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Delightful Kamakura


Hiroshi Y.

4.94(32) reviews
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

Kamakura is one of the most popular places for tourist because of its long history and many scenic spots . I will take you to 4 most popular places among foreigners which are Hohkoku-ji, Tsurugaoka-Hachiman-gu, Koh-Toku-In(Big Budda), and Hase-dera. But if you have any specific place wish to visit, please let me know. I will make a plan for you. We will take bus, train and walking in this tour.

Meeting Point

At your hotel or Kamakura station

09:30 AM

Kamakura station

This is a JR line station and start point of Kamakura sightseeing.

10:00 AM

Hoh-koku-ji Temple: A beautiful bamboo grove

This temple is very famous for nice bamboo grove. You will appreciate quietness and experience very different feeling from atmosphere in this temple

11:30 AM

Tsurugaoka-Hachiman-gu : The symbol of Kamakura

This shrine was built about end of 12th century as a landmark of Kamakura and still is. To reach to the main building, you have to climb steps to entrance of main building. And from in front of the gate of the building, you can have great view of Kamakura. Also, in the precinct, there are garden, ponds, horse training truck, and museums. This is the place you should not miss in Kamakura.

12:30 PM

Komachi dori

This street is very popular among travelers because there are many souvenir shops and restaurants along to this street. This is an ideal place to purchase presents. Also, we will take lunch here.

02:00 PM

Koh-Toku-In: Big Buddha

Koh-toku- in is a name of temple where a Big Buddah is. This Big Buddah was built about 650yeas ago but there is no documents left which tells about why and who built it. But if you stare at the face of this Big Buddah, probably you feel calm and comfortable mind.

03:00 PM

Hase-dera: Temple of flowers and nice view

This temple is famous for flowers all around a year. Also, it has nice garden with a pond. If you like flowers, you should not miss this place.

04:30 PM

Kamakura station

End of today's tour

Ending Point

At your hotel or any place of your convienience

What to Expect

Kamakura was political center of Japan about 800years ago. Due to this fact, Kamakura has mixed atmosphere of old and current .Visitors can enjoy this town from his/her own interest. If you like history, yes you will find some new things and deepen your knowledge. If you like shopping, you can find unique items. If you like eating, yes you can find fantastic food. If you like to enjoy flowers, Kamakura is one of the best places to enjoy. You can see different flowers in every season.

4 places I chose have different taste and tourists can enjoy different atmosphere and essence of Japanese culture. Hohkoku-ji is a small temple but it is famous for bamboo grave and no other places can give quiet and fantastic feeling. Tsurugaoka-Hachiman-gu is the symbol of Kamakura. Everybody visit here to pray for good fortune. Also it has historical buildings and garden. Then we will take lunch. After Lunch the first place to visit is Koh-Toku-In which is a temple with Big Buddha . Everybody takes pictures with Big Buddha for good memory. And the last place is Hase-Dera which is famous for flowers and you can enjoy different flowers in all seasons. Also, this temple has a observation deck to see coast of Kamakura. You can see nice view and breeze good air.

It takes about 1 hour from central Tokyo. And visitors can enjoy totally different world.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee

Transportation cost from my home to the meeting point

What‘s not included

All transportation fee

Lunch, entrance fee.

Total transportation fee will be ¥2620/person which includes round trip from Tokyo to Kamakura.

Entrance fee is total¥700/person

Important Information

Kamakura was built about 800 years ago and the first government let by warriors was found. It has long history and unique atmosphere. Those things attract many people from all over the world. By knowing history of Kamakura, we can enjoy Kamakura much more.

Because of popularity of this town, sometimes we see big crowds in some popular places. Therefore, time management is not easy in high season and weekend.

Also, location of some temples and shrines are in mountain area. It means there are a lot of slopes and stairs Hohkoku-ji and Koh-Toku-In is flat. So anybody can visit and enjoy. But Tsurugaoka-Hachiman-gu and Hase-dera have a lot of stairs. Especially Hase-Dera is not good for guests with difficulty in walking.

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Mick S.

Jan 7, 2020


Hiroshi was just the best guide. We saw fascinating places and had amazing unexpected experiences . Thanks Hiroshi

Hiroshi Y.

Thank you for youe very good review. I enjoyed a lot with you I hope you will have good time in Naoshima. If you need any help, please contact me. I will try to help you. Best regards


Fadi H.

Jan 2, 2020

One day guidance in Tokyo

Hiroshi did a great job guiding us in Tokyo. He was very attentive to our needs given that we had a 1 year old baby with us and we had already seen many of Tokyo's attractions before meeting Hiroshi. He carefully chose the pending top spots and gave us a great experience explaining the history and context behind each location. Hiroshi is also very friendly and easy going with a nice sense of humor; my wife and I were very happy to have met him. Thank you Hiroshi.

Hiroshi Y.

Dear Fadi Thank you very much for the gtest review. I enjoyed being with your family. I was wondering how you spent on Jan 1 which is really a special day for Jaoanese. There are many other places to visit in Japan and hope to be your guide in future. Thank you again and best regards Hiroshi


Susan R.

Dec 9, 2019

Wonderful day bad ending

Hiroshi is a very nice man and very good at what he does. We had a lovely day in the Hakone area , on one of the most beautiful days. Hiroshi was very patient and fair , when the forecast was bad, he rescheduled our tour for a better day. We really appreciated that. We understood that we would pay for his travel In Hakone, but did not expect any other surprise expenses. In fact I emailed Hiroshi to ask what was not covered in his fee , weeks before the trip. I was very clear that I did not want any surprise expenses. He told me there was the ticket in Hakone to pay for and that my passo card could not be used there. As we said good bye in the train station we were suddenly asked for his travel going to meet us in Yokohama and his trip home from Yokohama. We were surprised and felt this was NOT our agreement. We were also insulted because we took him for lunch and desert after lunch. Which we felt was over and above what we had to do. Even if he forgot to tell us about this extra fee when I asked in my email, we feel, given how kind we were, he should NOT have asked us for anymore money. For this reason, we will NEVER use his services again. Susan and David Rosenberg

Hiroshi Y.

Susan Thank you for your revieew. But did you see voucher of the tour? If you see it, you will find clearly that my transportation cost 7,524 yen was NOT included in the tour price you paid to Triplelights. What I learn from you is I should remind the cost before the tour.


David K.

Dec 5, 2019

Afternoon and evening in Tokyo

Hiroshi made great use of out limited cruise shore time, In an afternoon and evening he enabled us to experience modern, historical, cultural and aethestic aspects of the city leaving us so we left having felt we had been throgh an informed imersive day. He is a charming and likeable guide and we are most grateful for the good time we had with him.

Hiroshi Y.

Dear David Thank you very much for writing a good review about thr tour. I enjoyed a lot with you and your wife. Your interest to our culture helped me to search places which you may satisfy. As I mentioned Nezu art museum is a not big museum. However I like the place very much because of real Japanese atmosphere which the museum has. Please make another chance to come to Japan and I wish to be your guide again to show more of Japan. Best regards Hiroshi

$287/ per group

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