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    Popular Tours in Okayama

    SETOUCHI, full day excursion to a small island in the Seto Inland Sea [All Season]

    10 hours

    There are 727 islands in the Seto Inland Sea, out of them 87 islands belong to Okayama pref. and 112 belong to Kagawa pref. Responding to your special interests (contemporary art, cats, cycling, mountain trekking, flower watching, fishing village,etc...), also considering the season, I recommend one island for you to visit and make a plan for a day. We discuss the details via email in advance.

    FROM$278/ per person
    Mayumi A.
    (4) reviews

    Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Day Tour

    10 hours

    This day trip takes you to one of the 12 remaining Historical Castles of Japan. Though there are over 250 places there were Castles and still over 100 foundations remain and some Castles have been renovated and rebuilt, these 12 are historical, Bitchu Matsuyama is one of them. Let me take you there. All tours leave from Shin Osaka Station (Kyoto for a separate small fee).

    FROM$409/ per group
    Richard 'hawk' H.
    (136) reviews

    Okayama Korakuen Garden & Kurashiki Historic Quarter ( inc. Ohara Museum of Art)

    6 hours

    Okayama prefecture is known as the land of fair weather ‘hare no kuni’, due to its moderate temperature and low rainfall. The main attractions of Oka...

    FROM$218/ per group
    Chizuru M.
    (59) reviews

    Okayama and Kurashiki

    8 hours

    A day tour including visit a to Okayama castle (where you might like to try your hand at making a ceramic or put on a kimono) and the elegant Korakuen gardens followed by a visit to Kurashiki and the old preserved quarter there. There is an option for a lovely cycling experience across the Kibi plain along riversides, past temples and shrines.

    FROM$296/ per group
    Hugh C.
    (42) reviews

    Day Trips from Okayama