Machu Picchu of the East: The Ruins of Takeda Castle

Day Trip

Hideo Y.

4.43(117) reviews
English, Japanese (Native)
10 hours 30 min
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 30 people

The ruins of Takeda Castle is called the "Castle in the Sky" of "Machu Picchu of the East." They are truly appropriate names because the image of it floating above a sea of clouds, and gleaming in the light of the early morning sun in autumn is extremely beautiful. It's beyond description. The "Castle in the Sky" can be seen from Ritsuun-Kyo on the opposite side of the ruins of the Castle.

If you're lucky, you may see the castle floating in a sea of clouds from Ritsuun-Kyo in autumn.

Meeting Point

at your hotel either in Osaka or in Kobe

08:10 AM

Osaka Station

Let's take a JR train for Takeda station.

11:20 AM

Takeda Station.

We arrive at Takeda Station.

We use bus and walk up to the Takeda Castle remains.

12:20 PM

Takeda Castle

We enjoy walking on the castle remains for about an hour.

Then we walk down to the Takeda Station and we use taxi.

02:00 PM


We take a taxi to Ritsuun-kyo.

From there we can see Takeda Castle remains.

03:00 PM

Information center : Castle In The Sky

We see the a lot of o\photos and culture in the center.

04:00 PM

Takeda station

We take JR train for Osaka.

06:40 PM

Osaka station

We arrive at Osaka Station.

Ending Point

at your hotel either in Osaka or in Kobe

What to Expect

The ruins of Takeda Castle is called the "Castle in the Sky" of "Machu Picchu of the East." They are truly appropriate names because the image of it floating above a sea of clouds, and gleaming in the light of the early morning sun in autumn is extremely beautiful. It's beyond description. The "Castle in the Sky" can be seen from Ritsuun-Kyo on the opposite side of the ruins of the Castle.

The ruins of Takeda Castle changes in appearance with the season: cherry blossoms in the spring, fresh green in the summer, a sea of clouds in autumn, and snowy scenery in the winter.

As it stretches 400 meters from north to south, 100 meters from east to west, Takeda Castle is listed among the 100 Fine Castles in Japan. Takeda Castle is said to have been completed in 1441 and was built at a height of 354 meters, by Shozen Yamada. By 1580, the Castle all but fell down and only the stone walls remained.

If you're lucky, you may see the castle floating in a sea of clouds from Ritsuun-Kyo in autumn.

It takes almost five hours for a round trip from either Kyoto or Osaka, but it's worth seeing it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the 40-minute hiking and the nature in the cool autumn breeze.

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What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

My transportation fee is 4,600yen.

Your transportation fee (JR train + bus + entrance fee ) is 10,500 JPY per person, a taxi (4 people including me) is about 4,000 JPY per one taxi)

Important Information

I guide you Sapporo, Furano, Otaru, Hakodate in Hokkaido / Aomori in Hokuriku / Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima in Kyushu / Kochi, Matsuyama in Shikoku / Tottori, Shimane, Kanazawa, Sakaiminato in Japan Sea side. Please get in touch with me!!

Thank you.

I have to tell you one thing. The scene of "the image of floating above a sea of clouds" is a natural phenomenon. Whether we can see the scene depends on the weather.

Therefore I can't assure you that if we see a sea of clouds by all means.

The guide fee doesn't include our transportation fee.

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Mimi C.

Dec 29, 2022

Christmas trip

Thank you Hideo-san for a fun city and Naoshima Island tour. Even though the commute was long, it was smooth and easy, thanks to your extremely well-organized

Hideo Y.

I'm very happy to receive your good review. I'm sure you enjoyed the tour of Japan, especially you saw unique outdoor works in Modern Art Island Naoshima. I wish you and all your family good health and happiness. Thank you!


Bin bin tan .

Dec 13, 2022

Lacking explanations

I had booked this for some clients of mine. Communication is punctual but clients commented that not much explanation was given on the sights.

Hideo Y.

I awfully sorry to say I didn't have so much explanation, but this tour was mainly sightseeing of 10 million-dollar night view of Kobe, so I hope your guests felt naturally beautiful landscape and took a lot of pictures and videos, so I didn't think I had so much explanation. Thank you for joining my tour. Best wishes to you and your guests.


Alfonso S.

Oct 19, 2022

Good day in Kobe

We finalize our tour in Japan visiting Kobe with Mr. Hideo, who was very knowledgeable about that destination since he lived there for many years. Thanks for showing up the top spots and helping us finding after the tour the Pokémon toys for our grandchildren. Arigato Gosaimas.

Hideo Y.

Hello Alfonso I'm very happy to receive your message. I'm sure you enjoyed Kitano Ijinkan including Weather cock house, and sake tasting. I hope you come back to Japan again. Thank you, very much.


Kyle S.

Oct 18, 2022

Kyoto and Nara with HIDEYOSHI

HIDEYOSHI is highly organized and timely. On the first day that we met him, he provided us with a daily time table of the planned itinerary as well as the expected transportation / food / admission costs. This was useful to get an idea of how much cash to have on hand each day. His English is quite good and he gave us valuable historical background on many Kyoto and Nara sites that we visited, which made us appreciate everything with a different perspective. We visited most of the famous sites as well as some off the beaten path locations. We ate tasty matcha tofu udon, kaiseki, yudofu, yuba, amazake, wagashi, daifuku, matcha and matcha sweets. We browsed around Nishiki market, the Nara shotengai, the Kiyomizu shops and slopes (be careful not to slip or lose either 3,2,1 years of your life - another fun fact we learned). We covered enormous ground in our couple of days, with tons of walking--definitely 10,000+ if not 20,000+ steps daily. HIDEYOSHI has no problem walking this much with you. It was a pleasure to walk the entire Philosopher's Path after seeing Ginkakuji. Of course in circumstances where it made more sense to take transportation we certainly did (bus, taxi, subway, Randen). Thank you HIDEYOSHI. We learned a lot.

Hideo Y.

Hi Kyle, I'm very happy to receive your message. I hope you enjoyed Kyoto tour. You liked matcha very much, especially sprinkled green tea that we had on Sannenzaka slope was the most delicious I've ever had. We walked on the philosopher's Path between Ginkakuji and Nanzenji. Next time I strongly recommend you visit Kyoto in Spring. I'm sure you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing on Philosopher's Path. Please imagine the looks that cherry blossom petals are floating on the Lake Biwa Canal. I live in Osaka, so when you visit Japan next time, I'd like to show you Osaka, different from Kyoto. Osaka is very interesting and unique city. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you, Kyle.

$261/ per group

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