Arashiyama Best Spot for Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves

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Hideo Y.

4.47 / 5
(126 reviews)
Japanese (Native), English
8 hours
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Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan from 794 over one thousand years.

I would like to introduce you Arashiyama, Ninnaji Temple , Hirano Shrine and...

Meeting Point

at your hotel

10:00 AM

Arashiyama Peak

We walk through Bamboo Forest.

10:20 AM

Nonomiya Shrine

11:00 AM

Tenryuji Tenmple

Literally Heavenly dragon Temple

01:00 PM

Ninnaji Temple

02:30 PM

Hirano Shrine

Cherry blossoms are beautifully blooming in spring.

04:00 PM

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Plum Groves are in the shrine.

Ending Point

at your hotel

What to Expect

Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan from 794 over one thousand years.

I would like to introduce you Arashiyama, Ninnaji Temple , Hirano Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

Arashiyama Peak is one of the the best spots in Kyoto for viewing both cherry blossoms and changing colors of autumn leaves. A great number of Temples and shrines are scattered widely around this area. I give you the guide of Tenryuji Temple, Nonomiya Shrine and bamboo forest.

Spanning 230 meter across Katsura River, photos of the Togetsukyo Bridge often appear in tourist pamphlets. When cossing the bridge, you see Tenryuji Temple.

Tenryuji Temple is the headquarters of the Zen Buddhist Rinzai Tenryuji school. The temple was founded in 1339 by Ashikaga Takauji to pray for peace. You can appreciate the "Dragon glaring in eight directions." No matter where you are, this dragon is staring at you. Furthermore you can enjoy walking around the first stroll-type garden in Japan. The whole of Arashiyama used to be within the grounds of this temple.

Nonomiya Shrine is konown for it's marriage, children and academics. Speaking of shrine, it usually conjures up the image of a red torii, but at Nonomiya shrine the tree is used without removing the bark, known as Kurokitorii (black torii), the oldest type of torii in Japan.

When you exit Tenryuji Temple, bamboo forest called "chikurin" are spread out on each sides of paths.

Next I take you to Ninnaji Temple, Hirano Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

Pass under the Niomon-gate of Ninnaji Temple, and the approach leading to the Chuomon-gate is so broad that it seems more like an open plaza than approach. The feeling of openness is one of the signature features of Ninnaji. On the left of the ground is Omuro cherry tree, known for its late-blooming cherry blossoms. To the right side stands the 36 meter-tall five-storied pagoda.

Hirano shrine has been famous for its cherry blossoms, too. There are about 400 cherry tees of 50 varieties inside the precincts. You can enjoy cherry blossom festival in April.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is constructed to comfort the soul of Sugawara-no-Michizane, who was falsely accused of crime. He is now famous for a god of learning. There are untold number of the plum trees that Michizane loved so much on the grounds. You can feel the arrival of spring at the plum blosson festival on February 25th.

I can assure you that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing or the changing colors of autumn leaves in Arashiyama Peak. Why don't you visit Arashiyama tour ?

Thank you.

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I guide you Sapporo, Furano, Otaru, Hakodate in Hokkaido / Aomori in Hokuriku / Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima in Kyushu / Kochi, Matsuyama in Shikoku / Tottori, Shimane, Kanazawa, Sakaiminato in Japan Sea side. Please get in touch with me!!

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Could you tell us how much transportation fee and entrance fee are ?

We use trains, buses. If we start from Kyoto Station, transportation fee is about 1,600 yen per person and entrance fee is 900 yen per person.



Rainer H.

5 / 5
May 12, 2023

Wonderful and interesting day at Matsue and Izumo

We have used in various cities worldwide private tour guides but Hideo Y. ranks definitly under the top 3! In preparation of our trip I had a few conversations with him about the schedule and he always replied swift and gave precise answers pr proposals. So before arriving in Matsue we had an itinerary which was designed to fit our time schedule (pick-up at hotel and send us to Izumo airport at the end) for approx. 8hrs. He was on time and gave us first a timetable for the day (including bus costs - very important as you need to have exact amount available when getting on a bus!), maps with our tour and further info to remember our tour! Very well prepared. During our tour he new all details of the various spots and linked information from one spot to the other, so we got a very good understanding about the local history. We only can highly recommend him for English spoken groups!

Hideo Y.

I'm very glad to receive your excellent review. I'm very honored that I'm one of the top 3 guides accrding to your judge. My dream is to guide all the prefectures. For now I guided 24 prefectures, about the half of them. In the future I would like to continue to get the local information and prepare the tour. Thank you.


Wanda J.

5 / 5
Apr 26, 2023

Arima Onsen from Kobe Port

Hideo was punctual and knew his way through the labyrinth of the Japanese train and subway system. We would have been absolutely lost in Kobe without his guidance. He adjusted his tour itinerary so we could spend time in the onsen.

Hideo Y.

Thank you for your excellent review. We could enjoy seeing fresh green forest from Arima-Rokko Ropeway. We took a lot of vehicles such as shuttle bus, subway, ropeway, bus, cable car, and the like. And Arima onsen is one of the three oldest hotsprings. It has 2 public bathhouses called Kinsen (gold spring) and Ginsen (silver spring). Kinsen is said to be effective in curing various diseases such as neuralgia, rheumatism, and gastroenteritis. I wish you all the best for your good health and continued success.


Paul W.

5 / 5
Mar 26, 2023

Great tour of Osaka

Very informative and knowledgeable. Help us with savings on the transport and advised on places to see. Very friendly too.

Hideo Y.

We enjoyed having Osaka local food such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu for lunch. We went to most scenic spots by subway in Osaka. 1-day pass card was very convenient. I wish you and all your family good health and happiness. Thank you.


Mari A.

5 / 5
Mar 22, 2023

Great tour of Narita whirlpool

Hideo was a charming host, and everything ran very well, according to the plan he laid out. I had been wanting to see the Naruto whirlpool for a long time, and the spectacle of nature did not disappoint. The Tile museum was very intriguing in its own way. You bet to see reproduced masterpieces all in one space so it became easy to track a painters artistic progress throughout their lives rather than having to go to different countries to see art piecemeal.

Hideo Y.

I'm .very happy to receive your excellent review. Naruto whirlpool is one of the three greatest whirlppools in the world. We had a great time to watch the whirlpool at high tide. In the Otsuka Museum of Art, or The Tile museum, we could see about 1,000 full-scale paintings in porcelain panel. In particular Vatican's Sistine Chapel was represented in the front main hall. It was spectacular, wasn't it! I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you.

$221/ per group

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