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Kanagawa, Tokyo (Living), Yamanashi, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Yokohama, Narita, Mount Fuji


Japanese (Native), English

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2 hours on average

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About Tour Guide Yoko T.

Hi, I'm Yoko, a National License Tour Guide&International Kikisake-shi.

I speak with an American accent, 'cause I lived in Seattle, Washington for six years in my childhood(3-9 years old). My tours might be better with people who love to walk, have stamina and keen to learn about the culture.

Now I live within a walking distance from Ueno Park, Tokyo, so I see a lot of International tourists walking around in my neighborhood every day.

(I'm giving some discounts on some of the tours, and I would appreciate if you could see things better at a reasonable price and I'm keen to introduce the places, so PLEASE CHECK EACH TOUR. The expenses are spelled out, too.)

"Tokyo is larger than we thought and the transportations are so complicated," Swedish guys told me. I'm here to help you. I know well about Tokyo, Yokohama, Yamanashi etc. and I travel most of the parts of Japan.

I would appreciate if you could see more sightseeing spots with me as your guide and enjoy your stay.

I love to answer your questions, even though I became nearly breathless when I was with American guests, a family of three, curiously asking me questions after questions:-)

I appreciated their interest in Japan very much.

I also go mountain trekking for nearly thirty years. I've been to the summit of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Kitadake three times. Talking about Mt. Takao, maybe more than fifty times.

I hope we can enjoy the beautiful view together.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and having a good time together.

Hope to hearing from you soon.


It will be first booked, first served basis, but could you make inquiries before booking?

If you're interested in TOKYO, MOUNT FUJI, or NIKKO, please CHECK the TOURS before you make inquiries.

(Some transportation for Mount Fuji or Nikko might be fully booked if you do last minute booking.)

I could also guide KYOTO, HIMEJI etc. if you will cover my transportation fare round trip from Tokyo.

If you'd like a car chartered, please check the PRIVATE CARS TOUR by yourself.

It's concerned with your budget, so I'm afraid I cannot make arrangements for that, but I will be happy to guide you with the car you chartered.

It's impossible to make quotes without knowing the spots you would like to visit.

Nikko and Mount Fuji are approximately two hours on Limited Express from Shinjuku or Asakusa.

Tokyo is not a compact city, but a huge one.

If you have difficulties with stairs, please tell me in your message. Thank you.


Tokyo Up-to-You Tour

8 hours

I recommend ending up the day with the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Bay, the most beautiful night view in Tokyo I would like you to see. We will visit the spots you would like to in Tokyo.I will make an itinerary based on your choices and requests. (The popular highlights will be Meiji Jingu Shrine, East Gardens and Asakusa with Nakamise Souvenir Shopping Streets.) Sightseeing spots in Tokyo is widely spread, so I guess we can only visit three or four spots a day.

FROM$272/ per group

Mt. Fuji's View from Lake Kawaguchiko Up-to-You Tour

Mount Fuji
10 hours

Mt. Fuji isn't always visible, especially when it's hazy. Please choose the spots in the highlights you would like to visit around Kawaguchiko/ Mt. Fuji, based on your interest/preferences, your physical condition and the weather. It depends on which ones you choose, but I'll do my best to arrange it the way you can visit more than three of them but if you choose both Chureito Pagoda and Nemba, you might not be able to choose the other options unless you are willing to use taxis.

FROM$267/ per group

Flowers in Kamakura: Great Buddha, Hasedera & Eishoji Temple

8 hours

Kamakura is a very healing city, which became the capital of Samurai at the end of the 12th century, and has a lot of temples where we can see lovely flowers. We will ride a train for approximately an hour or so from Tokyo/Yokohama/Kawasaki area to visit there. Appreciating the flowers, some temples and shrines, we can also enjoy the beautiful twilight seaview.

FROM$219/ per group

Early Risers' Nikko Up-to-You Tour by Tobu Limited Express

11 hours

Nikko, which has been acknowledged as World Heritage in 1999, has temples and shrines with awesome sculptures.We will ride a Tobu Limited Express train for approximately two hours from the west side of Tokyo area/Saitama to visit there and take time to appreciate them.You can enjoy Yuba (tofu skin), which is one of the local specialities, buckwheat noodles or curry and rice etc. as lunch.

FROM$264/ per group

Edo Tokyo Tour: East Gardens & Ueno Park or Asakusa

4 hours 30 min

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is one of the Must-See spots in Tokyo, I believe. The gardens are quite beautiful and there was the castle of the Capital approximately four hundred years ago and now around there is the business center of Japan. After visiting the East Gardens, we will visit Ueno Park, which also has some historical buildings. Or you can choose Asakusa, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo instead.

FROM$133/ per group

Sculpture Wonderland in Nikko: Shinkyo Bridge, Rinnoji Temple, Toshogu Shrine, & Taiyuin

10 hours

Nikko, which has been acknowledged as World Heritage in 1999, has temples and shrines with awesome sculptures. We will ride a Tobu express train for approximately two hours from the east side of Tokyo area to visit there and take time to appreciate them. You can enjoy Yuba (tofu skin), which is one of the local specialities, buckwheat noodles or curry and rice etc. as lunch.

FROM$247/ per group



Christopher T.

5 / 5
Oct 2, 2023

Amazing Tour with Yoko

I went on a tour with my wife and our 8 year old daughter. Yoko was great and showed us more than we could have seen on our own. It was a very full 8 hours and we were happy and exhausted by the end. Thanks Yoko!!

Yoko T.

Thank you so much for a nice review, Christopher san. It was a pleasant day to enjoy the tea ceremony, Okonomiyaki lunch, view from Marunouchi Building, East Gardens of Imperial Palace and Asakusa. I hope you, your wife and Chloe will enjoy Kyoto too. Maybe the gates that you asked about is the Torii Gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine. You can enjoy some street foods near Kiyomizu Temple. Please have fun!!


Jonathan P.

5 / 5
Sep 30, 2023

Yoko the great

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Tokyo with Yoko as my guide, and it was an unforgettable experience. Yoko's knowledge and understanding of the city made my trip truly exceptional. From the moment we met, Yoko's warm and welcoming demeanor put me at ease. She took the time to understand my interests and tailored our tour accordingly. Her ability to listen and adapt to my preferences made the day feel like a personalized adventure. What truly sets Yoko apart is her extensive knowledge of Tokyo's history, culture, and hidden gems. As we explored the city's bustling streets and serene gardens, she shared fascinating insights and stories that brought each location to life. Yoko's passion for Tokyo is infectious, and I found myself captivated by every detail she shared. Yoko's practical tips and recommendations were invaluable. She effortlessly guided me through Tokyo's intricate public transportation system, ensuring that I never felt lost or overwhelmed. Her insider tips led me to some of the best local eateries and shops, allowing me to savor the authentic flavors of the city. Overall, my day with Yoko was not just a tour but a cultural journey. Her informative and understanding nature made me feel like I was exploring Tokyo with a friend who genuinely cared about my experience. I can wholeheartedly recommend Yoko as a guide for anyone looking to uncover the treasures of Tokyo while creating cherished memories along the way. Thank you, Yoko, for making my Tokyo adventure truly unforgettable!

Yoko T.

Wow, I cannot believe you wrote such an amaing review!! You were rather quiet so I'm quite surprised that you were impressed that much. I'm completely flattered and so glad you enjoyed the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Kill Bill restaurant. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and will be looking forward to explore the city more on Thursday. Please have a lot of fun and see you soon!!


Eleonor L.

5 / 5
Sep 25, 2023

"Tokyo Up-to-You Tour with Ms. Yoko"

Our group of six is quite challenging but Yoko is amazingly showed us the most highlights must to see in Tokyo from ancient to modern. If you are first timer in Tokyo and wanted to explore more, Ms. Yoko T is all you need!! Thank you Yoko for our best experience with you.

Yoko T.

Thank you for your review, Eleanor san. Your group was amazing will all of you being nice people. It was great to see you taking a lot of pictures and appreciating each site: East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Ueno Park, Tokyo National Museum, Asakusa and the night view of Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba. I hope Mr. Lovell will enjoy the book "Samurai Castle." Have a nice flight back home!!


Madeline K.

5 / 5
Sep 22, 2023

Great Tour! Sake Was A Huge Highlight

Yoko did a great job! Our favorite part of the tour was a sake tasting. She showed us some of the best sake we have ever had. She took us to an excellent not well known shop that had exclusive sake. This is a place that would be really hard to find for tourists/ locals only. The lunch in yanaka was also a locals only place that served delicious home style meals. Yoko went above and beyond and went to a shop after the tour to see if a shop had a seasonal item in stock for me. She made recommendations for things for us to do after based on our itinerary. I highly suggest booking a sake tasting with Yoko! And checking out Yanaka with her

Yoko T.

Thank you so much for a great review. I had a blast myself seeing how you Madeline and Amy reacted vividly to each sake, giving your candid impressions and enjoyed so many different sake. I appreciate your Irish DNA that you could appreciate so much of them. It is a popular sake restaurant but because we did sake tasting from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, we could be the only customers there for nearly for an hour. Nobody has written a review for the Tripadvisor yet but you can find some at Tabelog. They have nearly 100 brands of sake with wide variety of newer fragrant type to rather traditional type. I think they serve delicious food too. Going to local restaurants without Michellin stars but good and reasonable anyway is something you can do with only the local guides. We could enjoy sitting on tatami mats and enjoy a typical Japanese soul food, Nikujaga Teishoku set. There are so much more sake I would like to recommend so please come again soon. Thank you again for making it a great day, writing a great review and your generosity. Please enjoy the rest of your day here and please say hi to Amy, too. Best wishes, Yoko