Tub boat craftsman always on the row in Sado Island!

Kaneko-san,  he is always on the run?, no, on the row!

In Shukunegi, Kaneko-san, the tub boat craftsman, offers three courses of tub boat riding, 15 min., 25 min. and 35 min.

But he's plotting something new...??  Yes!

I was the luckey one to be his companion and time-keeper for his new cruising course.  We left Shukunegi at 11:40.

What is this rock formation??

It is the results of submarine volcanic activities occured billions of years ago in Sado.  The whole inland has been uplifted ( until now! ) by earthquakes and volcanic  and tectonic activites. Once a part of seabed has been uplifted and eroded by strong waves and winds. This area is selected as a part of Sado geo-site and you can enjoy Mars-like scenery from land and sea( by tub boat ).

Wisteria flowers are almost in full bloom along the calm inlet located next to Shukunegi inlet.  11:55.

"Kamenote" or "turtle hands" decolate blackish lava formations like chrysanthemum.  Actually they are the crustacean family.  12:05.

The most southern part of Sado Island, Niiyazaki cape.

Now we are rowing through that narrow passage toward open sea!!  Exciting?  Definitely!?  Well, I can't swim actually...But, I trust Kaneko-san completely and I wore a life-jacket just in case!!

There are two of us on a tiny tub boat enjoying salty sea breeze on a beautiful spring day!  12:15.

Actually, he was planning 1.5 to 2 hours cruise along the coast of Ogi peninsula but because of the headwind, we decided to cruise back to Shukunegi earlier.

Arrived at Shukunegi at 12:30.   It was another wonderful and exciting cruise for me and definitely deserves a "special course"!

I highly recommend you to enjoy this course only when the weather, wind, wave and stamina of Kaneko-san permit!


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