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The best 7 things to do while you travel to Oita

Luke K.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Luke K.

Last updated : Apr 28, 20229 min read

Things To Do


Oita Prefecture in Kyushu is surrounded by mountains and sea and would make an excellent place for relaxation and light sightseeing. Beppu is one of the most famous areas in Japan to enjoy natural hot spring baths. Festivals throughout the year, and interesting wildlife, Oita is a great place to spend a day or two. We have selected seven of the best things to do while you travel to Oita:

1. Beppu Park

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Beppu Park is simply beautiful. Great views of the sea beyond and the mountains in the distance, and an array of lush greenery. If it is too hot, you can take in the shelter of the bamboo forest. There are many seasonal flowers growing here, an amazing stream, and one hundred year old pine trees. A beautiful place to go for a picnic on the perfectly cut lawns, or great for a nice leisurely walk.

Admission: Free

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2. Global Tower

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Global Tower is the symbol for one of the largest most advanced conference facilities in Western Japan. After entering, you ride the elevator 100 meters to the top. Taking those first few steps out of the lift leads onto the upper observation deck. You will be instinctively given a feeling that there is nothing below you. The platform hangs in mid-air. You can enjoy a lovely 360-degree panoramic view of Beppu and the ocean beyond, before heading down a staircase encased with glass. The staircase literally floats in the sky between the upper and lower observation decks. As you cross it, it might take you a while to find your feet.

The view from Global Tower is breathtaking. You can see the other famous tower in the distance, Beppu Tower, but the view from Global Tower is perhaps more enjoyable. On a clear day, everything is visible from the mountains to the sea. 

Admission: ¥300

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3. Nagahama Shrine Summer Festival

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This is the very first summer festival held in Oita Prefecture every year. It is famous for rice cakes and merchants selling hand made dolls, pictures, and other unique works.

Unfortunately for me, when I visited Nagahama Shrine Summer Festival, summer was probably the wrong word to have used. I visited during a typhoon, and with it bought heavy rain to Oita. There were markets stalls selling various foods spread all along the side of the road. I found the main ceremony in full swing; around fifty people dressed in purple clothing carrying portable shrines. People banging drums and playing flutes. Spirit levels were quite high, in spite of the weather.

After following the procession for a good twenty minutes, I became soaking wet, which was of course, no fault of the festival. It was great to see that despite the weather, everyone was enjoying the festival and doing their best to put on a great performance. I would recommend visiting this festival on a clear day, to really get the most out of the atmosphere.

Admission: Free

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4. Mount Takasaki Monkey Land National Park

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The entrance to Mount Takasaki Monkey Land National Park is at the bottom of a mountain. The mountain is 628 meters high, and the monkeys are about halfway up. At the top of the stairs, there are wild monkeys wandering around all over the place. A sign says, “If you look into their eyes, they will perceive this as a threat and they will attack.” Not looking into their eyes is actually harder than you might think. At Monkey Park there are Japanese monkeys everywhere. Just over 1200 monkeys, to be almost exact. They will wander around by your feet in a park free from any cages.

If you are lucky enough to arrive just before feeding time, you will get to experience the monkeys screaming because they know this and want their food. Usually, a crate of food is brought out and the screams will get even more intense. From every direction monkeys will run toward the food. The member of staff carries a makeshift wheelbarrow carrying a crate of food, and runs away from all of the monkeys. They will chase after him, each jumping into the crate to grab food before jumping out again, satisfied. It is a spectacle absolutely worth seeing.

After collecting their lunch, the monkeys will try to find their own little private spots to enjoy their food. Perhaps even sitting down right next to your foot as they munch on miscellaneous vegetables, or devour their meal whilst swinging back and forth on a swing. 

Admission: ¥510

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5. Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago

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Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago is located across from the monkey park, so that these two attractions can easily be enjoyed on the same day. After paying to enter the amazing aquarium, your ticket and nice brochure will tell you that, “The friendly aquarium welcomes you!” Indeed, it really is a most welcoming experience.

Inside, the aquarium is massive. Animals living there include seals, otters, dolphins, penguins, sharks, sea lions, frogs, sea turtles, walruses, and various other fish. There are dolphins on show too, and stingrays that you can touch with your hand. A great place to go as a family, as there are plenty of hands-on activities to enjoy for children and familes alike.

Admission: ¥1950

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6. Kunisaki Peninsula

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One of my personal favourite sights in Oita is the east coast of the Kunisaki Peninsula, a huge footpath that stretches between Beppu and the city of Oita. The aquarium and monkey park are also along this route, so if the weather is nice, and you don't fancy taking public transport, it is a great route to take on your way to either of these attractions. It makes for a perfect cycling or running track, because it is one straight smooth path with no interlocking roads or intersections. I often cycled this route before sunset, admiring the waves of the ocean and the beautiful twilight sky.

Along the way, you can find a strange attraction in the shape of an old landlocked boat, converted into a play park. There are slides, tunnels, ladders, and a climbing frame. There is also a weird rope ladder that leads into the hull below.  A perfect place to bring the children, or a great place to relax on a romantic evening.

Admission: Free

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7. Onsen (Hot Springs)

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Beppu is a place famous for its many hot spring baths. Perhaps the most famous of those is Kannawa Onsen, but if you don't have the time to visit, then there are plenty of others to enjoy. Sand baths, outdoor bathing, and multiple different varieties of geothermal healing can be found here. Even Beppu Station boasts its very own (albeit small) Onsen, specifically for hands. Most hotels or hostels here also offer their own Onsen services, foot baths, and other varieties, so if you are looking for a good soak in suphuric water, you won't have to travel far.

Check how is an onsen in the following video.

Admission: Various

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