"Mochi" is made of rice? Not this one!

This is "Imo mochi" or mochi made of sweet potatos in Sado Island.

 Local grandmas make this "mochi" during this time of year for locals and as souvenirs for tourists.

First they peel , cut and measure potatos. 

 Then steam them.  You can see piping hot steamed potatos taken out of the machine.

They simply look delicious and mouth-watering, but you can't eat them now!

Put into another machine and...

 Steamed potatos, flour and sugar are mixed well in this machine and the batch is spread in square molds.

 Next step is...

They are sliced into small sqaure pieces and dried for a few days.

And finally, these pieces are vacuum-packed and ready to be sold! ( seen in the very first photo )

 Would you like to have some?

We usually toast them for a few minutes until they become golden or microwave them.

Imo mochi goes well with green tea, black tea or coffee!   You can enjoy Sado grandma's taste.

In history... 

Actually, sweet potatos were eaten in Ogi area in Sado Island as supplement of rice.

Now they are eaten as one of nostalgic tastes of the island.  We tend to buy mass-produced foods for souvenirs but I recommend to find

something really local like this Imo mochi.  You can buy Imo mochi at souvenir shops or local supermarkets in Sado Island.

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