Mt. Koya, Kumano and Kumano Kodo Three Days

Day Trip

Hiroyuki T.

5.00(4) reviews
3 days
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 10 people

Mt. Koya is a sacred site for Buddhism which was founded in India and brought to Japan in the 6th Century. Kumano is a sacred site for Shintoism which is rooted in the nature worship in Japan. And Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes connect these sacred sites. In this tour, we will visit Mt. Koya(Danjo Garan, Honzan, Okuno-in) and Kumano (Hongu, Hayatama and Nachi Grand Shrines, Nachisan Seigantoji Temple and Nachi Waterfalls), and we will walk on Kumano Kodo Daimon-zaka Pilgrimage Route.


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Meeting Point

At your hotel in Osaka or Wakayama


Hotel Pick-up

10:00am Nankai Namba station - 12:00 Mt. Koya Shukubo check in

12:30pm Danjo Garan Temple Complex

1:30pm Lunch

2:30pm Honzan Headquaters Kongobuji Temple

4:00pm Inner Sanctuary Okuno-in

5:00pm Your shukubo


Early morning Take part in the fire service and/or morning ritual at your Shukubo.

9:45am - 2:22pm Trip from Mt Koya to Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine

2:30p Kumano Hongu Grand Shine and its fomer site Oyunohara

3:20pm - 4:12pm Trip from Kumano Hongu to Kumano Shingu


Early Morning Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine and/or Kamikura Shrine

9:25 JR Shingu Station - 9:47 JR Kii Katsuura Station

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage; Daimonzaka – Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine

Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine

Seigan-toji Temple


Nachi Waterfalls

3:24pm JR Kii Katsuura Station - 7:02pm JR Tennoji Station (Osaka)

Ending Point

At your hotel in Osaka or JR Stations

What to Expect

On the first day, I will meet you at your hotel in Downtown Osaka or Wakayama around 9: 00am.Then, we will move to Koyasan by train. We will visit Danjo Garan Temple Complex where Kukai, the founder of Koyasan tried to express the world of Mandala by arranging temples and halls on the ground, Kongobuji Honzan which is the headquarters of the 3,000 Shingo Buddhism temples around the world and Okuno-in Inner Sanctuary where Kukai continue meditating surrounded by 400,000 grave stones. Feel sacredness and holiness of Koyasan.

You will stay in Shukubo Temple. Koyasan vegetarian food will be served for dinner at Shukubo Temples.

On the morning of the second day, you will take part in a Buddhism fire service and/or ritual at your shukubo. After Koyasan vegetarian breakfast, we will move to Kumano by bus.

After arriving at Kumano Hongu, will visit Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine and its former site Oyunohara. Then, we will move to Kumano Shingu. We will stay overnight in Shingu on this day.

On the third day, we visit Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine and/or Kamikura Shrine before moving to Kumano Nachi. Please be noted that we will walk on 538 irregular stone-step stairs to Kamikura Shrine. After arriving at Kumano Nachi, we will walk on the Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka.The Daimon-zaka is a short (600m long and 267 steps) but scenic cobblestone staircase that runs from the valley bottom, to the Nachisan Shrine-Temple complex. 

And we will walk on another 467 steps approach to Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and Nachisan Seigantoji Temple. Then, we will visit Nachi Waterfalls. The Waterfalls itself is a manifestation of a Shintoism deity.

We will take a train to Osaka, we will be back in Osaka around 8:00pm

Kumano is located in Wakayama Prefecture, I used to work for Wakayama Prefectural Government as director of Cultural Heritage Management Division, and I was in charge of the Kumano World Heritage Project.

I have a lot of knowledge and information on Kumano. I know why and how Kumano had become so sacred and why Kumano and pilgrimage to Kumano have been so popular. You can learn a lot about Kumano on the spot.

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What‘s included

guide fee

hotel pick up

What‘s not included


Transportation fee (you and guide) approx Osaka JPY 18,000 Wakayama JPY16,000 per person

Accommodation (you and guide)

Lunch, dinner (you and guide),

Entrance fee (you and guide) approx JPY1,000 per person

Important Information

Only available April 1 - November 30 Ask for availability BEFORE booking

Tours are NOT covered by insurance. Make sure to be covered by your own insurance.

Transportation fare, entrance fees,lunch, dinner and accomodations (YOU and GUIDE) are NOT included in the guide fee.(shukubo temples are available in Koyasan and hotels are available at reasonable price in Shingu, ask for details)

Direct payment will be occurred in CASH on the spot on the day of the tour.

Transportation fare approx Osaka JPY18,000 Wakayama JPY16000 per person

ONLY available April 1- November 30

Ask for availability BEFORE booking

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting time



Joanne P.

Mar 2, 2020

Cultural enlightenment

Our group of 3 had a fascinating day with Hiroyuki walking the shrines,temples and waterfall of Nachi. The relationship of Buddhism and Shintoism became much clearer to us. He was an expert in explaining the history and significance of the Kudo Kumano Pilgrimage. Additionally he picked a great restaurant for lunch and was very helpful in getting us settled at our hotel. I highly recommend him

Hiroyuki T.

First of all, thank you very much for coming to Japan in this kind of situation. I sincerely hope that you had enjoyed not only Kumano but also other places in Japan. It was my pleasure to explain about Shintoism and Buddhism Unite Theory in Kumano. Even in Japan, many of us do not know whether we are Shintoists or Buddhists. And thank you very much for writing such a kind review in the middle of your tour. I appreciate it very much. Say hello to Chris-san and Thomas-san. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Hiroyuki


Daniel nicholas D.

Jan 22, 2020

An Enriching Experience

I greatly enjoyed my trip to Koya-san with Hiroyuki-san. He is a fine and learned gentleman. He was happy to share his wisdom on esoteric Buddhism, it's concept of 'universe,' and the history of Koya-san, which added context and enhanced the experience. He was also happy to listen about the culture and practices of my country, making the experience mutually enriching. Koya-san is a mystical place. Hiroyuki-san made me appreciate its sacredness the moment we entered Daimon Gate, which is the starting point. Walking alongside Hiroyuki-san through its quiet streets, amidst light snowfall, visiting its snow-capped shrines and temples, and having warm tea and conversation with him, are memories I will treasure. As we left Koya-san and reentered the world below, I felt that I became a slightly better human being. Thank you, Hiroyuki-san, for this experience.

Hiroyuki T.

Daniel-san, Thank you very much for everything during the tour. I am very glad that you liked Koyasan very much. I myself enjoyed the tour and conversations with you. I learned a lot about Philippines and Philippine culture from you. As I am interested in culture and food, I googled cultural heritages and food in Philippine after going home. I found that they are very attractive. Especially, historic city of Vigan and sweets such as buko pie, ensaimada and halo halo attract me a lot. Thank you very much for such a great review. Your review encourages me a lot. Please keep in touch, I look forward to seeing you again. Arigato, Matane!


Taylor U.

Jan 14, 2020

1 Day Koyasan - Private Tour

Hiroyuki was the absolute best, we are so grateful and happy that we booked him as our tour guide during our stay in Koyasan. Having just one day, we wanted to make sure that we saw the most important sites. He gave us such a thorough and full-circle tour of Koyasan. Before spending the day with Hiroyuki, I did not know much about Buddhism. And if I hadn’t had my tour with Hiroyuki, I would just be wandering around the beautiful sites that Koyasan has to offer, all without the beautiful meaning behind it all. He gave context and history to everything we were seeing.. Hiroyuki’s English is amazing, to say the least.. he is also so knowledgeable with Buddhism and the history of Koyasan, even down to the dates! He was very timely and made sure that we spent the right amount of time at all of the sites so that we could see the most, but at a relaxed pace. After the tour ended, he left us with an amazing packet of information that we have brought back to New York to remember this beautiful day in Koyasan. It was such a special experience to gain a friend in Hiroyuki, we will definitely be calling him for a tour in Koyasan or any of the areas where he has expertise. He was even so kind to send us amazing photos of us exploring. We absolutely cannot thank him enough...

Hiroyuki T.

Taylor san, How are you two doing? Thank you very much for posting such a great review and everything during the tour. I also enjoyed a lot in Koyasan. Arigatou gozaimashita. By the way, I have a friend who works at Kumamoto government. If you are interested in finding your relatives in Kumamoto,let me know. There might be something I can do for you for free. Thank you very much once again, I look forward to seeing you again. Matane! Hiroyuki


Claudio W.

Dec 21, 2019

Knowledgeable, conscientious, very nice gentleman!

He crafted an itinerary specific to our desires, kept us on time, was very knowledgeable due to his foreign relations background, simply an elegant, educated, and kind man. I would very highly recommend him, and I’m planning on engaging his services again when we go on a longer trip to Osaka and Kyoto.

Hiroyuki T.

Claudio san, I was very lucky to have met such a nice couple like you as the first customer on TripleLights. And thank you very much for posting the great review and for everything during the tour. I showed you just a very small part of Osaka. There are a lot more to see in Osaka, Kyoto, Koyasan and Kumano. How about macha parfait in Kyoto next time? Please say hello to your family for me. Thank you very much once again. Looking forward to seeing you two again.

$615/ per group

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