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    Osaka Highlights Tours

    Osaka Highlights, Best for the first timer

    7 hours

    There are a lot of places to visit, a lot of things to do in Osaka. From historical sites to food venders hopping. Choose some of the places to visit from the list below and let me know. I will customize a tour for you.

    FROM$233/ per group
    Hiroyuki T.
    5.00 / 5
    (36 reviews)

    One day tour of Osaka

    7 hours

    Osaka has been developped as international commercial city historically. People have developped the special culture in food, entertainment. This tour covers the historical sight-Osaka castle, Downtown-Dotonbori, and new Osaka station area with Umeda Sky building. We may add somemore spots depending upon the interests of the customer.

    FROM$156/ per group
    Makoto Y.
    4.95 / 5
    (86 reviews)

    Osaka Castle, Dotombori, Shin-Sekai

    8 hours

    I take you to Osaka Castle, Dotombori, Sginsekai and Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. In Osaka you can have Osaka local food such as Okoniomiyaki, Takoyaki, and Kushikatsu. Dotombori is popularly known as

    FROM$229/ per group
    Hideo Y.
    4.47 / 5
    (129 reviews)

    Osaka One Day Tour with history & local food

    8 hours

    Osaka is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. It has a mix of unique cultures which are traditional and modern. It has developed and flourished for geographical reasons. This tour includes Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple, which have a long history in Japan, and the Sky Building, which has a remarkable modern architecture. Osaka is also famous for delicious foods. You can enjoy eating local and special food in Osaka. Let's enjoy the tour together !

    FROM$175/ per group
    Atsuko T.
    4.91 / 5
    (23 reviews)

    Osaka Highlights

    7 hours

    This Osaka highlights tour includes popular destinations in Osaka, Osaka castle, Kuromon Ichiba Market, Dotonboti district in one day. I believe this tour is suitable for beginner of Osaka travelers.

    FROM$196/ per group
    Yoshiharu K.
    4.55 / 5
    (20 reviews)

    Outstanding Osaka w/Guide Photographer

    6 hours

    One-day Osaka highlights tour! Guests will be able to visit major landmarks and enjoy local foods with an award-winning photographer! Since I have lived & worked in Osaka for more than ten years, I know my hometown very well, so I can take fantastic photos for you!! (My picture won the Gold Award of CONRAD Osaka Art Photo Contest among 367 entries, & Second Prize of Festival City Photo Contest, both works are used on their billboard, official websites, and SNSs.)

    FROM$855/ per group
    Ai A.
    4.83 / 5
    (30 reviews)

    Hotspots & Hidden Gems of Osaka Tour (5hrs)

    5 hours

    Andy (half Japanese, half Aust. ), as your local guide, will kickstart your Osaka adventure discovering both the highlights & secret spots. We'll pair every location with personal stories & historical info with quirky facts and a great dose of enthusiasm & humor:)

    FROM$101/ per person
    Andy kenji M.
    5.00 / 5
    (13 reviews)

    One Day Highlight Tour Around Osaka/Kyoto/Nara

    8 hours

    Kyoto is the flower of ancient and modern culture in Japanese history. It boasts some historically significant 370 Shinto shrines and 2,400 Buddhist temples including 17 world’s heritage sites as well as modern facilities such as the Railway museum with the demonstration of the Shinkansen (bullet train), the renewed Gion District where Maiko and Geisha girls stroll, and Kyoto Station Building noted for its unique and breathtaking design with a magnificent view from the top.

    FROM$172/ per group
    Yasuo A.
    4.60 / 5
    (5 reviews)

    Osaka Beginner`s Tour

    8 hours

    -The most popular spot Osaka Castle and river cruise.-Nostalgic town ‘Shinsekai’ soul food Kushikatu and Doteyaki lunch.-Feel the vibrant city Osaka! Doton Bori area walking-Try some Japanese sake at a local standing sake barThis is my basic Osaka city tour for Osaka beginners!

    FROM$324/ per group
    Kaori K.
    4.95 / 5
    (136 reviews)

    Osaka City Adventures & Highlights Tour

    6 hours

    Hi my name is Naoki Thank you so much for checking my tour! *This tour covers both must-visit & local hidden places of the city! *You can maxmize the chance to explore & enjoy as many places & local food stands as possible within your time limit! *This tour is only available on Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday (at this stage)

    FROM$337/ per group
    Naoki H.
    4.89 / 5
    (9 reviews)

    Nara and Osaka Full Day Private Tour

    9 hours

    In this tour we will visit must-see places in Nara and Osaka. Nara was an ancient capital of Japan in the 8th century. We'll visit Todaiji Temple, housing the gigantic Great Statue of Buddha, and Kasuga Grand Shrine. Let's go to a nearby nice sake brewery, if you love sake. Osaka Castle was built in the 16th century. Let's go up to the top of the castle tower. You will feel as if you were a shogun. We also visit bustling Dotombori Downtown Osaka.

    FROM$425/ per group
    Shogo K.
    4.79 / 5
    (28 reviews)

    Full day Osaka private guided tour!

    8 hours

    The plan is to meet at your hotel(either in Osaka or Kyoto), then start the tour at the Osaka castle park, moving then either to Tsuruhashi(the Korean town which is an icon of the city) or Umeda Skybuilding(a very peculiar tower with and astonishing view). Then to the Shinsekai area to see, among other things, a retro type of urban Japan. At the end conclude at the Dotombori area where the Glico man will salute you? I remind you that the route can be flexible in accordance to your interests?

    FROM$236/ per group
    Alex O.
    4.86 / 5
    (7 reviews)