Customized Private Tour in Nara

Kenji M.

4.71(62) reviews
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 7 people

This is customized private tour in Nara which guests can create easily by selecting any spots from a list of popular tourist destinations.

The list consists of 8 tourist destinations (S01-S08) that are very popular especially among foreign tourists.

After the guest's selection the guide will arrange best itinerary with tour cost and feedback proper offer to the guest for formal booking.


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Meeting Point

guide fee, hotel pick-up in Kyoto city or Osaka city

S01. Kasuga Taisha Shrine

S02. Todaiji Temple

S03. Nara Park

S04. Yoshikien Garden

S05. Kofukuji Temple/National Treasure House

S06. Nara Town Walk

S07. Dajoin Garden

S08. Isuien Garden

Ending Point

Transportation cost for you and guide.

What to Expect

Guests can expect easy customization (S01 - S08) of their private tour in Nara so as to meet their needs.

One-day tour either from Osaka or from Kyoto (about 50 mins/one way) is available in which I can pick you up at your hotel in those cities.

After guest's selection and needs the guide can arrange best itineray of the tour and feedback it to the guest with proper tour cost and time.

------ Overview of each spot -------

S01. Kasuga Taisha Shrine

It is Nara's most celebrated and important shrine established in 8th century and famous for many stone lantans along approach

and bronze hanging lanterns in inner buildings. [World Heritage Site]

S02. Todaiji Temple

It is huge temple-complex and the must-see spot for the 15m tall gilt bronze Daibutsu (Great Buddha) is housed in the largest wooden structure in the world

and Japan's largest national treasure [World Heritage Site] (Admission: 600yen/adult)

S03. Nara Park

It is vast green area where 1200 wild deer roam around which are protected as divine messengers which tourists can enjoy feeding with designated cracker.

S04. Yoshikien Garden

Yoshikien has three unique gardens: a pond garden, a moss garden and a tea ceremony garden.

Visitors can enjoy appriciating those three different variations in one spot. And free of charge for foreign tourists !

S05. Kofukuji Temple/National Treasure House

It is a large temple complex of historical Buddhist buildings including symbolic five-story pagoda.

A lot of national and cultural treasures are exhibited at its museum [World Heritage Site]

S06. Nara Town Walk

We can enjoy strolling around narrow streets that makes up the merchant quarter of the city

where many of the traditional buildings preserved as nice restaurants, cafes, handyicraft shops,museums etc similar to those in Kyoto.

[ Available contents ]

* Stroll around local streets lined with many shops and restaurants some of those in traditional town house.

* Drop in nice shops along alleys featuring in very unique handmade products you cannot find in other places

* Inner tour of traditional merchant town house where you can learn how town people lived and ran business in old days.

* Visiting local shrines and temples including Gangoji Temple [World Heritage Site]

* Tasting various kinds of Japanese sake (wine) in sake brewer with explanation and cup present (500yen)

S07. Dajoin Garden

This garden is a tranquil garden centered around a lake in Nara which was designed in the Pure Land style type of Japanese garden,

especially good for cherry-blossom viewing in spring and autumn leave viewing. (Admission: 200yen/adult)

S08. Isuien Garden

It has two very beautiful gardens in "strolling-around-the-pond" style built in two different periods which allow visitors enjoy various scenerys

while walking around (Admission: 900yen/adult [pottery collection exhibit included])

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee, hotel pick-up in Kyoto city or Osaka city

What‘s not included

Transportation cost for you and guide.

Entrance fee for each facility (as the guide will be free of charge at many spots).

Lunch,dinner for you and guide.

Important Information

I can customize any private tour if you give me the information of your request in advance.

The hourly rate of guide is 4,000yen and possible tour time is ranging from 7 to 9 hours, the guide fee from 28,000 to 36,000 respectively (up to 7 guests)

based on the guest's needs.

The tour making process goes as follows.

Step 1. A guests select some spots from the recommended list that he or she want to visit and date of the tour.

(and if possible guest's hotel location) and inform them to the guide.

Step 2. The guide estimates tour time to be taken and offer formal guide fee based on the tour time required to the guest by modifying the original tour.

If there is any excessive selection over 9 hours, the guide suggests the guest proper modification.

Step 3. With the latest offer from the guide, the guest will book the tour formally after checking the tour contents.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting time



Lisa B.

Dec 1, 2019

Lovely guide and very helpful!

Thank you so much Kenji for travelling with our group to Kibune and the beautiful temples in northern Kyoto! Thanks for your patience while we took so many photos :)

Kenji M.

Dear Lisa, Thank you for your wonderful review of the customized private tour. I'm very glad that you could enjoy the tour while taking so many nice photos. I could not understand your technical terms of photography but enjoyed myself watching your skills and teaching of beautiful photography . Best regards Kenji


Ziad H.

Nov 27, 2019

Mixed results

We used the services of Mr. Kenji for 5 days, and before that I had been in correspondence with him fir many months to plan those days. My experience during the planning phase is that he was very helpful and responsive, and was able to provide a lot of valuable information and options that made the planning experience much easier. On the other hand, during our actual visit there were several mistakes that significantly impacted the quality of our trip during those 5 days and in fact made them the worst in our 2 week trip to Japan: a museum that was scheduled on the day of its weekly closing; our evening with the geishas where we did not get the exact agreement we had; a full day that turned out to be a total disaster due to very bad scheduling (missed the most important shrine; missed the ninja performance; had lunch at an incredibly expensive restaurant while we had a much better meal of better quality and cheaper in Osaka in addition to not being warned beforehand that we can only pay in cash which we had to scramble to get; etc etc..) This definitely gave me the impression that some attention to details and proper planning would have radically improved our experience. So in summary, it was an mixed outcome that could have been much better.

Kenji M.

Dear Ziad, I'm very sorry for some incovenience suffering you during our tours. They are mixed with some causes. Scheduling at weekly closing of the museum was my mistake. As to dinner with gaisha girl performance we booked it correctly through our restaurant but we found it was gaisha agent's fault. We could manage to ask them additional performance through negotiation. Regarding long distance tour to ninja museum and Ise shrine etc traffic jam and inexperienced driver's routing caused delay of our itinerary resulting in missing of ninja show and shorter shrine visit. I might had better to have asked you to start our tour earlier to avoid possible traffic jam. I should have explained the comparison of Matsusaka beef in Osaka and Mie if you don't insist eating it in Mie to avoid misconception. I will improve my guiding with detailed confirmation about key items,adding more extra time for long distance tour and preparation for alternative options in case of prospective trouble to minimize its risk. Best regards, Kenji


Barbara D.

Nov 7, 2019

9 hours to see Kyoto

Kenji was knowledgeable, efficient, and flexible while showing us his home town of Kyoto. He expertly guided us through the Osaka subway and train stations, saving us valuable time we would have spent trying to read signs and figure out our route. He recommended okonomiyaki for lunch at a small restaurant in or near the Gion district and it was delicious!

Kenji M.

Dear Barbara-san, Thank you for your excellent review of my tour. I'm very glad that you liked my home town Kyoto and my recommeded lunch. With the limited day-trip time from Osaka I managed to guide you several major tourists spots but Kyoto has plenty of sites worth visiting and facinating attractions. So I do recommed you to stay at least several days in Kyoto next time to enjoy more. Please contact me anytime if you need me in future. Best regards, Kenji


Lynn K.

Nov 3, 2019

A day in Osaka

Kenji was knowledgeable and pleasant throughout. He made a great effort to accommodate our needs. One of our group had dietary requirements and he sought out a restaurant that met those needs.

Kenji M.

Dear Lynn-san, Thank you for your wonderful review of my tour. I'm very glad that you could enjoyed my guiding in Osaka. I look forward to your next chance to visit Japan in near future. Best regards, Kenji

$347/ per group