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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Travel Like A Celebrity - Luxury Tours In Lisbon

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Lisbon Tours - GoWithGuide

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Enjoy Lisbon, the historic capital city of Portugal, through our Lisbon private tours.


The White City gets its name not only from its reflective waters, but the luxury that shines through this warm coastal region. With a growing metropolitan area and the perfect blend of old-world opulence and new school amenities, you'll be surrounded by hospitality and high-end comfort from the moment you arrive. 


You haven't fully experienced Lisboa until you've lounged in its lavish side, so let's look at what the city has to offer regarding celebrity-style living. Get in touch with our experienced local guides and select your private, customized tour. 

Sail Along The Tagus River At Sunset

blog imageThere’s no better way to see Lisbon than from a boat. Set out on a sunset cruise and enjoy the pinks and purples of the sky as they color the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. From the boat, you'll sip on choice wine as you pass the Mouraria quarter, a hilly area highlighting Moorish medieval architecture. This colorful quarter is one of Lisbon's most diverse settlements, with over 50 nationalities present. 


As you go along the river, you'll see one of Lisbon's most visited sites, the Tower of Belém. This imposing white structure is a testament to Portugal's global trade era. You'll sail past it, just as Vasco De Gama did on his voyages. Next, the boat gets you as close as possible to Lisbon's Golden Gate Bridge, also known as the "25th of April" bridge. This 2,227-meter-long bridge became an iconic symbol of Lisbon's rapid development once it connected the capital to Almada in the south. 


Travel Tip: Since you'll be on an open-air boat as the sun goes down, carry a light jacket or shawl. If you have any special dietary requests, let your guide know so that alternative snacks and drinks can be provided during the boat ride. 

Sample Lisbon’s Finest Wine 

blog imagePortugal is a heavyweight in Europe's extensive wine culture, and Lisbon is a great central location to launch your exploration of Portugal's wine production. The city's northern half is considered the heart of the country's wine-making, with most local wineries located along the Atlantic ocean. Close by are the Tejo, Setúbal, and Bairrada wine regions, which can be accessed from Lisbon. A trip here will expose you to some of the richest wines in the Peninsula. 


You'll taste red, white, and rose, with most carrying a light flavor and low alcohol levels, thanks to the winds from the Atlantic. Your guide will take you through the different grapes used to produce Lisbon's wines, including fortified wine made with grapes such as Galego Dourado, Castelao, and Arinto.


For those looking to expand their knowledge of premium wine, Setubal is the place to be. Setubal is a full day's adventure from the city center, so pack your essentials. You can explore the region with a private luxury vehicle or hire a bike from Setubal.  


Travel Tip: Wine tasting is an art, so avoid anything that could alter your taste buds before heading to a vineyard. Mint or fruity gum, cigarettes, and strong coffee will affect how you enjoy the wine, so save those for after your tour. 


Lisbon Tours - GoWithGuide

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Enjoy Lisbon, the historic capital city of Portugal, through our Lisbon private tours.


Enjoy Stunning Views At Parque das Nações

blog imageOver the past 50 years, Eastern Lisbon has transformed from a rundown industrial area into a thriving, modern beacon of Portugal's development. Nothing shows that off more than the Parque das Nações, also known by locals as the "Expo". Construction started in the late 90s, and breathed new life into Lisbon. Monumental towers such as São Gabriel and São Rafael mirror one another, and are named after famed explorer Vasco De Gama's ships. 


Speaking of which, head to the Vasco De Gama tower for a one-of-a-kind view of the river and surrounding Lisbon. You can also stay at the Myriad, one of the many five-star hotels in this area with amenities such as an indoor pool, spa, bar, and restaurant. From there, hop on a cable car at Telecabine Lisboa, taking you across the sky from the Tower to the nearby Oceanarium. Once you're back on land, enjoy leisurely shopping at the glass-roofed Centro mall. It is easily one of Portugal's most visually stunning malls, with over 150 local and international shops, so you'll never miss an opportunity to stock up on luxury items. 


Travel Tip: When exploring the Parque das Nacoes wear comfortable shoes as most of your exploring will be on foot. Alternatively, you could rent a bike on the ground, as the cobblestones make for comfortable terrain. 

Experience Five-Star Portuguese Dining 

blog imageLisbon is a foodie's dream come true, with a wide array of five-star options and legendary dishes. Pair that with quality service, fresh ingredients, and stunning scenery, and you get the Portuguese dining experience. For those keen on Michelin star foods, head to Alma. In the middle of the Chiado district lies this former warehouse turned rustic banquet hall. Alma's à la carte menu changes depending on the season, but rest assured you'll love everything on offer. They also provide a set menu full of local, international, and Mediterranean dishes dreamt up by Portuguese legend Henrique Sá Pessoa. 


Alternatively, head to Eleven atop Edward VII park for a spectacular view as you eat. Joachim Kerper's experimental and highly celebrated menu is complemented by the panoramic scene, thanks to large glass windows. Otherwise, Eneko Lisboa provides the best of both worlds with an intimate dining hall with tasting menus and personal settings and a more extensive, traditional menu with family-style serving. 


Finish your food journey with dessert at the Pasteis De Belém near the Jeronimos Monastery. Here you'll find the original, creamy, iconic Pastel de nata. This sought-after Portuguese snack has been a well-kept secret since 1837. It's a once in a lifetime chance to taste the real deal. Beyond the pasteis de nata, enjoy authentic Portuguese sweets such as the bolo reis, sortide, salgados, and marmelada. 


Travel Tip: Most fine dining experiences require prior booking. Avoid lines at places like Pasteis De Belém, which is always crowded, by calling ahead to ensure you find space when you arrive. 


Lisbon Tours - GoWithGuide

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Enjoy Lisbon, the historic capital city of Portugal, through our Lisbon private tours.



Whether relaxing by the pool or sailing under the Iberian sunset, Lisbon invites everyone to have an exclusive experience unlike any other. Are you ready to live like Lisboetas royalty? Reach out to one of our local guides and enjoy your own personalized private tour.

Lisbon Tour Guide - Duarte P.

Duarte P.

4.75 / 5
(4 reviews)

Hello my Friends, My name is Duarte and it's with great pleasure that I have been working in the tourism industry in Portugal for over 10 years. I´m specialized in organizing and executing private and exclusive tours for small groups. Take a look at my proposals for private tours and select the one or those that interest you most. Since all my tours are customizable, feel free to ask me about possible changes you would like to make to the original itinerary. On the tours, there is total flexibility within the time and itineraries planned. ALL MY TOURS INCLUDE FREE OF CHARGE: * Mercedes-Benz Van, V Class Model VIP Extra Long up to 7 passengers. * Pick up and drop off at your hotel / flat. * Free Wi-Fi in the vehicle. * Bottled water.                                                                                                                                  

Lisbon Tour Guide - Filipe D.

Filipe D.

5.00 / 5
(1 reviews)

Olá! I'm Filipe. I was born and raised in Lisbon and I’m really passionate about my city. I am very familiar with the city's many sights and attractions thanks to my long experience living in this city. I have been working in the tourism field for almost 10 years and have guided many foreign tourists as an English, French and Spanish speaking tour guide in recent years. I always like to guide all tourists with my best hospitality. I always try to adapt the tour to the interests and needs of my clients so that they have the best possible experience. I am very dynamic, fun and passionate about Lisbon and I love showing how unique my city is to everyone who visits Lisbon. When you have a chance to visit Lisbon, contact me anytime and join my tour! I look forward to spending a wonderful time with you. See you soon!                                                                                                                                 

Lisbon Tour Guide - Luis P.

Luis P.

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(2 reviews)

Hello My name is Luis and I'm your local guide from Lisbon. Welcome to my city and I will very happy to be your next GPS on your journey to Portugal. My curiosity for traveling and getting to know new cultures in the world was always evident. My life in tourism has already taken me to travel and get to know different realities, I started by going to the Highlands, where I worked in the various departments of Marriot Dalmahoy in Edinburgh, I also had the possibility to check out the madness of the Balearic Islands as a hotel animator for some seasons. But it was my country that I fell in love with, its history, traditions, gastronomy, the relaxed way we always find solutions to problems. I think the main feature on my tours is the enthusiasm. I am a local guide in the city of Lisbon, but I know Portugal and islands well and for this reason, if you need a guide and want to get to know Portugal in a more exciting, curious and historical way. Getting to know Lisbon in a relaxed way and telling you travel story. Storytellers, is one of the main objectives was Tour Guide. I make the difference because of my experience and knowledge of 11 years in this market of tour guiding. Unfortunately, the profession of official guide is not accredited in Portugal, making anyone who has historical knowledge, tour guides. There are only two entities accredited in Portugal Snatti and Agic. I am a member of Snatti. My business is due to 3 big sections: Walk Tours, Daytrips and multi days tours. I have a variety of themes in my tours: Cultural, gastronomic, historical, street art, nature, wineries, etc.                                                                                                                                  

Lisbon Tour Guide - Joao C.

Joao C.


I am a former engineer with a 9 to 5 office job. For about 30 years, when I occasionally had family and friends in town, I would take my private car and show them around the city, which helped me achieve a knowledge very solid about the neighborhoods and history of Lisbon. When I finally had the opportunity to retire, I thought about transforming those private moments with family and friends into a profitable activity. Then I drove tuk tuks with Tugatours during 5 years and loved every moment of it. The opinions received from customers were very motivating, representing enormous support and encouragement. I finally felt the need to add walking tours to my Lisbon Tours offer and I feel comfortable with both options.                                                                                                                                 

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