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One day - Village tour in Yamanashi

8 hours

I'll show you my small village around. It has rich nature and traditional lifestyle in countryside of Japan. Recommended those who want to …. -experience deeper Japan -know more about Japan’s daily culture -take pictures of the village -have a chance to exchange with villagers -have an interest of village life in Japan

FROM$233/ per group
Hiroshi T.
5.00(1) reviews

Walking and experience Tour in SHOSENKYO Japan's most beautiful ravine !

8 hours

We are married couple,75old husband and 71old wife. So we have amazingly rich OMOTENASHI spirit that our ages have raised. First you will walk along the gorge, next you will make HOTO, a local flat noodle specialty served MISO SOUP as your lunch. And yo will visit KANAZAKURAJINJYA shrine having a history of 2000 years. At that shrine, you will practice calligraphy, traditional art form in Japan.

FROM$143/ per group
Yoichi A.

Two days - Experience the village and nature

2 days

Every tourist visits Tokyo, but why don't you come to a village in Japan? I`d like to show you the daily life and scenery of a villlage in Japan for 2 days (1 night) . [1st day] We start from evening and enjoy a hot spring. After that you can be relaxed in a Japanese style guesthouse. [2nd day] Walk and experience the village and nature. I'll take you back to the station around 2-4 p.m.

FROM$271/ per group
Hiroshi T.
5.00(1) reviews

Experience the history, nature and food of the sacred grounds of Minobusan

6 hours

Minobusan is the head temple of Nichiren-shu founded by Nichiren Shonin more than 740 years ago. You will experience the spiritual feelings by simply strolling around the sacred mountain area, tasting “Yuba” a vegetarian food made of soybean milk skin, listening to recitations of Lotus Sutra by monks and followers and writing “Shakyo”, a hand copying of sutra, with a writing brush.

FROM$153/ per group
Akinobu S.

Mt.Fuji fifth station, Lava cave, Aokigahara virgin forest

4 hours

Using local bus, going up to Mt.Fuji, 5th station and walk to 6th station. Awe-inspiring Fuji and huge virgin forest on the old lava will greet you. Coming back to the foot of Mt.Fuji our tour explore lava cave after walking through a path in the virgin forest. The trees are unique living on a poor lava based soil. In the lava cave you will go into a strange big hollow formed after explosion.

FROM$116/ per group
Ko K.

山梨县手滑船游三大奇桥之一 猿桥

2 hours

猿桥位于东京近郊山梨县大月市,从东京都内乘电车约1.5小时。与岩国的锦带桥,木曾的栈桥齐名被称为三大奇桥。此桥的特色为没有桥墩,在两岸的岩壁里埋入底层木板,然后木板上再加一条长度比底层长的木板。木板与木板之间用方木连接。如此一层层凌空架出,最后再于中央搭上桥面。全长31米,宽3.3米,高31米。被评为国家名胜! 4月到5月周围樱花盛开,可以来体会一下粉色的生机与活力。6月有3000多朵紫阳花盛开,如梦如幻。10月下旬到11月末是红叶最高峰。冬季的雪景也别有风味!

FROM$70/ per person
Miyuki N.

Visiting historic wineries and wine tasting

5 hours

Wine in Japan? I know some people have never heard of Japanese wine and are proud of wine in their own countries.However, There is a famous place for wine in Japan next to Tokyo called Katsunuma in Yamanashi prefecture.Japanese wine makers have made effort to produce high quality wines for many years.Japanese wine have good reputation these days because it goes well with Japanese cuisine. Tasting is believing.Why don't you try tasting Japanese wine?

FROM$152/ per group
Chinami N.
4.97(38) reviews

Shosenkyo Gorge Tour in Yamanashi

5 hours

One day trip at Shosenkyo Gorge in Yamanashi. At Shosenkyo you can enjoy watching one of the most beautiful falls in Japan and the unique shaped rocks along the stream. Having local food named Hoto, a thick noodle with lots of vegetable for lunch.

FROM$93/ per group
Yuhei K.

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