Exploring Kobe

Masahisa M.

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8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 20 people

Kobe come to a vital life again from intense earthquake that hit on Jan 17, 1995. Kobe always creates us a resplendent, exotic mood that the cosmopolitan city has. The old foreign settlement where sophisticated modern architecture still remains upper town must be the reason to ferment that atmosphere. At Meriken Wharf, you can hear the whistles of ships and touch cultural history in this city.


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Meeting Point

At your hotel in Kansai District (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe)

Kitano Ijinkan Street

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Nankin-machi (China Town)

Meriken Park

Kobe Harbor-Land umie

Ending Point

At your hotel in Kansai District (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe)

What to Expect

Visit the old foreign settlement and you can understand why Kobe is called cosmopolitan city. At Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden, here for sure, you will find best places for romantic chats in ropeway cabin or walks whichever you prefer and spend unforgettable time with full of 75,000 herb flowers.

Nankin-machi (China town) is always full of gourmet people. Kobe beef is also on the menu even at a hole in the wall restaurant, never let them down.

At Meriken Park, some attractions are romantic cruises that last 60 minutes. You can also admire beautiful panorama view of Kobe harbor from Kobe Port Tower or restaurant, art craft shop complex named Umie MOSAIC. Breath-taking sunset view is what makes this place so romantic

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included


*Guide fee, hotel pick-up fee in Kansai District (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe)

*Travel expense as required for the guide to travel with customers by means of public transportation such as train, subway, bus.

Travel expenses for the guide included herein are limited within Kansai district (Kansai district = City of Osaka, Nara, Kyoto or Kobe)

*Admission fees, tickets for the guide as might be incurred at Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens, temples, shrines or the like.

*Meals , drinks or the like for the guide during the tour

*Any tax or the like as might be incurred by the guide in Japan


What‘s not included

Not included:

*Fees to cruise river or sea or the like for the guide

*Tickets for Universal Studio Japan, museum or the like for the guide as might be required at private or public entertainment facilities.

Important Information

Any day or time is available, inclusively long tours extended to more than 10 days across Japan, but please reconfirm guide's availability at time of booking

City loop bus runs every 10 to 15 min and takes you right on the spot. A one-day pass is advantageous, on sale in City Bus, at the Kobe Information Center (Sannomiya), Tourist Information Offices (JR Shin Kobe bullet train station)

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting time


Randal P.

Mar 6, 2020

Trip to Mt.koya

My day with Mike went great. He had everything planned out for the day and even ideas for the rest of my trip. He was very nice and easy to talk to. He took care of everything during trip so all I had to was enjoy the mountain, town and temples. If you need a thoughtful and professional guide I recommend masahisa for your trip. Arigato gozimashita masahisa-san. Randal.

Masahisa M.

Randal So exhausted to walk, aren't you ? Thank again for your frequent visit despite in midst of recent full of oddies atmosphere here. Your travel to Dublin next year must be something of a homecoming. Lots of similarity between Irish (Celtic) mythology and our Shinto religion. Big screen "The Quiet Man", also the hill of Tara create an atmosphere akin to the same as yours (homecoming sentiment), besides same customs of "Round" in Ginness Store House in Dublin, even though we do not have warning signboard of "watch fairy folk" on the road. Good luck for your frequent venture in the far east and wish your safe return home, hopefully with great many memory. Thanks Masahisa


Janet N.

Jan 28, 2020

Detail oriented

We booked a tour with Masahisa in Kyoto but his help started way before our tour. He sent me hotel recommendations, instructions for taxi drivers in Japanese, directions to and from several cities by train. This attention to detail continued into our tour. While the day was long, Masahisa (Mike) made sure we didnt miss anything. Thank you so much The Padilla Family

Masahisa M.

Janet Wish your safe return home, hopefully with great family memories. Thank for visiting us and the name of Packers reminded me of my life in windy city. Yes the temper always reached a boiling point in the rivalry particularly between Packers, including 5 super bowl championship fought each other. (Packers won 5, Bears won 1) I still remember the days in 1985, a windy city was in a chaos on every street to celebrate Bears championship and I was so lucky to share the moent with neighbours. Super Bowl LIV to be held in Miami on Feb 2 this year and wish next year to be held in Green Bay. Best regards to your husband. Thanks Masahisa


Abel S.

Dec 16, 2019

Perfect guide to get the most out of your trip

Knowledgeable, personable and amazingly kind. We were a 3 generation group which made the day trip to Kyoto challenging. However Mike (as he likes to be called) pulled off a miracle and made sure everyone was well taken care off. He knows his history and had us all immersed in the stories behind all the sites we went to. He also was amazingly attentive and at the end of the trip he gave gifts to us that he used his lunch hour to purchase. Thanks so much Mike. You were the best guide anyone could wish or hope for.

Masahisa M.

Abel Glad to learn your safe arrival home. Christmas light-up on a great street, Orchard Road, Cuppage Plaza and Centerpoint Shopping Mall I lived upstairs and loved must be full of last-minute shoppers in this time of the season. Thank again for your visit with happy family and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks Masahisa


Edward O.

Oct 26, 2019

Absolutely Top Notch Tour Guide

Masahisa (“Mike”) has proven the absolute best guide we’ve had thus far in almost a month of touring Japan. He arrived promptly for hotel pickup, totally organized with a formally prepared tour proposal for the day, complete with a brief overview of Japanese history and culture he wrote himself, and tourist information guides of Nara sites and cultural events - all neatly tucked into a transparent file holder. He also proved to be an extremely knowledgeable guide not only regarding Japan’s history and culture, but also of the world at large - a level of cosmopolitanism honed by extended business assignments around the globe on behalf of a major Japanese trading and consulting company. Masahisa is rightly proud of his country and culture and you will not find a more interesting guide to introduce you to Nara and the wonder of Japan!

Masahisa M.

Edward Thanks for visiting us from beautiful city, even though more is the shame typhoon stepped in your precious time here. Believe all are also fine with your neighbors and free from any mischief by wildfire. Thank you again for your visit all the way from city I loved. Thanks Masahisa

$326/ per group

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