Winter - The Best Season to See Mt. Fuji

Do you know which is the best season to see Mt. Fuji?

The answer is "Winter" without any possibility of doubt!

The main reasons are:

1) There is a higher possibility of seeing Mt. Fuji in winter due to clean and cold air.

2) We can see beautiful snow capped Mt. Fuji.

Of course, it is very cold but almost all of the sightseeing facilities are open and in operation all year-round.  We can even go up to the 5th Station of Mt. Fuji (2,305m high) as long as Fuji Subaru Line (the toll road) is open.

There are also attractive places around Mt. Fuji such as Oshino Hakkai Springs, Iyashi no Sato Nenba, Shiraito no Taki Falls, etc.

If you have any chance to visit Japan in winter, why don't you go to Mt. Fuji?

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By Nobu


Mt. Fuji from Oishi Park, one of the best spots to see Mt. Fuji


Mt. Fuji from the 5th Station



Oshino Hakkai Springs  (There are 8 springs. Water comes from Mt. Fuji flowing under the ground.)


Iyashi no Sato Nenba (You can see restored Japanese traditional houses with thatched roofs)


Shiraito no Taki Falls




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Tours By Guide

Day Tour to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo by a Private Charter Car or Public Transportations

Mount Fuji
10 hours

A day tour to Mt. Fuji area by a private van (up to 8 people) / a private microbus (up to 18 people) or public transportation (expressway bus + local route bus). Expressway bus + local private chartered car is also available. Please note transportation fee is not included in the guide fee. You can fully enjoy Mt. Fuji, the Symbol of Japan and the World Heritage, by this day tour!

FROM$396/ per group

Customized Day Tour in Tokyo (Optionally with van and driver)

7 hours

Since there are too many places to visit in Tokyo, it is not possible to include all the spots in a one-day tour. I will make a customized day tour in Tokyo based on your requests. You can include 3 or 4 places that you would like to visit depending on your interests. A chartered van tour is available for a group up to 8 people.

FROM$302/ per group

Three-hour tour to Naritasan Temple, one of the biggest and the closest temples from Narita Airport

3 hours

If you have a half day free at Narita Airport, this excursion is just right for you! This is a 3-hour tour to Naritasan Temple, one of the most popular temples in Japan. We visit almost all of the main buildings in Naritasan including, Main Gate, Ni-o-mon Gate, Great Main Hall, Shaka-do Hall, Komyo-do Hall and Great Pagoda of Peace. We can also walk in beautiful Naritasan Park.

FROM$153/ per group

Excursion to Fukagawa, a typical of old downtown Tokyo

5 hours

Fukagawa is one of the typical old downtown areas in Tokyo. You may feel something of Japan's good old days during this excursion. We will visit Fukagawa Fodoudou (a temple), Tomioka Hachimangu (a shrine), Kiyosumi Gardens (a Japanese garden), and some other attarctive places. You can also enjoy a famous "Fukagawa meshi", a meal cooked with rice and clams if you wish.

FROM$198/ per group

World Heritage Hiraizumi, Genbikei Gorge & Geibikei Gorge - Possible to take a day trip from Tokyo

7 hours

This is a tour to visit 3 popular sightseeing places in Iwate. We will visit World Heritage Hiraizumi, Genbikei Gorge and Geibikei Gorge by a wagon taxi and train/bus. You can see the second most prosperous city in 12th century Japan. You will also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the two different types of gorges.

FROM$351/ per group

A small Japanese sake brewery & a cozy Japanese restaurant in Ibaraki

9.5 hours

One-day trip to a small Japanese sake brewery in Oarai Town, Ibaraki. You can take a mini tour in the brewery, taste and buy sake at the shop, and enjoy lunch with tasty sake in a cozy Japanese restaurant nearby. You will also enjoy a train trip to Ibaraki by a comfortable limited express and a cute local train.

FROM$376/ per group

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