Bamboo craftsman in Sado Island

Mr. Akio Kazuma, only a few bamboo craftsman living in Sado Island.

He showcases and sells his bamboo works once a year in mid-October.

First, bamboo vase with beautiful flowers. This is "Toki's  nest".  Toki is an internationally protected bird and there is a conservation facility in Sado Island.  Also about 200 of them are now in the wild.

 Second, simple and elegant bamboo lamp shade.  If  you have this in your room, it adds Japanese feel in there.

 Bamboo bags!

Do you like brand-name  bags like Prada or Coach?

These are rare bamboo bags even in Japan.  Sado Island produces good  quality bamboo but because of mass production, bamboo was taken over by other materials.  These bags were woven by Kazuma-san one by one.

 This is his workshop in Ogi, Sado Island.  He has been working here for decades surrounded by bamboo strings and tools.

 Small articles and accessories!

"Susudake" or smoked and sooted bamboo, which is really rare and hard to get nowadays because this kind of bamboo was produced only in a thatched house with "irori" or Japanese hearth, was also used as materials.

 Many products are displayed.

 "Nami-ajiro" or wave-like weaving style was applied to this bag.

You can see how meticulous and beautiful the pattern is.  Bravo, Kazuma-san!

FYI, I bought a susudake pendant and a bracelet! 

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