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    Himeji Castle & Spiritual Mt. Shoshazan 1-Day Private Tour

    8 hours

    We'll visit three places, rich in Japan's history and culture. Firstly, Himeji Castle designated as Japan's first World Heritage Site in 1993, and ranked 7th as a place to visit in 2019 by NY Times. And Kokoen Japanese Style Garden nearby. Finally, Engyoji Temple, ranked 20th by TripAdviser in 2019 as Japan's representative spiritual heartland. Himeji is one hour away by the Shinkansen from Kyoto.

    FROM$292/ per group
    Shogo K.
    (26) reviews

    Himeji Castle, The Set of The Last Samurai or Engyoji Temple

    9.5 hours

    First, I would like to introduce you to the most famous castle in Japan. In 1993, Himeji Castle was designated as the first World Cultural Heritage...

    FROM$288/ per group
    Hideo Y.
    (112) reviews

    Exploring Magnificent Himeji Castle with Unspoiled Sanctuary and the World's Longest Bridge

    8 hours

    Guests can combine any of the following tourist destinations depending on their needs and tour time. 1) Himeji Castlea (magnificent fortress ) 2) Engyo-ji temple (a unspoiled Buddhist sanctuary) 3) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (the world's longest suspension bridge) 4) Japanese garden Kokoen (various type of Japanese gardens)

    FROM$350/ per group
    Kenji M.
    (62) reviews

    One day tour of Himeji castle and Kobe Rokko mountain

    9 hours

    Himeji castle is located in Himeji city registered as World cultural Heritage at the first time in Japan. You will be overwhelmed by the elegant figure of the castle. Rokko mountain lie with stretching from south-east to north-west of Kobe by around 30km. This Rokko mountain is famous for the landmark of Kobe and famous for the spot of night view and there are lots of observation areas.

    FROM$334/ per group
    Kashima H.
    (53) reviews

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