantité de choix à laquelle vous ferez face. Je vous guiderai parmi toutes ces bonnes et belles choses. A chaque étape de votre voyage, vous vous poserez des questions telles que "Pourquoi?" ou "Comment?". Je serai là pour y répondre toujours de façon simple et rigolote. Je suis conscient que votre temps au Japon est précieux et qu'il représente aussi un gros budget. Je ferai en sorte que votre voyage soit inoubliable en partageant avec vous ma passion pour la culture japonaise. A bientôt au Japon.                                                                                                                                  

Mai T.


Thank you for reading my profile. I am Mai living in Kumamoto, Kyusyu. I grew up in Kumamoto and studied and worked in overseas, such as China, America, South America and Europe for the F&B and food business. Also I used to work as Kurabito (Japanese sake brewer) in the traditional sake brewery. So If you are looking for somebody, bring you to the best gourmet spots that are not in guide book, please contact me. I am the Sake sommelier, so if you are interested to experience and understand Japanese sake and culture, especially for I can be your guide. All my life until now I practice martial arts such as Kendo and Iaido. If you are Katana (Japanese sword) or martial arts lover, I can guide you to the right place. Beside of food and sword, Kumamoto has breathtaking nature and verity of Onsen. If you are interested, please contact me. I will be your best guide for Kumamoto. English and casual conversation of Chinese is available.                                                                                                                                 

Nao I.

4.50 / 5
(2 reviews)

Hi, my name is Naoko. I was born and raised in Saga on Kyushu Island. I'm very familiar with many sightseeing spots and attractions of the Kyushu area thanks to my long term life experience here. I love traveling, in which I can experience the local cultures. It is a pleasure to find hidden spots where only local people are familiar. Please contact me and join my tour, if you are tired of city tours! Depending on your interests, I will guide you historical sites, cultural places, handicraft studios and so on. In my private life, I am a mom of two children (a daughter and a son). I would like to talk about an ordinary Japanese family life if you like. I'm looking forward to seeing you, spending a wonderful time with you. See you soon!                                                                                                                                     

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Lavinia C.

4 / 5
Jun 10, 2023

An efficient way to visit several sights on Kyushu Island

This service was not a tour in the conventional sense, more a car & driver service. We paid for 10 hours (from pick-up to drop-off) and provided the itinerary: Kumamoto (pick-up) - Takachiho Gorge - Mt. Aso crater - Kamishikimi Shrine - Daikanbo Lookout - Yume Suspension Bridge - Beppu (drop-off). The booking process was easy and I really appreciate the prompt responses to my questions. On the day of the pick-up, our driver, Nakao-san was at our hotel in Kumamoto well on time. He couldn't speak English, but we managed fine with translation apps. Nakao-san was a good driver and did his best to get us to all the sites. Unfortunately, we got to the Yume bridge 10 minutes before closing time, so could not get in. Tip: The distances between sites are great 1.5 - 2 hours, so 4 sites would have been more realistic.

Tr taxi R.

Thank you so much for this review. Your feedback helps us to improve service for everyone. And your detailed explanation will surely help more visitors to Kumamoto. We really appreciate you being a customer. We’re here for you anytime.


Ashley H.

5 / 5
Jun 7, 2023

Amazing guide!

Our driver didn't speak English, but we were able to communicate some through Google. We expressed interest in One Piece and he surprised us by stopping by a few of the One Piece statues! He was very patient and kind to us. This was excellent service and we hope he does well in the future. We recommend the private car service again. If you want a full English guide for the history, then you could also hire an English guide to tag along with you in the private car.

Tr taxi R.

Thank you so much for recommending our private car service in your review. We will pass on your warm words to the driver. There are a total of 10 One Piece statues in Kumamoto Prefecture, and they are really popular with tourists. We look forward to seeing you again in Kumamoto, or if you need a car in other parts of Japan, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again for the great review.


Martin K.

5 / 5
May 14, 2023

One Piece Tour

First the taxi driver was on time he was already waiting for me in the hotel lobby. after a short planning we drove off he was very friendly we were able to talk a bit. then we drove to 4 one piece statues unfortunately we couldn't go to one because construction work was going on took place. after less than 3 hours I was dropped off at the hotel again. I was satisfied with how everything went. Thanks again to the friendly driver. Lg.

Tr taxi R.

Thank you so much for your kind words. The tour of the One Piece statue has become very popular recently! Since the statues are scattered all over Kumamoto Prefecture, it's really not easy to visit them all. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We’re here if you need anything.


Suh H.

5 / 5
Feb 26, 2023

Excellent driver

My driver, Mr Murakami (村上さん) is a very skilled driver, knowledgeable about places we wanted to go. He is friendly and patient. Although Mr Murakami does not speak English and we speak very little Japanese, we managed to communicate with him and he understood what we wanted to say without using much of the translator app ????

Tr taxi R.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Many drivers do not speak English, but they have very rich experience in receiving tourists. We are sure Mr. Murakami must be like that, and he will be happy to hear what you have to share.

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