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    Popular Guides in Shiga

    Toshiyo O.

    4.63(156) reviews

    I was born and raised in Kyoto.Kyoto has a lot of things to see and experience. Kyoto is an ancient city with a lot of world heritage. I am happy to ...

    Kazuhiko G.

    4.61(109) reviews

    Hello, I’m Kazuhiko Goto. Please call me “Kazu”. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I have a wife and 4 children. I was born in Osaka city near Ky...

    Masaki H.

    4.91(64) reviews

    Hello I’m Mike, a national licensed tour guide from Kyoto. Meeting with people is a gift of God for me. A new encounter inspires and enriches my ...

    Tomoe S.

    4.91(43) reviews

    Hello! My name is Tomoe. I'm a national licensed guide interpreter(English). I made my page here, TripleLights in October 2018. Thank you for finding ...

    Koichi W.

    4.91(32) reviews

    Hi! I'm Koichi. I was born in Osaka, I studied in Kyoto when I was a university student. Now I live in Shiga next to Kyoto. I am a national governmen...

    Tatsuhiro N.

    4.09(22) reviews

    It took me some 20 years to be qualified for this job and I feel honored for being able to help tourists from abroad understand our nation and cultur...

    Mana F.

    4.75(40) reviews

    Hello, my name is Mana. I am a National Licensed Tour Guide in English. I was born and raised in Kyoto. I worked for Kyoto Prefectural Police Headqua...

    Hero I.

    4.94(35) reviews

    Hello. I am a Hero from Shiga. I have lived in Denmark, Canada, Germany. I would like to explore Japan with you without the language barrier. I know ...

    Ai A.

    4.80(20) reviews

    ★Je parle francais. ★I studied at Teachers College, Columbia U and obtained an MBA from Kyoto U, major in tourism & hospitality management. I will...

    Yuriko S.

    4.82(17) reviews

    I am Yuriko from Japan. Now I'm an assistant English teacher at junior high school. I also work as a kimono, Japanese traditional costume dresser. I...

    Aya T.

    5.00(10) reviews

    ¡Hola! Me llamo Aya. Soy una guía certificada de español e inglés. También hablo portugués (nivel intermedio). Vivo en la ciudad oeste de Japón, cer...

    Chikako N.

    4.78(9) reviews

    Hi! I am a Kyoto local and love to visit temples, shrines and gardens. Although a middle school by grade, I have spent a couple of years providing gui...

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