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3 Great Museums in Hiroshima

Luke K.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Luke K.

Last updated : Apr 23, 20234 min read

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No trip to Hiroshima would be complete without a visit to the incredibly named Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum, a great place to learn about this Japanese dish of batter and cabbage. So, if you are traveling around Hiroshima and fancy stopping by at a museum or two, then here are some ideas for the best museums in the prefecture:

Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum 

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Okonomiyaki is the soul food of Hiroshima. And at Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum which is run by the okonomiyaki sauce producer Otafuku Sauce Ltd., there are 3 courses available in which you can tour a museum related to the famous dish, enjoy a factory tour and even cook your own okonomiyaki. Please note that all courses require prior reservations. At the 2nd-floor Okonomuseum, you can learn about the history and trivia regarding okonomiyaki and Otafuku sauce where many of the visitors have gotten that nostalgic feeling for the recreation of the 1950s when okonomiyaki was first made and the postwar carts which served it. In the 1st-floor shop, along with rare items including spatulas and noren restaurant sign curtains, there are also interesting products such as sauces for children and non-allergenic okonomiyaki flour on sale so that they are perfect as souvenirs.

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Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

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The Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is located right in front of the Shukkei-en Mae trolley stop in the center of Hiroshima City. In the 1st-floor lobby of this modern building, there is a huge atrium which is a very open space that anyone can enter. The permanent displays begin with the Important Cultural Property of the Imari Porcelain Flower Bowl and include profound art works connected with Hiroshima as well as many major works by artists such as Salvador Dali. Tickets can be purchased so that you can come back and forth between the museum and the adjoining Shukkei-en Garden which is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty. Since the wall facing the garden is all in glass, you can enjoy the landscape of the four seasons including the early spring plum and the colors of autumn.

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

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Along with the Atomic Bomb Dome, this is a place for learning about the atomic bombing. Starting merely four years after the atomic bombing, materials related to the damage and suffering caused by the atomic bomb had been exhibited since 1949. Then in 1955, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was opened. This museum conveys the conditions at the time of the bombing by a wide range of display including explanations of the structure and destructive power of the atomic bomb, explanations of radioactivity, heat rays, the blast, and damages caused by fire, as well as an exhibition of the belongings of the victims. Even visitors of generations with no war experience are certain to receive an intense impact from the exhibited items which include valuable evidences such as a scorched lunch box, a burnt uniform, stone steps marked with a person’s shadow created by the heat rays, and traces of black rain. Visitors are allowed to touch the exhibited heat ray-damaged roof tiles which were melt and rendered into a bubbly form by the massive heat.

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Hiroshima Tour Guide - Kazumi M.

Kazumi M.

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Hi everyone. I'm Kazumi. I am a qualified tour guide.I have been guiding Hiroshima since 2010. Through guiding Hiroshima, I can give my guests my knowledge of this area and Japanese culture. At the same time, I can learn their understanding of Japan and the differences between our culture and theirs, which is very interesting. I also believe that meeting with local people is the best way to know the area. I was born and grew up in Hiroshima. I am very happy to give you wonderful time and memories in Hiroshima. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.                                                                                                                                  

Hiroshima Tour Guide - Mayumi I.

Mayumi I.

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Hi, I'm Mayumi IIDA from Hiroshima. National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I am here to welcome you as your Japanese friend to help you understand Japanese culture, history and everything you want to know more and better. My tour is geared for the more independent-minded travelers. The option lets you customize your tour with a variety of activities. Your day in Hiroshima is a blank page, waiting you for writing your own tales. I am sure that you will encounter a lot of charms and delightful surprises in my hometown Hiroshima. Enjoy local hospitality and food with me !                                                                                                                                 

Hiroshima Tour Guide - Hugh C.

Hugh C.

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(73 reviews)

Hi! Thanks for reviewing my profile. I am Australian, from Sydney originally but my life with Japan and its culture and history spans 30 odd years and I have been a Hiroshima resident for 18 of those 30 years. I joined GoWithGuide just recently but be assured I have led many tours in Hiroshima and more widely throughout metropolitan and regional Japan, sharing conversations about the unique society, its fascinating culture and history. I also have written several tourism blogs for inbound tour companies and also the Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Bureau. I speak fluent Japanese and I have immersed myself in the experience of living here in modern and traditional culture and spent many years studying martial arts Aikido and Iaido. I also have a strong interest in Buddhist teachings. My Japanese calligraphy work over the years has been received recognition and several awards and commissions both in Japan and elsewhere. I'm looking forward to spending a great experience sharing the culture and history of Hiroshima with you.                                                                                                                                  

Hyogo Tour Guide - Hideo Y.

Hideo Y.

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Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worked in Osaka for nearly 40 years. I would like to introduce the Kansai region to you ,including Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Wakayama. Kobe is one of the two largest ports in Japan, along with Yokohama. After the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868, foreigners built their residences on the hillside of the Kitano-cho area, overlooking the ocean. Many of the foreign residences are now open to the public as museums, including the Weathercock House, with it's symbol weathercock on the triangle-shaped roof. In Meriken Park, the red Port Tower (the city's landmark), creates a beautiful contrast against the white Kobe Marine Museum. The museum's design was inspired by the waves and sailing ships. When you have a chance to visit Osaka, please join my tour. I'm sure you'll enjoy the interesting and historical, scenic spots. For example, Shin-Sekai is a downtown area with a strange mix of nostalgic atmosphere and contemporary energy. You can try local foods (kushikatsu, sushi, tempura) at a reasonable price. Billiken (a famous statue of the spirit of luck) will be waiting for you!!. Dotombori is a popular street with a lot of flashy signboards. Osaka is widely known as a "Kuidaore-no-machi", or literally "drinking and eating luxuriously to death." Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi HIDEYOSHI in 1585. Oh, it's my residence, isn't it ! These days "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" area in USJ, or Universal Studios Japan, is also attracting more and more people. I'll be looking forward to seeing you !!                                                                                                                                 

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