The best 3 sightseeing spots in Himeji

Himeji Castle

    I went there five or six times since I was a little girl. But this time, I found so many things. For example, there are many ways to fight against enemies. At the wall of the castle, there are many nails to hang the gunpowder.  Added, at the corner of a room, there is a secret space where worriers hide themselves to make the last fight when their enemy forced into the castle.

And fortunately, the castle has never involved with the battle, so it was registered as the National Treasure of Japan and the World Heritage, so many tourist visited there to know the beauty of the Japanese castle.

Koukoen Garden

   This garden is the beautiful Japanese garden located at the next of Himeji Castle. But it is not so popular as Himeji Castel, many tourists do not visit there. But therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of the Japanese garden. Yesterday is the season of beginning turned red viewing. The leaves of maples are just beginning of turning red, so as a whole the color is yello green, but the leaves at end of the branch have changed their colors from yellow to dim red. I am looking forward to seeing the season of autumu leaves viewing from the bottom of the heart.

Engyouji temple

   Engyouji temple is located at the top of shosha mountain, but we can get on ropeway from near the bus stop, so the access is very good.

This temple is famous as being used as a filiming location for the movie Last Samurai and other Japanese movies.  If we go there, we can remember the scence of talking with Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe at the wooden hall, in this scene, the shadow of pillars and sun lights are very beautiful.

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