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    Matsuyama Golden Tour

    8 hours

    I'd like to show you Matsuyama city; Mastuyama Castle, Dogo onsen (one of the oldest hot springs in Japan). And I take you to Uchiko (a little Kyoto).

    FROM$279/ per group
    Hideo Y.
    (112) reviews

    Capture Matsuyama Castle in a half day!

    4 hours

    To capture Matsuyama Castle on the top of the mountain 1) Go up by chair lift or cable car to the middle of the mountain 2) Walk up to the top, learning the device of strategic defense as well as attack 3) In the castle, climb up the narrow and steep stairs like Ninjya Check the weight of real sword or put on armor like Samurai warrior

    FROM$130/ per group
    Sunny T.
    (7) reviews

    Matsuyama Castle (Course A) by Kaz

    4 hours

    Matsuyama Castle is the best attractive sightseeing spot in Matsuyama. First,we will go up to the castle tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the city, Mt.Ishizuchi and the Seto Inland Sea. After coming back to the hill's foot, we will enjoy exploring the shops selling many attractive things. And our final touch is visiting the Birthplacce of the Akiyama Brothers: heros born in Matsuyama.

    FROM$149/ per group
    Kaz (和夫)
    (3) reviews

    Uchiko Tour from Matsuyama by Kaz

    7.5 hours

    Uchiko used to prosper thanks to the production of Japanese vegetable wax until the days of the Taisho period (1912-1926).The Yokaichi and Gokoku Quarter is now the Historic District Preservation Zone.On both sides of approx. 600 street, about 100 houses are traditional residences. Visitors to Uchiko from noisy cities will find themselves remembering with nostalgia how all of Japan used to be.

    FROM$344/ per group
    Kaz (和夫)
    (3) reviews

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