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Mai H.

5.00 / 5
(26 reviews)

Konnichiwa! I'm Mai, a national licensed tour guide from Sendai. I think of myself as friendly, open minded and considerate. Personally I love traveling. I’ve visited many countries for various reasons, traveled alone, joined volunteer works, studied at a school. I worked in india Kolkata for a year and after that I lived in a small village in India. When I visit a country I always love to meet people there. And it made me realized people who I’ve met make the country more attractive and memorable. So I want to be a guide who can help travelers to have a great time, love this region and make their trip memorable! aside from guiding travelers, I have hosted many travelers at my house,19 countries so far and I have enjoyed cultural exchanges with them. learning ideas and cultures of people from other countries helped me to understand my country deeply. so I'm good at introducing Japan by comparing with other countries and cultures. I'm always love to share my knowledge and personal experiences with my guest. and I'm very curious so I enjoy talking any kind of topics like social issues, international relationships, religion, , history, culture, movies and so on. I look forward to meeting you and hope we have enjoyable time together!!                                                                                                                                  

Yuko S.

4.00 / 5
(1 reviews)

Hello, I'm Yuko. I've lived in Iwate, northern part of Japan for more than 15 years. Iwate is far from Tokyo and transportation around here is not so convenient, but I love peaceful and wonderful Iwate. I would be happy to help you enjoy your trip without inconvenience. Hiraizumi in Iwate was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. It is well-known for Konjiki-do, Golden Hall, but many other things, such as food, nature and culture, must attract you, too. Why don't you gain hands-on experience of deep Iwate? I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!!                                                                                                                                 

Toshiaki C.


Ich heiße Toshiaki CHIBA(Herr) und wohne im kleinen Ort in Nordjapan, Hiraizumi. Ich habe nach dem Praktikum in Deutschland im Weingeschäft für den deutschen Wein lange Jahre gearbeitet. Daher habe ich einigermassen Deutsche Sprachkenntnis. Ich möchte Ihnen gerne meine Heimat, eine historische Stadt zeigen. Besuchen Sie mal Hiraizumi, wenn Sie einen Urlaub nach Japan planen. Sie sind bei uns recht herzlich willkommen ! Ich freue mich sehr, Sie hier begrüßen und hiesige Geschichte u. Landschaft vorstellen zu können.                                                                                                                                  

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Tony J.

4 / 5
Sep 10, 2017

A great afternoon sampling historic sites in Ichinoseki Town, including a sake and beer brewery

Ichinoseki is usually a transfer point for visiting the incredible culture and history of Hiraizumi, the nearby World Heritage Area. Within limited time, Yuko walked me around a few of the key sites of Ichinoseki Town, the first being a restored samurai house from those fairly recent days when Ichinoseki was a castle town. Yuko has a lot of interesting local knowledge. Together with a volunteer guide stationed at the House, we wandered around the many rooms of what effectively for entertaining guests. We then moved to the Sekino-Ichi Sake and Beer Brewery just up the road. Yuko had arranged for fantastic personal tour of the associated Sake Museum, and then the Brewery. Yuko is very knowledgeable and helpful. Yuko enthusiastically share the sites, history and culture of the region - tailored to your particular interests as a visitor. I have made 9 trips to Japan, and regularly use Guides. I would heartily recommend Yuko.

Yuko S.

Dear Tony, Thank you for your kind message. As you know much about Japanese things, this tour had to be suitable for you. I'm happy to hear your words of praise. If it's possible, could you please tell me about the reasons for the four stars?There may be any inconveniences of the tour or my drawback. Please let me know about it for my future. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Yuko

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