Kamakura "Zen Culture" Finding Tour

Art, Culture, & Historical

Hiro Y.

4.82(11) reviews
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

Do you know a Japanese word, "Bushido" or samurai spirit? Its origin was in Kamakura. About 800 years ago, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. The lead...

Meeting Point

at JR Kita-kamakura Station ( or at Your hotel; hotel pick-up fee is 2000JPY)

Engaku-ji Temple: One of the biggest Zen temples in Kamakura. There are many old and important structures placed in the huge precinct.

Tokei-ji Temple : Known as a flower temple. A Zen temple that kept giving a helping hand to unhappy women in the long history.

Hokoku-ji Temple: Famous for its bamboo garden. It also has a typical Zen garden.

Jomyo-ji Temple: A quiet Zen temple. If you like, you can have a teatime in a style of Japanese tea ceremony enjoying a view of Zen garden.

Sugimoto-dera Temple: The oldest temple in Kamakura. One of my most favorite temples. You can make face-to-face meeting with various Buddhist statues in the old main building just as ancient people did long long time ago.

Hachiman-gu Shrine : Kamakura's iconic tourist's destination. More than 800 years ago, this place was the center of the samurai government.

Komachi-dori Shopping Street: The street leads you to Kamakura St. where you get on a train to go back.

Ending Point

at JR Kamakura Station (or at Your hotel ; hotel sending fee is 2000JPY)

What to Expect

Do you know a Japanese word, "Bushido" or samurai spirit? Its origin was in Kamakura. About 800 years ago, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. The leader of samurai warriors (Shogun) established samurai's domination over the country putting an end to the previous aristocracy in Kyoto, and Kamakura became the center of the first samurai military government. Samurai warriors were totally different creatures from the aristocrats. Having their main workplace in battlefields, the warriors were those who never had a fear of death. They didn't cling to life. They willingly devoted their lives to their jobs. How come they could get that extreme mindset? The secret was Zen Buddhism. It was the basics of Bushido. Zen was widely received in the Kamakura Period and deeply influenced the entire Japanese culture eventually. Let's find Zen culture through visiting iconic Zen temples, Zen gardens, and experiencing Japanese distinctive beauty of so-called Wabi and Sabi world in this ancient capital city.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

*guide fee

*transportation fee for your guide

What‘s not included

*your transportation fee

★In case you come from Tokyo area, one-way railway ticket from Tokyo to Kamakura costs you about 1000 yen/ adult.

★In addition, after arriving at Kamakura, the following transportation fee is required.

To Engaku-ji Temple and Tokei-ji Temple: It requires a 5-minute ride on a JR train from Kita-Kamakura to Kamakura that costs you 130 yen. One way will do.

To Hokoku-ji, Jomyo-ji, and Sugimoto-dera Temple: It requires a 10-minute ride on a bus. The round trip from/to Kamakura St. costs you 400/ adult.

*entrance fee

Engaku-ji Temple---300 yen / adult

Tokei-ji Temple---200 yen / adult, Tokei-ji museum----400 yen / adult

Hokoku-ji Temple---200 yen / adult

Jomyo-ji Temple---200 yen / adult

Sugimoto-dera Temple---200 yen / adult

Hachiman-gu Shrine: No entrance fee is necessary.

●total transportation fee in Kamakura: 530 yen / person

●total entrance fee: 1500 yen / person

*any meals

Important Information

Only day trips are available. No night tours.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time



Victoria V.

Jan 7, 2020

Kamakura Tour

Hiro was amazing!! My husband, in-laws, and I did a Christmas Eve tour with Hiro in Kamakura and she absolutely made our day so special. So sweet and an absolute pleasure to be with. She had great information, recommendations & stories that really made our trip unforgettable. We would have only gotten 1/10 of the experience & driven ourselves crazy trying to figure out how to get to all the places we wanted to see. Did you know you could go inside Kōtoku-in?? We didn't and I dont think we would have figured it out without Hiro there to guide us. She even took us to an awesome lunch spot that we would never have found ourselves. I recommend Hiro to anyone visiting Kamakura!! Also, Hiro made us realize just how much a guide can improve the experience, so because of how awesome she was, right after tour we booked two guides on TripleLights for our stay in Kyoto!

Hiro Y.

Hello, Victoria! Thank you very much for the wonderful review and the message on the Kamakura tour. I’m so happy to know that you enjoyed the day. I am not a Christian, though, I also had an unforgettable Christmas Eve that I’d never had before, because I was with you all, the wonderful family. You all are so nice, and it's really nice to know you respect each other. I was so impressed when I was able to know your deep respect to this country’s culture as well. Thank you very much for your great interest and listening to my talks. You are such a happy family, and on that day, I was the happiest guide in Japan. Thanks again! Hiro


Michael P.

Sep 3, 2019

1/2 day in Kamakura

We had a great time , Hiro had an amazing amount of local knowledge.

Hiro Y.

Michael, thank you very much for the nice review and your comment. It's a lot of fun talking with you three. You all are such wonderful people with a sense of humor in addition to courteous manners. Also what you talked to me interested me a lot. I really had a great time, too. It would be great happiness, if you'd remember me when you come to Japan again. Thank you very much, again. Take care! Hiro


Rosalila M.

Jul 9, 2019

Hiro was the best. Took me to peaceful places, explained history and was very patient.

Hiro is a knowledgeable guide. Knew exactly what I was looking for to enjoy in Kamakura. Very pleasant person and excellent communication skills.


Ariana T.

Apr 18, 2019

Hiro did a great job - highly recommended!

Our day with Hiro went really well, form start to finish. She came to meet us at our hotel in Tokyo and took great care of every detail of the trip - even brought maps of Tokyo station to help us not get lost on our way back from Kamakura. The itinerary was well organized to include main Kamakura highlights, the information provided was detailed and well researched, the lunch reservation exquisite - we sat in a very good traditional restaurant where Hiro explained a lot about Japanese food and traditions. At the end of the day, she saw us off at Kamakura station, making sure we got on the right train back to Tokyo. She is a caring and thoughtful person, highly educated, with artistic hobbies and skills - a perfect travel companion!

Hiro Y.

Hello, Ariana! It was really nice meeting you and thank you very much for your wonderful comments for the day in Kamakura with me. I’m more than happy if I was able to help you have one of the greatest days in Japan. Also I feel really grateful for letting me join your family’s quality time. I was lucky being with such well-informed and smart travelers as you, and I enjoyed every single minute talking with you, since you’ve got interested in many things. Thank you for your interests in Japan and its culture. I hope this trip will keep you cherishing the fond memories of your family and having Japan as one of the countries that you love. Thanks again, Ariana, and please convey my best regards to your husband and son! Cheers! Hiro

$203/ per group

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Do you know a Japanese word, "Bushido" or samurai spirit? Its origin was in Kamakura. About 800 years ago, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. The lead...

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you will visit Sugimoto-Dera Temple, Hokoku-Ji Temple called "Bamboo Temple", Jyomyo-Ji Temple. Also, you will visit Great Buddha and Hase-Dera or Hase Temple. You will experiene ancient city, "Kamakura" and feel samurai worrior spirit!

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