Looks much more delicious than real one!?


The exhibition of "shokuhin sanpuru" or replica food at restaurants in Enoshima Island

One of the joys of travels is to enjoy meals somewhere you visit. And like everywhere else, here in Enoshima Island there are many kinds of specialties at each restaurant located on both sides of the approach to Enosima Shrine. The strong tool to attract customers is dishes of replica food beautifully displayed in the windows. They are a great help especially to foreign people to decide what to eat without having to read a Japanese menu. Now let me show you some of the masterpieces among many of them.

Look so fresh, beautiful and appetizing, don't they?

The one below is sashimi boat. Several kinds of raw fish are artfully sliced and laid out in beautiful color combination on a small boat. They look fresh as if just caught from the sea in Sagami Bay.


 Covered with plastic wrap, can you believe they are not edible?


An assortment of sliced white meat sashimi, fresh shirasu ( baby sardines, which are the most popular seafood around Enoshima Island area), and three kinds of colorful seaweed with wasabi horseradish and grated ginger as condiment. How can they be artificial!


 Did the big eye of the fish scare you? The name of the dish is simmered alfonsino, or kinmedai no nitsuke. It is flavored with soy sauce, sake and sugar and the meat of the fish is very soft. This dish goes very well not only with rice but also with warmed sake. It may look scarely, but the taste of the "real" one is so good, for sure!


And, of course there are several kinds of ramen served at some other places for ramen lovers and for someone who'd prefer not to have sea food. The ramen looks like it's steaming, doesn't it?

So, how was the exhibition?

Did they make you hungry? I hope they did, and also hope you will come visit Enoshima Island someday and try some of the "real" ones out of many specialties here!



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