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Lover's Sanctuary and Onsen(hot spring) in Niigata Prefecture

Senami Onsen in Murakami-city is famous for hot spring and "Lover's Sanctuary" on the beach.

 There are more than 100 Lover's Sanctuary in Japan, approved by an NGO to revitalize local ecomony and raise birth rate in Japan.

Among them, Lover's Sanctuary in Senami Onsen is perfectly located to propose to your destined partner in this beautiful scene!

Ring the bell together and you'll be happy ever after!

Now, let's enjoy foot bath nearby.  Cute foxes( or dragons?) are welcoming you.


 Please listen to the gushing sound of hot  water.

 About 10 minutes walk from the beach is the Funto Park, where the hot water gushes out from the ground.

Boiled eggs!!  We Japanese love "温泉卵”, because they are boiled in mineral-rich onsen water and eating them is good for our health. It took about 15 minutes to boil eggs and I visited a small shrine nearby... See you later, my eggs!

 Wonderful view from the Iyahiko Shrine on top of a hill, overlooking Senami Onsen area.

 It was a bit scarely to go up this steep steps to reach the shrine but seeing this beautiful panoramic view made me feel happy!

 A dragon is enshrined in this shrine. Legend has it that long long ago, there was a snake protecting this area.

One day it decided to be a dragon to potect here as  a god.  So it had to go through rigorous trainging without being seen by people.

Finally, the snake became a dragon god. Then after the lonely training, it wanted to interact with the locals.

So, it disguised as a fox to do so and has been protecting this area ever since.  The ringing sound of the bells resembles fox's bark.

It is said that you come here and ring these bells bring you happiness!

 This time, I rang these bells for you!  Please listen to the different sounds. 

I hope these sounds usher you to Senami Onsen in  the near future.

 Almost always you can find shops selling "温泉饅頭”(sweet steamed cake) in any onsen towns.

Senami Onsen Tourist Information Office is located next to this  shop.

 Senami Onsen is easily accessible from Murakami station either by bus or taxi, about 10 minutes ride.


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