Lake Ashi and Narukawa museum

Lake Ashi is located at 800m above sea level in the middle of Hakone caldera. 

I took this photo from Narukawa museum on a typical winter day in Hakone.   In winter, the wind from northwest with water vapor  collected from Japan Sea hits the mountains on main island, or Honshu, and precipitates as snow.  As the result, the north wind in winter is dry in the areas, such as Tokyo, facing Pacific Ocean.  In summer, instead, the south wind from Pacific Ocean brings lots of moisture from the sea makes the summer in Tokyo sometimes very hot and humid.  High humidity air makes the visibility low.  This is why you have a better chance to see Mt. Fuji in winter. 


Narukawa museum is famous for its collection of Japanese paintings.  Using natural color rocks and plant born solvent, the artists create astonishingly vivid color world on their campuses.  When I visit the museum, I always admire the view of  magnificent Mt. Fuji,  Lake Ashi, and the red Torii gate of Hakone Jinja Shrine standing on the water.    There is a nice cafe looking for Mt. Fuji in Narukawa museum.   They serve Japanese tea and sweets, coffee and red tea, ect. to make you warm on the tour in winter.  A good rest after a long walk and Lake Ashi cruise.

Narukawa museum is located on the hill just across the street from Moto-Hakone harbor.  There are 3 outdoor escalators that bring you to the entrance of the museum.  


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