Full-Day Unique Sumo Experience in Katsuragi

Day Trip

Mouloud H.

English, French (Native), Japanese
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 10 people

I have been living for more than 10 years in Japan and 3 years in Nara prefecture. I am Interpreter Guide for this region. I could even close my eyes and lead you! Hehe! In this tour, we will discover Taima District, Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture. Wonderful! One of the moving capitales of Japanese Protohistory, hometown of Sumo, high History and beautiful nature: you will know more about this city and about Japan.


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Meeting Point

Hotel ou gare Taimadera



Taima-dera temple was founded in 612 Imperial Prince Maroko, brother of the famous Prince Shotoku while the different towns in Yamato region were turning capitale of Japan. The temple were moved in 681 by Maroko’s grandson and was home of the secte Hosso, nowadays disappeared.


Taimadera Street

We already walked on Taimadera street. It remained traditional while getting modern. We can visit it between Taima-der and Kehayaza sumo museum. Souvenirs for you!


Kehayaza Sumo Museum

Sumo, Japanese wrestling is nowadays recognized all over the World as a side of the Japanese culture but few are the people who really know it. It is in Nara Prefecture, Katsuragi City, Taima District where Sumo was born: to visit this city and Kehayaza Sumo Museum is also the occasion to know more about this sport which is also a symbol of Japan.


Chujo-mochi for gourmets

Chujodo Honpo: after effort comes comfort. After experimenting Sumo, we can go to rest and to eat some delicious chujo mochi, red bean paste on rice paste, the local specialty, in Chujodo Honpo, on our way back. The very good pastry shop can be found in this traditional Japanese street in front of the station before setting off again for new adventures.

Ending Point

Gare Taimadera ou hotel

What to Expect

Le quartier de Taima est le lieu d'origine du sumo, sport japonais célèbre internationalement. En outre, le temple Taima-dera, par ses pièces d'oeuvre et sa nature luxuriante et un impératif à visiter si vous venez au Japon. Prévoyez les chaussures de marche !

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$228/ per group

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