Exciting Experience Tour in Shinjo (EETS)

Kuniaki S.

4.50(2) reviews
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 4 people

You can experience three exciting things in this tour. First, you can see Shinjo Festival float ( Intangible World Cultural Heritage), and play the "hayashi" music at the museum, wearing a "happy" coat. Second, you can enjoy a thrilling boatride down the Mogami River, like Matsuo Basho, a haiku poem master from about 400 years ago. Third, you can hike in "Genso-no-mori", Fantasy Forest.


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Meeting Point

At Shinjo Station

Shinjo Matsuri Festival (UNESCO Intangible World Cultural Heritage)

Thrilling Boatride Down the Mogami River

Exciting Hike around Genso-no-mori (Fantasy Forest)

Ending Point

At Shinjo Station

What to Expect

Shinjo Festival is registered as a UNESCO Intangible World Cultural Heritage along with Japan’s 32 festivals featuring floats. If you are interested in float festivals, this is a must-see in Japan.You can not only observe the spectacular floats, but also experience the atmosphere of the festival, wearing a ”happy” coat and performing the ” hayashi” music. In fact the festival is held from August 24th to 26th every year. This tour takes you to the spots and facilities related to it.

Also you can enjoy an exciting boatride down the swift Mogami River (the 8th longest in Japan, about 230 kms) , which runs through Yamagata-ken only. Matsuo Basho, haiku (17-syllabled peom) master took the same trip about 400 years ago and wrote a world-famous haiku, which read: Flowing so swiftly, Gathering early summer rains; the Mogami River. Why not try making your own haiku on a boat?

Lastly, definitely you 'd like to visit "Genso-no-mori", which literally means " Fantasy Forest". We can see and hike around a lot of one-thoudand-year-old funny-shaped cedar trees. The strange curves are said to have been caused by an annual heavy snowfall, which is usually more than 3-to-4-meter deep.

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transportation fee (you and guide) : Chartered Small Taxi ¥6,600 , Chartered Jumbo Taxi ¥8,800 (per hour), About ¥3,000 ( per person In case of using public transportation : JR train and bus), Boatride ¥ 2500 (per person), Lunch ¥1000, Dinner ¥2000 (If necessary), Museum Admission Fee ¥300 (per person)

Important Information

I'm available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday through Saturday. Transportation fee and lunch of you and a guide will be paid by the customer. If you book me before making inquiries, please note that you may be requested to pay extra guide fee for hotel pickup (about 3,000 yen) depending on the location. So, please ask me first.

The itinerary is very flexible. I can adjust the schedule to your liking. So, please let me know your preference in advance.

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Spencer S.

May 9, 2019

Very Nice Person

Shimizu-San is a very nice person and we enjoyed his company. The first day to Yamadera was lots of fun but we could have done without the Basho museum. The second day was less interesting. Though the old Prefecture building was OK, it was not worth the time. Yamagata Castle was a bit of a bust. Lunch, however, at Gura was very good.

Kuniaki S.

Thanks a lot for writing a review for me. I was very happy to have an opportunity to show you around Yamadera mountain complex and Kajo Koen Park. It was a pity, however, that we could not climb up to the top of Mt. Zao on the second day as originally scheduled becase of the weather and the cable car check-up. Maybe next time! I personally enjoyed your sophisticated talks and jokes all through the tour. You are definitely one of the best couples I've ever met in my whole life. Thanks again for choosing me as your personal guide for two days. Next time why not visit Mt. Zao and the Shinjo-Mogami region for another exciting tour? I'm very much looking forward to it. I do hope you'll enjoy the rest of your tour in Japan. See you again. Bon voyage!


Richard S.

Jul 28, 2018

Sakata full day tour

We had a very good time with Kuniaki visiting Sakata while our ship had a stop there. When we arrived Kuniaki was waiting for us at the agreed meeting point. His English was excellent. Since we had limited time to visit, we were happy to have a very well organized guide with us. The tour was well managed and we got to see what was in our program for the day. We enjoyed every place we visited. The monk sanctuary is not a place to be missed. Kuniaki is very knowledgeable and a pleasing person to be around. Without hesitation we would recommend Kuniaki as a guide.

Kuniaki S.

Thanks a lot for your tour review. It is a very good reminiscence for me, too. I'm happy that you had the time of your life visiting the Five-Story Pagoda, Mt. Haguro, Rice Storehouses, Maiko Teahouse, and Kaiko-ji Temple, which houses two living Buddhas (you mentioned above). Your family is always very punctual and considerate to others. I've never met such an amiable family in my whole life. Have fun with the rest of your trip in Japan . See you around. Bon Voyage! Thank you so much.

$294/ per group