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    Mount Fuji Nature & Outdoor Tours

    Explore Aokigahara brimming with natural beauty!

    Mount Fuji
    3 hours

    If you are a nature-lover, how about wandering around Aokigahara with a certified nature guide? Unique vegetation created by the eruption of Mt. Fuji is worth observing. A 3-hour hike in the serene atmosphere offers you a special experience. Fresh air, singing birds and greenery will make you feel relaxed.

    FROM$123/ per group
    Tomomi Y.
    5.00(39) reviews

    Feel Great Nature of Mt.Fuji & Mystical Forest Aokigahara

    Mount Fuji
    7 hours

    The Fuji Five Lakes and the Aokigahara Forest are fascinating natural wonders created by Mt.Fuji. They remain untouched nature sceneries. They are on the north side of the mountain, in Nation Park of Japan, and are only 2 hours away from Tokyo. It is the ideal place to purify mind and body in the tranquility of nature. We can also arrange other sight seeing spots including Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, Ashikawa Village, Ide Sake Brewery.. etc up to your requests.

    FROM$216/ per group
    Motoyuki H.
    4.93(14) reviews

    Walking in Aokigahara,the sea of trees, and exploring caves

    Mount Fuji
    2 hours

    You can enjoy the nature of beautiful forest at the foot of Mt Fuji.We also go into some of interesting caves in the forest. If you are used to hiking, I will take you to the small mountain where you can see the whole Mt Fuji.

    FROM$100/ per group
    Chinami N.
    4.97(31) reviews

    Mt.Fuji area, Nature walking in Mysterious/ Beautiful Aokigahara Sea of Trees and explore caves.

    Mount Fuji
    7 hours

    You will explore 3 types of caves, Saiko Bat Cave, Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and Narusawa Ice Cave and watch one more Ryugu Cave. You will also leave your steps in beautiful Sea of Tree known as Aokigahara Jukai. You will see how volcanic activities of Mt. Fuji affected the area. Take note that Saiko Bat Cave will be closed for the period of Dec. 1 - Mar. 20. Thank you for understanding.

    FROM$270/ per group
    Yuji K.
    4.95(37) reviews

    Hiking for the view of Mt Fuji and Aokigahara forest

    Mount Fuji
    3 hours

    Would you like to hike the mountain that has a good view of Mt Fuji? After walking the trail on the mountain, you see lake Saiko in Aokigahara forests, the sea of trees form the above. And you know the reason why it is called the sea of trees. I recommend the tour for nature lovers and people like hiking.

    FROM$154/ per group
    Chinami N.
    4.97(31) reviews