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Hideo Y.

4.47 / 5
(129 reviews)

Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worked in Osaka for nearly 40 years. I would like to introduce the Kansai region to you ,including Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Wakayama. Kobe is one of the two largest ports in Japan, along with Yokohama. After the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868, foreigners built their residences on the hillside of the Kitano-cho area, overlooking the ocean. Many of the foreign residences are now open to the public as museums, including the Weathercock House, with it's symbol weathercock on the triangle-shaped roof. In Meriken Park, the red Port Tower (the city's landmark), creates a beautiful contrast against the white Kobe Marine Museum. The museum's design was inspired by the waves and sailing ships. When you have a chance to visit Osaka, please join my tour. I'm sure you'll enjoy the interesting and historical, scenic spots. For example, Shin-Sekai is a downtown area with a strange mix of nostalgic atmosphere and contemporary energy. You can try local foods (kushikatsu, sushi, tempura) at a reasonable price. Billiken (a famous statue of the spirit of luck) will be waiting for you!!. Dotombori is a popular street with a lot of flashy signboards. Osaka is widely known as a "Kuidaore-no-machi", or literally "drinking and eating luxuriously to death." Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi HIDEYOSHI in 1585. Oh, it's my residence, isn't it ! These days "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" area in USJ, or Universal Studios Japan, is also attracting more and more people. I'll be looking forward to seeing you !!                                                                                                                                 

Kosuke K.

5.00 / 5
(2 reviews)

Hello, my future guests. My name is Kosuke. I have lived in Kochi for 62 years with my wife and two daughters. I used to work at high schools as an English teacher. I chose the job because I like telling the students about the joy of communicating with foreign people. Now I'm very happy, because I can work for foreign visitors as a licensed guide. As I know Kochi very well, I can show you various nature, traditional culture, local foods and so on. In every place you visit, I’ll explain how local people live there, because I have lots of acquaintances who want to tell the good points of their neighborhoods. When you join my tours, I’ll try to customize them to suit what you call for as a traveler. And I am confident I can entertain you in various ways. So click me if you like. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.                                                                                                                                  

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Yuliana R.

5 / 5
Apr 25, 2023

Great Guide Takahashi San

We had a smooth journey to the underwater museum. Takahashi San was very helpful and patient with sufficient english to help us throughout our journeys and suggested very good stops and restaurants. Thank you. We had a good time.

Tr taxi R.

Thank you for the great review. We will pass on your kind comments to Mr. Takahashi. We believe he is also happy to travel with you. Hope we can also serve you when you travel in other parts of Japan.


Hannelore G.

5 / 5
Mar 26, 2023

Visit Kochi

I had a great tour with Kosuke. He is so very knowledgeable and taught me a lot about the history of Kochi. He is a great person to meet and I thank him very much for his time Hannelore Govaert

Kosuke K.

Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful and kind review. Thank you very much for choosing my tour. I really enjoyed talking with you about various things. Especially, the stories of Switzerland which you told me were very interesting. From now on I will study about your country such as culture, history, foods and so on. I’m happy that you enjoyed watching cherry blossoms, azalea, various orchids and so on in the botanical garden. Each month has its own flowers and plants in Makino Botanical Garden. So, when different flowers will bloom, I’ll send their photos on WhatsApp. I’m also happy that you enjoyed eating local foods such as “Katsuo-tataki”, seared bonito and deep-fried vegetables. As I like cooking, I really enjoyed listening to your explanations about the foods of your country. I cooked cheese fondu for the first time when my daughters were small kids. Maybe soon, I’ll try to cook cheese fondu again. Finally, please have a wonderful and safe journey to your country with good memories and souvenirs. Thank you again and take care!


Michael P.

5 / 5
Mar 25, 2023

Kochi tour

Excellent guide!! , spoke English ,easy to understand very informative, accommodating , fun felt like a day with a friend ! Highly recommend ????????

Kosuke K.

Thank you very much for the kind review. Actually I haven't done any guiding work because of covid. So the tour with you was the first work after covid. I was wondering whether you could enjoy the tour or not. Though I could not make the tour go smoothly, you talked to me so kindly. I will never forget that we talked and ate while watching "the god of sake" in the park. And I will never forget that we wore the costume of "Yosakoi" dancing and taking photos. Now in Kochi the cherry blossoms are their best and I want you to watch them in my photos. Sorry, you could not see them blooming in Kochi during the tour. Thank you again and take care!


Tj E.

5 / 5
Mar 12, 2023

Excellent Wished I Had a Booked for 4 Hours

Excellent. My only regret was not booking for 4 hours instead of 3. Could have used more than 30 minutes at Kochi Castle and Katsamura Beach.

Tr taxi R.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review. We hope to serve you again when you visit other areas of Japan. There must be more wonderful views to come.

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