Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman

by Fujiko - Japan Licensed Guide
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He is a rower and a craftsman building "たらい舟” tub boats in Sado.

 He is Keiji Kaneko, one of the few craftsmen left in Sado Island building taraibune tub boats.

Until recently he had another job but he has been building the boats for about a decade.

Now becoming as a skillful  taraibune builder, he would like to expand his horizon with his taraibune.

Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman

Kaneko-san has to check if seawater leaks in.

His companion is Asty, a pedigree dog.  Isn't he cute??

Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman

 Kaneko-san striped bamboo to braid hoops.

Sado produces excellent bamboo and it has been used in many ways.


 This is his workshop in Ogi.

 The hoops are green and it means these taraibune were newly built.

Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman

 There are miniaturized taraibune and you can buy them.

It might be cool to use them as containers for fruits, flowers etc.. 

Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman


Starting a new business in Shukunegi.

His dream is becoming a reality. 

From Apr.23, tourists visiting Shukunegi have one more option.

You can enjoy riding taraibune with Kaneko-san, a rower and a taraibune builder.

Taraibune(tub boat) ride in Shukunegi, Sado Island with a craftsman Before the official operation, tourists had a chance to enjoy a maiden voyage.

In Sado, there are two more places you can ride on taraibune, Ogi port and Yajima-Kyojima for both individuals and groups

but Shukunegi is for small groups.  .

Taraibune was first built about 200 years ago for fishing seashells or seaweed along rugged shorelines in Ogi peninsula 

and local people still use them for fishing.

 There are several courses to enjoy taraibune riding, ranging from 12 min. 800 yen/person to 35min. 2000yen/p.

I recommend you to enjoy sunset cruise by taraibune (when the weather permits!), from 5p.m. to 6p.m. 1000 yen/p.

Von voyage!!


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Licensed Guide
(27) Reviews

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