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    Kyoto Food & Drink Tours

    One day tour From Gion to the Nishiki Market

    5 hours

    Kyoto is an ancient city, which used to like be the capital of Japan for 1000 years. There are about 1600 temples and 400 shrines and beautiful garden...

    FROM$150/ per group
    Toshiyo O.
    4.62(157) reviews

    IN PERSON Fushimi Inari Shrine and Sake Tasting

    8 hours

    The Fushimi Shrine is one amazing Shrine, it has over 10,000 Red (Vermillion) Torii Gates that takes 2 hours to walk through. The history and culture, the energy, it is hard to put into words. Come let me take you on Spiritual Journey that you will not soon forget! We will have some tasty Sake at the end.

    FROM$279/ per group
    Richard 'hawk' H.
    4.90(139) reviews

    Kyoto Fushimi Inari & Sake Brewery Tour

    8 hours

    Fushimi Inari Taisha is the headquarters of over 30,000 Inari shrines across the country. The Senbon Torii, or the thousands of Torii gates, are spectacular. you will be amazed at the number of Torii gates, starting from the behind the main hall to the top of Inari-yama mountain. After visiting the Fushimi Inari, we move to the Sake brewery area of Fushimi, and enjoy lunch, boat-ride and Sake tasting.

    FROM$221/ per group
    Toshi M.
    4.74(34) reviews

    KYOTO - A Tailor-Made dining experience for you

    4 hours

    Japan has a very unique cooking style and set of table manners. Learn about the food culture and culinary history of Japan and visit local restaurants in Kyoto which offers a rich and diverse culinary tradition.

    FROM$147/ per group
    Mari I.
    4.78(23) reviews

    Ozashiki Asobi -Authentic Geisha Dinner Experience-

    2.5 hours

    Experience dinner with geisha, called "Ozashiki asobi"! This is a great opportunity not only just to take a photo of geisha performing dance and songs, but also to chat with her and learn about geisha life while enjoying dinner. You'll have an authentic Japanese kaiseki dinner and play some geisha game at a traditional Japanese house, which will be the most amazing experience in your Japan trip.

    FROM$112/ per person
    Tokie T.
    4.92(12) reviews

    Japanese Traditional Food and Sightseeing in Kyoto

    8 hours

    • This tour features a shrine dedicated to Shintoism and temples to Buddhism of World Heritage Sites in southern Kyoto. You can know architectural styles of two religions and eat Japanese traditional foods including green powdered matcha tea.I am flexible to customize my tour based on your request. Please feel free to contact me..

    FROM$240/ per group
    Tamotsu T.

    Japanese foods introduction tour

    3 hours

    I can show you Japanese traditional food and local food at Nishiki market and downtown after hearing your preference. Let's explore Kyoto foods together!!

    FROM$75/ per group
    Hero I.
    4.94(35) reviews

    Cooking Gyoza and Okonomiyaki and tasting Sake with Local!

    3 hours

    Don't you want to enjoy cooking Japanese food? Are you foodie? then This experience is perfect for you! we will cook Japanese food which called 'Gyoza' and 'Okinomiyaki'

    FROM$221/ per group
    Ryo M.
    5.00(2) reviews

    Evening tour to drink at the Japanese pub after strolling Gion area by certified professional guide.

    4 hours

    Drinking and eating in Kyoto is at least 20% more expensive than that of Osaka, according to me. But please do not worry about it with me. After strolling Gion area, I take you to at least 2 pubs, one is standing style and other with chairs. After the pubs, the guide escort you to the food hall where you can choose your dinner from 27 restaurants. Which pubs do I escort you? It is "black box"

    FROM$140/ per group
    Eiji H.
    5.00(1) reviews

    Let's enjoy "yuba" cuisine and Toji Temple!

    7 hours

    Do you know "yuba"? It is very healthy Japanese food. Yuba is soy milk skin and you can taste "yuba kaiseki" at an old yuba restaurant. After enjoying the healthy cuisine, you can also enjoy watching the yuba factory!! Near the restaurant, there is an old temple, Toji and its branch temple, Kanchiin Temple. I'm sure you will have a wonderful and rare experience in Kyoto!!

    FROM$184/ per group
    Yuriko S.
    4.82(17) reviews