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    Popular Tours in Oita

    Hot Springs and A Natural Monkey Mountain Park

    6 hours

    Beppu is famous for its hot springs. One is a regular bath which we usually soak in and relax in and the other is what we call "jigoku" which is just for watching as tourists' spot. There are several types of "jigoku". A steamed, healthy dish by using the heat of hot springs is called "jigokumushi", and it is good for lunch. You also visit natural monkey mountain with many monkeys.

    FROM$277/ per group
    Yasuko S.

    Beppu Hell tour and steam bath

    6.5 hours

    Beppu is one of the most famous and popular onsen (hot spring) in Japan. Beppu onsen boasts the largest number of hot spring in Japan! In this tour we visit 3 hells called "Myoban hell" "Ocean hell" and "Bouzu hell". We have delicious pudding and tasty Udon for early lunch. Then I will take you to steam bath place, you will feel refresh after taking the bath. Our final destination is Bamboo crafts center, there you will try making a small bamboo craft for your souvenir of Beppu!

    FROM$259/ per group
    Hitomi T.
    (27) reviews

    Full day private tour in Hita!

    7 hours

    Let's travel into the past in Hita city. In this tour, I will take you to my two favorite places in Oita prefecture. We hire a taxi or a van and visit Hita city where you can enjoy walking in a small old town and then visit a small pottery village which has a history of more than 300 years. We will eat delicious Yakisoba(Hita's speciality fried noodle) or grilled eel over flavored rice.

    FROM$263/ per group
    Hitomi T.
    (27) reviews

    Kuju Yamanami Highway Tour in Oita

    8 hours

    A spectacular panoramic view of the mountains with an altitude of 1,300 meters is the best driving course in Kyushu.

    FROM$272/ per group
    Fumi K.
    (6) reviews

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